Wrapping up July

Well, we’ve sprinted through another month and here we sit at the end of July. As I sit here recovering from a rare-mid-day run, it seems like as good a time as any to put a wrap on this month.

Good things for the month:

  • Pain-free running! Yep…I’m almost afraid to put it in print. After months of dealing with the nagging hip/glute/piriformis thing, I’m happy to say my July miles were pain-free! (cue the choir!)
  • Thanks to the lack of annoying injuries, I’ve felt confident enough to start sprinkling in both speed work and hill work.

Things I could do without:

  • I’ve done enough whining about the weather…so let’s just leave that alone and move on.
  • I was definitely lacking a little on strength training as the month wore on – if I plan to stay injury-free, I’ve definitely got to get back on that!

On the decks for August:

  • More mileage. As I runfessed, I’ve got 7 weeks until my next half marathon, time to make those “long runs” longer!
  • Back to planks. I’ve let the planking slide a little lately, but I feel a streak coming on!
  • I also runfessed that my nutrition has been lack luster, so it’s time to start paying attention. On the flip side, it’s my birthday month and there will be some celebrating…it’s all about balance, right 😉

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Monthly Rewind – February edition

Well, we’ve sprinted through another month, but before we look ahead, let’s put a wrap on this month.

Good things for the month:

  • Loving working with my new chiropractor.
  • After two weeks of following “no run” orders, I got in 3 pain-free miles on Saturday and am heading out this morning for another run today! Ending the month on a positive note!
  • Kept my 5-minute daily plank challenge going. I think this streak may continue into March!

Things I could do without:

  • You all have heard enough about my non-running, race-canceling woes so we’re not going to dwell here!
  • Saying goodbye to Trainer Stacy 🙁

On the decks for March:

  • Return to training. I’m working with my RC coaches now to map out a new plan. As long as I can string together a few more pain-free runs, I’ll be able to start training for Boston’s Run to Remember!
  • Consistent work with the chiro to make the return to training possible.
  • Challenge myself to try some new strength workouts and not slack!

How was your February?

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Monthly Rewind – January edition

That whooshing sound you hear is January flying out the door! Seriously what a whirlwind this month was! I definitely hit a couple of speedbumps that kept me from having as strong a start as I wanted…so I’m more than ready to say buh bye to January and to make February fabulous! But first, a quick monthly recap:

Good things for the month:
  • Winter Challenge completed! By the time you read this I will have logged my final miles for the Winter Challenge – 31 days of outdoor mileage done…pretty good for this self proclaimed non-streaker!
  • Stayed on track with my strength training, logging at least two workouts per week, and then threw in the 10 x 10 plank challenge for the final 10 days of the month for a little extra push.
  • Selected as a SPIbelt Ambassador for a second year!
Things I could do without:
  • Got hit with a nasty cold the very first week – blech
  • Bounced back from the cold, only a week later to slip during a rainy run that left me unable to run for the better part of a week 🙁
  • (they say bad things come in 3s, but I’m going to stay positive…)
On the decks for February:
  • More miles – right the ship on my training and get back to work. The NYC Half is less than 2 months away, and while it’s not my goal race, I would like to have a decent run – which means I’ve got to get in some longer runs and some hill work.
  • Run the Old-fashioned 10 Miler on 2/19
  • Get back to good habits – namely, get more sleep and clean up my eating habits…there’s been way too much late afternoon grazing!

How was your January?

I’m linking up with Erika, Marcia and Patty for this week’s Tuesday on the Run – the topic this week is grading your month.



Wrapping up September

OK – is it just me or did September fly by?! I swear one moment it was just Labor Day Weekend and now we’re staring down Columbus Day.  As always, I’m joining Holly and Tricia for the #WeeklyWrap link-up – wrapping up the whole month. When you’re done here, please visit these two great ladies and all of the other bloggers linking up.


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Good things for the month:

  • RnR Philly! While it was not the race I was hoping for, I am happy to have half #10 under my belt.
  • Continuing to love the strength training!
  • Lots of pain-free runs – the right glute issues I feeling at the beginning of the month disappeared, and dare I say it… most of my runs have been pain free!

Things I could do without:

  • It took most of the month for the humidity to finally relent
  • …did I mention the weather? 😉

On the decks for October:

  • Heading to NYC for RnR Brooklyn this weekend!
  • My oldest son and I just signed up for one of my favorite local races held at the end of the month.
  • Learning how to train for an evening run – this morning runner is not a fan of late day running!

Tell me something good about your September! What are you looking forward to in October?


Weekly Wrap – July Rewind

And just like that another month comes to a close! As always, I’m joining Holly & Tricia for the Weekly Wrap – just wrapping up the whole month. When you’re done here, please visit these two great ladies and all of the other bloggers linking up.


Good things for the month:

  • Kicked off training for RnR Philly! On the whole I’m really happy with how things are going and to see the mileage building.
  • Family running – especially seeing my youngest son complete his first 5K! It’s also been great to have my husband keeping me company on my long runs.
  • Rocking the strength training!
  • On the non-fitness side of things – it’s been a fun month of catching up with friends!

Things I could do without:

  • Mother Nature’s relentless hot flashes!
  • The flare up in my left tibia head and anterior tibialis – it slowed me down for a couple of days, but I’m feeling like I’ve got a handle on it now.

On the decks for August:

  • Double-digit LSDs – time to return to the land of double digit long runs. It’s been a long time since I’ve lived in this neighborhood.
  • A couple of mini vacations! My husband is taking me away for my birthday this weekend and the whole family is getting a few days away later in the month.

Tell me something good about your July.



