March Rewind

Ah another month coming to a close. And while I got off to a slow start, things definitely improved as the month went on.

Good things for March:
  • While I missed my goal of the #FFMarchMiles 100 mile challenge, my mileage is the highest it’s been since last fall!
  • Returning to hill work – yes I’m putting that in the “good” column 😉
  • Enjoyed some runs with my son!
Things I could do without: 
  • The weather…but we won’t dwell on that! (I’m ignoring the sleet that’s currently beating on my windows!)
What’s up for April:
  • A couple of fun races this month: First the BAA 5K with my son & J, and then returning to the Newport 10 Miler at the end of the month
  • Joining a weekly Pilates Barre class
  • Working with X2 Performance as a brand ambassador – More on this to come!

How about you – was March a good month? Any big plans for April?


Friday Five – February Edition

21 days…


Just a mere 21 days until the first day of spring!

I am choosing to ignore the latest mention of snow heading our way for Monday (a lot can change between now and then!) and instead focus on the fact that we are inching closer and closer to spring running!

So with this last day of February being a rest day for me, I thought I’d dedicate this Friday Five to wrapping up February and looking ahead to March.

Race #1 completed — 13 to go! Ambitious but I still think it’s do-able

Strength training and more strength training — While I was disappointed to have to put plans to run both a 10K and tomorrow’s 10-miler on the back burner, I have no doubt it was the right choice and I will benefit from the extra attention to strength training.

Race schedule revised — With Coach Bennett’s help, I’ve made some changes to my race schedule that I think will give me the build-up time I need to have a really strong fall race season and I’m psyched about that!

More outdoor miles vs. indoor — Despite the polar death-grip we continue to be in I actually managed to up my miles out on the road — always a win!

Simple goals for March — Continue to build the mileage smartly, while strength training like it’s my job 🙂

How was your February? What are you planning for March?


January Rewind – Not!

January was not a pretty month – between one sick kid, being sick, a pulled pec muscle and the havoc wreaked on my running thanks to the Polar Vortex and the snow days and bitter cold that came with it – to say I was D-O-N-E with January would be an understatement!

So I’m skipping my usual monthly rewind and just saying Hello February!

Got the month off to a good start on Saturday with a 6+ mile run…wait for it…outdoors in 40 degree weather! (cue the choir!) You could not wipe the smile from my face and I swear every runner I passed seem to be grinning like a fool 🙂  Sunday was even warmer but we had a busy day planned and, as much as I wanted to, squeezing in another run just wasn’t possible.

So what’s up for this month?

— Finish base-building phase

— Weekly yoga classes

— First two races of the year (a 5K and a 10K)

— And yes, the #FFBurpee 1000 Burpee Challenge as part of my weekly strength training

It should be a very busy 28 days!

What do you have planned for February? How was your January?




October Rewind and November Goals

Well October is quickly in the rearview mirror!

While a very busy month in the RWA household, there wasn’t much running thanks to the fall that left me with this knee photo (16) — who knew the foot would turn out to be the bigger issue?!

There was just enough running/shuffling to get me through the BAA Half to complete the BAA Distance Medley  BAA medals2

October was largely about rest and recovery – an exercise in patience that I didn’t prove to be very good at! But my foot is improving and I’m running again, so it was well worth the mileage shrinkage.

November Goals:

Just run! — My biggest goal for this month is to complete all of my training runs. I have five weeks until my December half – and how many training runs I complete and how well my foot tolerates those runs will determine whether or not I’ll take a DNS.

More Small Changes — I joined with Marcia for her One Small Change challenge in October. The goal is to add one small change each week – or you can repeat a week if you need to which is what I’m going to do this week as I didn’t get very far with my plan of daily rolling of my very tight quads and hamstrings.

How was your October? Any big goals for November?


May Rewind & Lock Laces Winners!

Maybe it’s something that comes with age, but I continue to feel like I blink and the month’s gone!


Good things for May:
The not-so-good:
  • Stomach issues plagued my for a the second straight race
What’s up for June:
  • Another race through the streets of Boston! This time it’s the B.A.A 10K (the second race of their Distance Medley)
  • Returning to both Pilates and TRX  – I haven’t done either in a while and I want to mix up my strength-training to keep it interesting!
  • Continued focus on my nutrition – I have to get to the bottom of my stomach troubles

What do you have on tap for June? Are you racing or do you take a break in the summer?

Lock Laces Winners!

Selected using the winners of a pair of Lock Laces are:

  1. Felicia
  2. Jen
  3. Patis2

Congratulations! Please contact me at runningwithattitude (at) and I’ll get you set up. Thanks again to the folks at Lock Laces for sponsoring this giveaway!



April Rewind

I’ve always loved turning the page on the calendar and see a whole new month laid out before me. While April clearly provided some agonizing days, there were, for me, many good things mixed in there too!


