Wrapping up September

OK – is it just me or did September fly by?! I swear one moment it was just Labor Day Weekend and now we’re staring down Columbus Day.  As always, I’m joining Holly and Tricia for the #WeeklyWrap link-up – wrapping up the whole month. When you’re done here, please visit these two great ladies and all of the other bloggers linking up.


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Good things for the month:

  • RnR Philly! While it was not the race I was hoping for, I am happy to have half #10 under my belt.
  • Continuing to love the strength training!
  • Lots of pain-free runs – the right glute issues I feeling at the beginning of the month disappeared, and dare I say it… most of my runs have been pain free!

Things I could do without:

  • It took most of the month for the humidity to finally relent
  • …did I mention the weather? 😉

On the decks for October:

  • Heading to NYC for RnR Brooklyn this weekend!
  • My oldest son and I just signed up for one of my favorite local races held at the end of the month.
  • Learning how to train for an evening run – this morning runner is not a fan of late day running!

Tell me something good about your September! What are you looking forward to in October?



  1. RnR Brooklyn sounds like so much fun! How cool that you and your son run together…I would love to get one of my boys (mother of 3 teenaged boys) to run with me some day! Good luck in Broolyn…I love all things New York!

  2. Oh, I would have a hard time switching to evening running. Interested to see what you figure out. Can’t wait to hear about Brooklyn!
    Coco recently posted…A Week Of RecoveryMy Profile

  3. I’m also a fan of morning runs and have only participated in a couple of evening 5ks. They felt so weird! I can’t wait to hear about RnR Brooklyn. You are going to have a blast! Hooray for pain free running! Thanks for linking, Michelle!

    • I know what you mean about them feeling weird. I’ve done one other 10K that started at 6 pm and I literally couldn’t figure out what to do with myself all day waiting for the race to start!

  4. Oh, have fun this weekend! NYC in October sounds perfect. I only ran at night a few times and worried every time about training. Surprisingly, every run went much better than expected. Maybe because of the excitement?
    AmyC recently posted…Scenes from our Newport WeekendMy Profile

  5. I am so glad your right glute is cooperating and the weather is finally getting better.

  6. The weather sure has been a life sucker for sure! On the bright side your race with your son sounds fun! Now that I’m a morning runner I’d have a hard time with an evening race. I would suggest to not eat even a big lunch and nothing withing a few hours of race time. Good luck!
    Tricia @MissSippiPiddlin recently posted…Running Bucket ListMy Profile

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