May Runfessions

It’s Runfession Friday and I’m linking up with Marcia again  – time to cleanse my sweaty soul. Who’s in?


Runfession #1 – OK, this one should come as no great surprise given my knee woes – I haven’t run much this month. But, now that I’ve got the green light, I’ll be adding miles in June!

Runfession #2 — This one’s more of a food-fession: my schedule has been super hectic lately and I have been eating a lot on the fly…and not always the best choices. I haven’t stepped on the scale but I’m fairly sure a few extra lbs have crept on to the scene – no bueno.

Runfession #3 — The gym crazies flood gates are now officially open at my gym! And, while I haven’t seen Mr. Dress Shoes lately, I have to admit I’m enjoying the people watching – it’s made the time on the elliptical go by faster.

Runfession #4 — While I know I’m suppose to ramp up my running slowly, I’m having a hard time suppressing the desire to sign up for a summer race. I generally don’t love running much less racing in the heat, but I’m feeling the need to put a target out there before I get to my fall races. Crazy to add the race calendar?

I’m also linking up with Courtney, Mar & Cynthia for their Friday link-up. It’s a “Free Friday” this week so be sure to stop and check out what everyone’s talking about!


So tell me, what’s your Runfession? Do you race in the summer?


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