Weekly Wrap: Catching Up

Happy Sunday!

I feel like it’s been a while since I joined in on the Weekly Wrap link-up! Thanks as always to Holly & Tricia for hosting the link-up.

So let’s get caught up, shall we? This time last week I was just kicking off 4 whirlwind days in NYC with the family. And I do mean whirlwind! We got in a lot of sightseeing and eating ūüėČ We even scored half price tickets to the Broadway show, School of Rock, which I highly recommend especially if you have kids – my boys loved it!

It was great family time and a much-needed break for all! The only downside of time away is the chaos that awaits when you return! Thankfully the weekend was close at hand, making re-entry a little easier.

And, since Run to Remember training is officially underway, I did what I could to get some miles in this week as well.

Monday — Cross-training in the form of walking 5+ miles around NYC.

Tuesday — Storm Stella got in the way of my plan to get a run through the city so I headed to the hotel gym, with my mini coach in tow ūüėČ 3¬†miles done.

Wednesday — More cross-training across the city.

Thursday — The plan called for 1.5-mile intervals, but honestly, my legs were toast and I knew there was just no way speed work of any kind was happening. I opted for 4 easy miles.

Friday — Rest!

Saturday — A trip to the chiro and a 5-mile run.

Sunday — My son’s hockey playoffs dominated the day, but I did make time for the exercises my chiro wants me to do to help keep my hip happy.

This week, work/family schedules will be pretty chaotic, but it’s time to step up the miles for RtR so I’m going to have to get creative to fit it all in!

How was your week?


2017 Race Calendar

As I mentioned over coffee the other day, I’ve been going round in circles on my race calendar. And, while the fall still pretty fuzzy, I’ve got the first half of the year pinned down.

Super Sunday 5 Miler — This race is being billed in part as a celebration of completing the Winter Challenge. There will be live music, food and beer post-race, with all proceeds going to the Race Cancer Foundation. Plus many of my BGR teammates will be there – sounds like a good way to kick off Super Bowl Sunday!

The Old Fashioned 10 Miler — This is a great local race that I’ve missed the past couple of years. I love 10 milers and this is a challenging course.

NYC Half Marathon — Running through Central Park, Times Square and finishing in Battery Park – what’s not to love?!

Boston’s Run to Remember Half Marathon — I opted for the 5 miler at last year’s race because I was far from “half marathon” shape. This is one of my favorite Boston races and will be my goal race for the spring!

Finish at the 50 5K/10K — While I’m not a fan of summer racing, this race has such a fun vibe, with a finish at the 50 yard line at Gillette Stadium, followed by 4th of July fireworks. Added bonus, this will a family affair with both my sons and husband all running!

As for the fall….

I know I’d like to run at least one half marathon…maybe two…the wish list is all over the place, including:

B.A.A. Half ¬†— Boston Athletic Association always does a great race and this half sells out in record time. The year I “ran” it I was injured and was out there to be moral support for a friend who was running her first.

RnR Montreal and/or RnR Savannah — Both cities are on my “must see” city list.

Newport Half — Such a pretty course!

And, given my goal to mix-up the distances, there are also a bunch of great 10Ks within driving distances to consider.

Decisions, decisions…guess I’ll see how the spring goes and then figure it out from there.

Have you run any of these races? Got a suggestion for me for the fall?

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2016 Run to Remember Race Report

2016 RTR FinisherI know I have said this so many times, but must say again Boston’s Run to Remember is one of my all time favorite races!

On Saturday morning my husband J and I headed in town for packet pick-up, and as always it was a breeze. There were a ton of volunteers manning the tables, so getting our bibs, t-shirts and commemorative coins took no time at all. I chose the coin honoring the police and J selected the one for EMS. We did a quick loop around the expo, and while I eyed the Oofos, I just couldn’t bring myself to spend $45 on flip flops! On our way out, we stopped to take in the banners acknowledging all of the fallen law enforcement.

Too many names!

Just too many names on this list

On Sunday morning, the race started at 7, so we were up and moving by a little after 5. After facing heat and humidity on Saturday (90’s), it was a relief to wake to cooler temps (60’s). The outdoor parking lots were quickly filling, so we decided to opt for parking at the Seaport Hotel (the host hotel). Yes more expensive, but the clean indoor bathrooms were a huge win in my book!

There was a moment of silence for State Trooper Clardy and Officer Tarentino, both recently killed in the line of duty, followed by the National Anthem and then we were ready to go. I was so glad the race organizers opted for the wave start – we were in the 3rd wave and crossed the starting line in just about 12 minutes. The first mile was still thick, but we managed to find space to run comfortably. I knew I was a little amped up at the start and definitely went out faster than I probably should have. I told J I needed to slow down and encouraged him to go ahead, but he had told me he was planning to run with me and was happy to go at whatever pace. We saw a friend at the first water station and stopped for a quick hello.

The miles clicked along, while¬†we chatted up other runners, ¬†and thanked volunteers and police officers working the course. My left hip/knee woke up shortly after we passed the mile 3 marker, and got more cranky as we went along. I paid no attention to time though, this race was all about enjoying the experience and the camaraderie of runners. Before I knew it we were back on Atlantic Ave and getting ready for the final turn over the bridge to the finish. I will say the climb up the bridge felt l-o-n-g, and I was grateful for the enthusiastic spectators. The best part is once you crest the bridge, it’s a nice downhill into the finish. J and I agreed to push it into the finish – and just like that we were done.

Happy finishers

Post race, boys scouts were handing out medals and there was an abundance of water, bagels, bananas and various snacks (I do urge the organizers to consider adding chocolate milk and Gatorade). We knew our boys would be up by now and waiting for us to get back for breakfast, so we took a few photos and headed for the car.

