RnR Brooklyn Race Recap

On Saturday I completed my eleventh half marathon, running the Rock ‘n’ Roll Brooklyn Half Marathon. I took the train into NYC on Friday morning. Packet pick-up was held at the Penn Pavilion which is directly across the street from Penn Station, so grabbing my bib and race shirt was super easy. The space for the expo itself was small and awkwardly configured so after a very quick peak I headed out. It was great to be back in NYC after such a long time and I enjoyed a leisurely walk before grabbing lunch and heading to my hotel to wait for J and the kids, who were driving down after school. Dinner was some very yummy pizza and I did my best to get to bed at a reasonable hour.

Sleep was erratic at best, and before I knew it my alarm was going off. I had very little appetite but did my best to force down some food {cue the foreboding music}. J and I walked the little over a mile to the start. The security lines were long, but moving. The same could not be said about the porta potty lines. Finally made my way to the corrals and slipped in where I could. We shuffled along and soon we were off.


The first 5 K felt great! I spotted J on the first out and back and was right on pace. That good feeling was short-lived, cause by mile 5 I started to feel off  – a headache was brewing.

As it morphed into a full-blown killer headache, I continued to fuel, and tried to press on, focusing on the bands, high-fiving kids, whatever I could do to distract myself…but I was slowing down. When the 2:30 pacer passed me, I was deflated. Now a new mental battle began, and I’ll tell you the internal dialog was not pretty. I could not believe that my race was being derailed by a  f$^&# headache!

The universe sent me just what I needed around mile 8 in the form of Roz and Carla. Roz, a Half Marathon Maniac in the middle of a half marathon double-header, had been encouraging Carla, who was taking on her very first half. Soon we were a threesome – chatting, sharing fueling tips, and most of all supporting and encouraging each other. It was the pick me up I desperately needed.

As we entered Prospect Park and the final hills, I was really hurting – I told Roz and Carla not to wait for me and that I would do what could to keep up with them. They pushed ahead and I just tried to keep them in my sights. I spotted J and he came out to run with me until I had just about a half mile left. I willed myself to the finish and was finally done.

I quickly found Carla and Roz and there were lots of hugs all around. (I truly love how running bonds people!)


Race swag included a black hoodie for         completing both Philly & Brooklyn!

It was just not my day – this race was not a reflection of my training. So, back to the drawing board I go…

Some final thoughts on the race itself:

  • Overall this was a well organized race, as I’ve come to expect from Rock ‘n’ Roll
  • Bands along the course seemed a little sparse
  • Nice course, especially ending in Prospect Park
  • Post-race food was plentiful
  • Expo was definitely lacking in both layout and vendors
  • Fun medal & race shirt

(Disclosure: As a member of the Rock’n’Blog team, I received a free race entry. As always, all opinions are mine!)


Wrapping up September

OK – is it just me or did September fly by?! I swear one moment it was just Labor Day Weekend and now we’re staring down Columbus Day.  As always, I’m joining Holly and Tricia for the #WeeklyWrap link-up – wrapping up the whole month. When you’re done here, please visit these two great ladies and all of the other bloggers linking up.


Wrapping up September for this week's #WeeklyWrap Click To Tweet

Good things for the month:

  • RnR Philly! While it was not the race I was hoping for, I am happy to have half #10 under my belt.
  • Continuing to love the strength training!
  • Lots of pain-free runs – the right glute issues I feeling at the beginning of the month disappeared, and dare I say it… most of my runs have been pain free!

Things I could do without:

  • It took most of the month for the humidity to finally relent
  • …did I mention the weather? 😉

On the decks for October:

  • Heading to NYC for RnR Brooklyn this weekend!
  • My oldest son and I just signed up for one of my favorite local races held at the end of the month.
  • Learning how to train for an evening run – this morning runner is not a fan of late day running!

Tell me something good about your September! What are you looking forward to in October?


Prepping for Brooklyn

The beauty of having another race on the horizon is it forces you to not wallow and to quickly get re-focused (if you missed my Philly recap, you can check it out here). So this week was all about turning my attention to the RnR Brooklyn Half Marathon. As always, I’m joining Holly and Tricia once again for the #WeeklyWrap link-up.


Monday and Tuesday were all about rest and recovery. There was nothing wilder than lost of stretching, rolling and icing.

Wednesdays are strength days, and I was back in the gym with Trainer Stacy. We went old school with the workout using a weighted sleigh and medicine balls. Hips, glutes and core got a serious workout!

By Thursday, it was time to get back to running. 5 miles, with 3 at steady pace, done. And on Friday, I got 3 more miles in at an easy pace.

The temps on Saturday dropped, and the morning air felt downright chilly. I loved it! My husband J is getting ready for his race next weekend, so he decided to join me. We got an early start so we could get back in time to shuttle our boys to their sports commitments.

chasing the sun

This run felt great! The miles clicked along easily, and we finished 8 miles with plenty of time to spare. The only minor glitch was for some odd reason my stomach was not happy with my usual Honey Stringer Waffle – this is my standard pre-run fuel, so I’m not sure what happened here.

Today was a rest day and I spent the day purging the endless stacks of paper from our home office and trying to find my desk again!


I’ll be back to four days of running this week and the forecast is showing cool temps. Fall may finally be here!

Have you ever had your stomach reject your routine fuel?