March Movement

I mentioned in my Runfessions the other day that I was toying with the idea of a March run streak – something to help shake things up and maybe help me find my running mojo. While an intriguing idea, in the end I’m not convinced that 31 straight days of running is really for me. I’ve come to embrace my rest days and know how important they are for keeping my legs happy. Plus, with more snow last night and more to come later in the week, the thought of trying to do the streak on a treadmill might just push me over the edge.

What I do like about the idea of the streak is committing to doing something every day – so that’s become my goal for March…. 31 days of movement in the form of strength work, yoga and running. I was psyched to see that Black Girls Run! Boston is doing another 50 mile challenge – these are always fun as we cheer each other on, so I’ve joined in and am hoping to get in on some group runs if the weather cooperates.

yoga-pose-rodney-yeeI’ve also dusted off my yoga DVDs and kicked off March Movement yesterday with a little Rodney Yee! If I can swing a studio class in with my schedule than that will be a bonus, but at least the DVDs will guarantee I’ll get two days of yoga a week — along with 3 days of running, 2 days of Trainer Stacy’s strength work should make for a good week.

So that’s my plan for March! What are your goals?



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