August Rewind

I blinked and August was gone…..
Good things for the month:
  • 98 miles – a new monthly high!
  • Completed all the workouts on my training plan.
  • Added a new pair of Saucony Mirage 2s and Kinvara 3s — have I mentioned how much I love  Saucony!!
  • Lots of birthday celebrations around my house; great days at the beach, and all around, lots of family fun!
Things I could do without:
  • Happy to say…no complaints…if I could make time slow down a little, that would be my only wish.

What’s up for September:

  • Returning to the schedule of school and fall sports commitments.
  • “Yoga for Runners” class returns!!
  • ZOOMA Cape Cod Half Marathon – as you can imagine, I’m really looking forward to this race – should be a great weekend! I’m still figuring out my goals for this race, but more on that later.
  • As much as I hate to say goodbye to summer, I’m so looking forward to fall temps 🙂
  How did your summer wrap-up?

July Rewind

Good things for the month:
  • 88 miles – haven’t had this kind of mileage since March!
  • Started working with running coach Bennett Cohen
  • “Yoga for Runners” class
  • Eased in some miles with my new Merrell Pace Gloves

Things I could do without:
    • Heat…Humidity….I promised at the beginning of the summer that I wouldn’t complain, so moving on….

    What’s up for August:

    • Unfortunately, my 12-week yoga class is ending this week. But, I am hooked on the benefits so I’ve promised myself to keep up a consistent practice going forward (probably not the 2hr marathon sessions the class was, but I will do what I can to keep my hammies happy!)
    • I’ll be getting phase 2 of my training plan from Coach Bennett
    • Hill work!
    • Finish Ripped in 30 (review to come!) 
    • Turning 46!

     How did July treat you? Any goals for August?

      February Rewind

      Good things for the month:
      • 81 miles – my second highest monthly total ever since I’ve started running!
      • Set a 10 mile PR!
      • One of the mildest February’s on record helped continue my outdoor running streak.
      • Left leg continues to feel good (Dr. Needles will be proud)!

      Things I could do without:
      • Missed my goal mileage – while I missed a few runs due to the kids’ school vacation week, the bigger factor here is that I may not be a 5-day a week runner. I missed some runs for no other reason than my body needed the rest. I made sure to hit all my quality runs (long runs, tempo, speedwork) but punted on some of the recovery/easy runs.
      • Had no time to dedicate to making the switch to WordPress. Blogger continues to be twitchier and twitchier (yes that’s a technical term!), so I still want to make the change.

      On the decks for March:

      • While I did incorporate more yoga in February I still haven’t made it to a Bikram class. Determined to get one in this month.
      • 100 miles.
      • More consistent core & strength work.
      • Rock ‘n’ Roll USA Half!

      January Rewind

      Good things for the month:
      • Kicked off the year with 77 miles!
      • Completed 1st month of the 100x Challenge (there’s time to join February’s challenge, click here).
      • Overall the weather for January was really mild so I only had to hit the treadmill twice to avoid icy roads.
      • Several quality sessions with Dr. Needles has the left leg feeling pretty good – whoot!

      Things I could do without:
      • Really have nothing to complain about – love that!

      On the decks for February:
      • First 10 mile race!
      • More miles – plan calls for 109.
      • Planning to try out the Brooks Pure Connects as soon as my local running store gets the new colors – can’t wait!
      • Adding Bikram yoga to the mix – that should be comical…er…interesting!
      • Going to finally bite the bullet and migrate to WordPress – wish me luck.


      How has your 2012 started off?


        November Rewind

        Good things for the month:


        • While I logged just 60 miles – one of my lowest months of the year – this still goes in the “good things” category because they were quality miles that helped lead to 2 PRs this month!


          • I was selected to be a FitFluential Ambassador! I’m really looking forward to connecting with other bloggers and the opportunity to test, review, and hopefully giveaway various brands of fitness gear/equipment/books/food.
          Things I could do without:
          • My left ITB/knee saga – Yeah…enough already!

          On the decks for December:
          • The Jingle Bell 5k – my last race of the year!
          • Returning to acupuncture for my ITB — it really made a difference in the days leading up to Philly. 
          • A little 2012 planning — trying to figure out my training plan for my next half marathon…and maybe a little race shopping 🙂
          • Diving full force into the holiday season!!