Good things for April:
  • Continuing to run injury-free….always something to celebrate!
  • Returning to speed work at the track — truly my favorite workouts
  • Ran races #2 and 3 for the year (BAA 5K and the Newport 10 Miler) — race reports still to come
  • Fun blogger meet-ups
Newport group 3

Jill, Nancy, Samantha, me, Amy

  • Volunteering at the Boston Marathon!! This was hands-down one of my most favorite experiences! I was assigned to the Athletes’ Village working as a “bus greeter.” The energy of all of the runners was just the best and I had an awesome team of volunteers to work with.  There is no doubt that I will be back to volunteer in 2014!
What’s up for May:
  • RuntoRem Boston’s Run to Remember Half Marathon! This is my goal race for the spring and with all that has happened in Boston, I know this is going to be an extra-special race this year!
  • Log 100 miles
  • Another 30-day Ab Challenge
  • Continued focus on my nutrition

How ’bout you – any big plans for May?



Where did March go?

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter! I got to start my day with a run with my oldest son (he wants to run a 5k!), there was egg-dying and hunting and a great family brunch.


Cannot believe today is April 1st. For as slow as the days of February seemed to move, March just flew by!


Good things for March:
  • After giving my ITB some extra attention and extra rest days, I feel like I’m settling into a nice running groove!
  • Mileage is back on the right track
  • Finished the 30-day ab/core challenge and started round 2
  • Selected again as a ZOOMA Cape Cod Ambassador!
  • Returning to hill work 😉
  • Running with my son
Things I could do without: 
  • Taking a DNS for the New Bedford Half  (I know it was the right choice though)
What’s up for April:
  • 1st race of the BAA Distance Medley – the BAA 5K is the Sunday of Marathon Weekend
  • And speaking of the Boston Marathon, I’ll be volunteering at the race this year!! I’ll be working in the Athlete’s Village greeting the buses and helping to direct runners to where they need to be. Very excited!
  • Running the Newport 10 Miler with my friend E Newport 10 Miler

How was your March? Any big plans for April?



February Buh bye

Good things for February:
  • Started working with Coach Bennett again!
  • Ran the Frosty Virtual 5K
  • Started the 30-day ab/core challenge
  • Enjoying my new gym, despite too many runs on the ‘mill
  • Unveiled the blog’s new look!
Things I could do without:
  • Snow, snow and more snow!
  • Mileage shrinkage (see above)
  • Wampanoag 10-miler canceled (again thanks to snow)

What’s up for March:

  • Really looking forward to more miles – outdoors! March can be fairly rainy in New England, but I’ll take it over the frigid and snowy conditions we had in February!
  • NBHalf I’m looking forward to running the New Bedford Half in a couple of weeks! While I did have a little freak out over the fact that this race is just a couple of weeks away and my mileage has been down, Coach Bennett was quick to remind me that this is not a goal race – that I’m running it just to see where I am in my training. I’ve also heard that this is a fun race with great crowd support which makes it a win!
  • As I mentioned yesterday, focusing in on my nutrition — Did you know that March is National Nutrition Month? I just heard that…so my timing’s perfect 🙂
How’d your February go?  Are you as ready to say buh bye to the month as I am?



Goals – One month down

So it’s the end of January – 2013 is 31 days old.


How are you doing with your goals so far?

My goals? Well it’s still early but I’m doing the things I need to do to lay the foundation.

  • My pursuit of the 13 in 2013 Challenge begins with two races in February. I also recently registered for the Boston Athletic Association’s Distance Medley, which adds 3 more races. So I’m more than half way to my goal (at least from a registration point of view!)
  • PR goals will have to wait for my goal races in May and June.
  • Now that I’m back to double digit long runs, I’ve returned to the chiro (in addition to yoga and foam roller) to stay off of injured-reserve.
  • After reading Jason’s post on Cook Train Eat Race about core work, I joined the 30-day Ab Challenge-Core Work Facebook group. The goal is to do 30 straight days of core work — this will go a long way towards my strength training goal!
So that’s where things stand for me. 
Tell me – how did things go for you in January?

November Rewind

Good things for the month:
  • PR’d the Chilly Half Marathon – I went 3 for 3 in PRs for my races this fall and I couldn’t be happier! 
  • I’m working with a chiropractor and after just a handful of sessions my ITB is noticeably improved.
  • Started the Holiday Bootie Buster Challenge which has definitely helped keep my motivation level up post-race. 
  • Enjoying just running how far I want, when I want — everyone needs time off from a training plan
Things I could do without:
  • Raynaud’s Disease– with the drop in temperatures in the last couple of weeks, the annual battle with Raynaud’s begins. Hand warmers and mittens become constant running companions now until Spring.

What’s up for December:

  • I’m running with my brother in his first 5K – cannot wait!
  • The Holiday Challenge has highlighted for me that I really need to do a better job getting enough fruits & veggies on a daily basis, so I’m going to focus on better meal planning.
  • Meditation – I was trying to follow the Chopra Center’s latest 21-day challenge last month, but I didn’t make it a priority and I missed a bunch of days. So I downloaded the Challenge and will start again on December 1, seems like a good way to go into the holiday season, don’t ya think?
  • Finish the year healthy and strong — continue the yoga classes, chiro visits and strength training. I would have loved to hit 1,000 miles for this year but with 137 miles left to go I’m not sure I’ll make it. Right now I think it is doing my body a lot of good to have back off the mileage so I don’t want to jeopardize that for a random goal.
 How’s your year wrapping up? Any goals you’re still working towards?