April Wrap and May Goals

And just like that another month comes to a close! As always, I’m joining Holly & Tricia for the Weekly Wrap. When you’re done here, please visit these two great ladies and all of the other bloggers linking up.


For April I set 5 goals …so how did it go?

Run all the miles — Hmm a bit of a mixed bag. As I mentioned in my Runfessions, my body is just not tolerating the mileage build up yet, so while runs were not missed, they were sometimes shorter than planned.

Lose the negative thoughts — While there is still work to do here, I think I did much better with this over the past month.

Return to morning runs — YES!

Step-up the strength work — Another big YES!

Lose 3 pounds — Um no…hence the commencing of the food journaling.

All-in-all I would say it was a fairly solid month.

With my first race of 2016 coming in a few weeks, my goals remain pretty much the same. I want to build on the progress I made in April and be able to answer a big YES to all of these by the end of this month. I’m also going to use May to explore training options for my fall races, because the way these days are ticking by, summer training will be here before you know it. Would you believe it’s just 20 weeks until #RnRPhilly in September?…yes, I counted…don’t judge.

Time flies

So tell me how did April treat you? Any big goals for May?


Weekly Wrap – February Rewind

Happy Leap Day! (Is that a thing?)

The days continue to fly by at an alarming rate, and we’re already at the end of another month. So it’s time once again to do a quick wrap-up the month and see what March has in store.

Good things for the month:

  • Really enjoyed Mar’s 14-day Self Care Challenge (you can read more about it here).
  • T25 – Have enjoyed mixing up my workouts, though as I run-fessed, the double workout days are proving to be a bit much
  • Met my goal of increasing my mileage over January
  • More outdoor runs vs. treadmill — Gotta love seeing 50+ degrees in February!
  • Another massage was had – always a good thing!
Things I could do without:
  • The events of this month left me feeling stressed and distracted
On the decks for March:
  • Start training for Boston’s Run to Remember half
  • Returning to yoga classes – at least I’m hoping to try to fit this in. There’s a studio near me that I’ve been wanting to check out.
  • Fingers-crossed the weather continues to cooperate and I’ll not see a treadmill again for a while 🙂


I’m joining Holly and Tricia for the Weekly Wrap – be sure to stop by and say hi and see how #RnRNOLA turned out for them!

How did February treat you?


Weekly Wrap – January Rewind

Well January’s come to an end. I feel like these first 31 days of 2016 moved at a break-neck pace, leaving me feeling like I was constantly playing catch up. I got to this weekend and just wanted to exhale.

So today I’m once again joining Holly and Tricia for the Weekly Wrap – but this time, I’m wrapping up the whole month.

Good things for the month:
  • Overall the weather for January was not too bad – New England actually avoided taking the brunt of a Nor’easter for a change and on many days the temps were downright mild — All this means more runs outdoors than on the ‘mill.
  • One of my 2016 goals is staying committed to strength training – This month was a really good start logging at least 2 workouts per week.
  • A return to the massage table – Say it with me…Ahhhh!
Things I could do without:
  • Thanks to a crazed schedule, more missed runs than I’d like to count. And, the runs I did log just left me feeling meh.
  • IT Band, while improving, is still a little moody 🙁
On the decks for February:
  • More miles – despite the schedule, Runs. Must. Happen!
  • Joining Mar for her 14-day Self Care Challenge – love this idea to remember to put yourself on the to do list. The challenge starts on February 1 – join us!
  • Time for some Focus – as in T25 Focus. I was whining….mentioning to my brother the other day about how annoyed I was with myself to have let some workouts slide and he mentioned he was thinking about doing T25 again just to make sure he got in a daily workout. So I’ve decided to join him… for the next 10 weeks (Hello!)

Shaun T’s about to become my new BFF 😉

So I’m more than ready to say buh bye to January and to make February fabulous!


How was your January?

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March Rewind

Ah another month coming to a close. And while I got off to a slow start, things definitely improved as the month went on.

Good things for March:
  • While I missed my goal of the #FFMarchMiles 100 mile challenge, my mileage is the highest it’s been since last fall!
  • Returning to hill work – yes I’m putting that in the “good” column 😉
  • Enjoyed some runs with my son!
Things I could do without: 
  • The weather…but we won’t dwell on that! (I’m ignoring the sleet that’s currently beating on my windows!)
What’s up for April:
  • A couple of fun races this month: First the BAA 5K with my son & J, and then returning to the Newport 10 Miler at the end of the month
  • Joining a weekly Pilates Barre class
  • Working with X2 Performance as a brand ambassador – More on this to come!

How about you – was March a good month? Any big plans for April?


Friday Five – February Edition

21 days…


Just a mere 21 days until the first day of spring!

I am choosing to ignore the latest mention of snow heading our way for Monday (a lot can change between now and then!) and instead focus on the fact that we are inching closer and closer to spring running!

So with this last day of February being a rest day for me, I thought I’d dedicate this Friday Five to wrapping up February and looking ahead to March.

Race #1 completed — 13 to go! Ambitious but I still think it’s do-able

Strength training and more strength training — While I was disappointed to have to put plans to run both a 10K and tomorrow’s 10-miler on the back burner, I have no doubt it was the right choice and I will benefit from the extra attention to strength training.

Race schedule revised — With Coach Bennett’s help, I’ve made some changes to my race schedule that I think will give me the build-up time I need to have a really strong fall race season and I’m psyched about that!

More outdoor miles vs. indoor — Despite the polar death-grip we continue to be in I actually managed to up my miles out on the road — always a win!

Simple goals for March — Continue to build the mileage smartly, while strength training like it’s my job 🙂

How was your February? What are you planning for March?