          How was your November? What do you have planned for this month?


          July Rewind

          Good things for the month:
          • Reached another monthly high with 89 miles.
          • Despite the heat, only missed one training run (opted for an extra rest day vs. short recovery run)
          • Had some very strong workouts at the track and did a much better job of committing to strength training.
          • Introduced Saucony Kinvaras into the rotation and love the way they feel.
          • Started working with Team Sony Walkman — (more on that to come)
          • Lots of new followers — I so appreciate the support and encouragement!

          Things I could do without:
          • Have I mentioned the heat? Yeah…enough about that!

          On the decks for August:
          • Providence Rock’n’Roll Half is this Sunday!
          • More strength training.
          • Finalize my fall race plans.

          How was your July — did you meet your goals?


          May Rewind and Giveaway Winner

          Good things for the month:
          • Completed my first half marathon – ‘nuf said!
          • Logged my highest total ever of 74 miles.
          • My love affair with my Saucony Mirages continues – rotating them with my Brooks Adrenaline has worked well to make the transition easier. Even used them for my race!
          • Discovered the benefits of KT Tape!
          • Hosted my first giveaway!
          • 98 of you now follow this little journey of mine — welcome to the new followers — and to all, as always thank you for the support!

          Things I could do without:
          • My ongoing annoyance with Mother Nature – we had one of the coldest and wettest Mays on record in NE. That is of course until my race weekend!
          • Return of my left leg/knee issues in the final week of training.

          On the decks for June:
          • Start training for the Providence Rock’n’Roll Half!
          • Get real about my strength training – more on this to come.
          • Log more than 80 miles

          And speaking of my first giveaway….the winner of the copy of Running on Empty is lucky #5 — Kittee at Running Half Crazy! Congrats Kittee – shoot me an email at runningwithattitude (at) yahoo (dot) com and I’ll get the book off to you.

          Have a Great Weekend!


          March Rewind

          Good things for the month:
          • Logged 69 miles and for the most part my left leg cooperated.
          • Started my training plan for my first half marathon!
          • Participated in Detroit Runner’s “I Just Felt Like Running” virtual 5k
          • ChiRunning one-on-one workshop — so many good things, (if you missed it, you can check out my post about it here)
          • Continued to add more yoga to my plan.
          • 81 of you now follow this little journey of mine — welcome to the new followers — and to all, thanks for the support!
          Things I could do without:
          • Quite simply…this weather! Seriously…where is Spring? Snow is falling as I type this. If I ever track down that groundhog, he should be very afraid!
          On the decks for April:
          • Continue to build on my ChiRunning practice
          • Start rotating a minimalist shoe into my runs — starting with my shorter runs and then build from there.
          • More strength training and core work.
          • My first double-digit runs!

          What have you got planned for April?


          January rewind

          Good things this month:
          • Logged 56 relatively pain-free miles – ice and foam roller helped to keep the ITB in check.
          • Did not miss one scheduled run despite weekly snow storms of biblical proportion (ok slight exaggeration… or not if you listen to our local weatherman!)
          • Added TRX to my weekly routine and I’m loving it! It kicks my arse in a good way.
          • Finally took on hill work, and on the treadmill no less!
          • Added yoga to my training….ok on the last day of the month, but technically I did add it
          • Completed the first week of the Chopra Center’s 21-day Meditation Challenge. I’m not zen yet, but I’m working on it.
          • 63 of you now following my madness…er…journey — I appreciate the support!
          Things I could do without:
          • Treadmill as my new BFF….I need to start keeping better company. I miss the road. I will take the bitter cold temps if Mother Nature will just give the snow show a rest!
          • Shoveling as a form of cross-training…ok I’m done whining.
          • hmmm…that’s it…short list!
          On the decks for February:
          • More…more TRX, more yoga and more miles…more ice.
          • Want to do a better job paying attention to what I’m eating – I don’t eat a lot of junk, but I could fuel and hydrate better, especially as I hope to increase my miles.
          • Hyannis 10k