From start to finish this is a well organized race! The pre-race communication was excellent (including switching from the half to the 5-miler), packet pick was a breeze, and the along the course there was plenty of water, Gatorade and enthusiastic volunteers. If you get the chance to come to Boston over Memorial Day weekend, you should run this one.

RtR Medal 2016

Overall I was happy with the way things went – while I can see improvements thanks to the new strength training routine, there’s still work to do, and I’ve got lots of notes to share with Trainer Stacy this week. I’ve got plenty of time until my fall races, and am getting the details on my training plan finalized (more on that later). For now, I’m happy that my long hiatus from races is over.

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Random Race Thoughts

Just sharing some random race thoughts this morning….

On Sunday, I’ll be running Boston’s Run to Remember 5-Miler. This will be the first time I’ve “toed the line” for a race since last year’s BAA 5K – it’s been 13 months!

There’s been no speed work or hill work …so there are no expectations.

My goal for Sunday is simply to go have fun and enjoy being among runners. I love the atmosphere of this race and always welcome a chance to run through the streets of Boston!

RtR medal and coinsI also love that this race honors the fallen. This year’s medal includes the coin of your choice in honor of¬†fallen law enforcement, fire fighters or¬†emergency personnel. Still not sure which one I’m going to pick.

Which coin would you pick?

Tell me something random…

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RtR Training Week 2


RtR Update

Wrapping up another week of training. So let’s take a look at how things went, shall we?

Monday 3/14:  Strength workout Рlegs and abs.
Tuesday 3/15: ¬†3 mile run – I just couldn’t bring myself to run in the cold rain so headed to the gym to face the treadmill. I admit that I went into this run with the wrong attitude and it showed.¬†
Wednesday 3/16:  Rest day! Sports massage Р90 minutes of unknotting muscles.
Thursday 3/17:  T25 Beta РCore Cardio.
Friday 3/18:  Strength work Рlegs and abs.
Saturday 3/19: ¬†4 miles – This was a hard run. Legs felt heavy and I just had no energy – the heavy winds probably didn’t help.¬†
Sunday 3/20:  3 miles more.

While I did hit all of my workouts I felt like I was all over the place this week and completely out of rhythm. I’m really not sure how missing one extra hour could have such a big impact but I swear Daylight Saving threw¬†me for a loop at the beginning of the week and I never really caught up! It was one of those weeks that between work and home life, I felt like I was always trying to squeeze a workout in.

This week should be quieter, and hopefully I can settle into more of a groove.

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Ever have a week where you just feel out of sorts? How was your week?


RtR Training Week 1


Training for Boston’s Run to Remember is officially under way. As I mentioned over coffee, this will be my first half in two years – so my goals for this training cycle are simple:

  1. Hit all of my workouts
  2. Build my mileage slowly
  3. Reach the start line injury-free

I want to use RtR to get back up to the half distance and lay the foundation for more rigorous¬†training¬†this summer. So how’d the first week go?

Monday 3/7 — Given how crazy my Mondays have been because of work lately, I’ve decided to make Mondays a strength day. I broke out the resistance bands and did a lower body workout I use to do when I was working with a trainer. My legs felt like jello when I was done!

Tuesday 3/8¬† — Woke up with a really upset stomach that stayed with me all day. So I decided to push my run to Wednesday and opted for some yoga.

Wednesday 3/9 — An absolutely gorgeous day ¬†– temps in the 70’s! I still didn’t feel great and actually dressed too warm in a long sleeve shirt, but just didn’t care. 3 miles done.

Thursday 3/10 — Still feeling really off – decided to listen to my body and took an unplanned rest day.

Friday 3/11¬†— 3 miles more.

Saturday 3/12 — As the weeks go on, Saturdays will be my long run day. For today, just 4 miles…with too many hills!

Sunday 3/13 — ¬†More yoga.

All-in-all not a bad first week, especially since I didn’t feel fabulous for most of it. I rolled like it was my job every night – and while that lacrosse ball is a little slice of torture, I do think it’s helping. The good news is whatever bug I was dealing with didn’t take hold and I’m feeling pretty and looking forward to week 2!

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Ultimate Coffee Date – March 2016

The Ultimate Coffee Date

Busy morning ahead, but before I get going I’m making a little time to join one of my favorite link-ups, The Ultimate Coffee Date. Thanks to Coco, Lynda and Deborah, as always, for hosting! Be sure to check out the link-up and see what the other ladies are dishing about.

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If we were having coffee together, I’d tell you that there is very little white space left on our kitchen calendar. We’re in the icy grip of hockey playoffs while outdoor practices for lacrosse begin in another week! Let’s just hope the right equipment bag makes it to the correct destination ūüôā Throw in some school activities, including my oldest son’s school play, and…yeah I’m thinking of cloning myself.

If we were having coffee together, I’d tell you that after hibernating through¬†a¬†good bit of last month (there’s just something about February!) I’m looking forward to having some fun catching up with friends this month! I’m making a point of it to have at least one night out/lunch/something with friends each week – finding time to slow down and connect is the perfect counterbalance to the calendar madness.


If we were having coffee together, I’d tell you that I’m also really looking forward to taking my mom to see the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater for her birthday.¬† The grace and power of these dancers is just simply amazing. If you ever have the chance them to see them perform, run don’t walk to get tickets!

If we were having coffee together, I’d tell you that I’ll be returning to a training plan this week as I get ready for Boston’s Run to Remember. ¬†For the past couple of years I’ve run the 5-mile option, but this year I’ll be running the half. Believe it or not, I have not run a half marathon since fall of 2013 – what?!

MinionsYeah I’m looking forward to getting back to this distance, and what better way to do it than with one of my favorite races!

So what would you tell me over coffee?  

What are you looking forward to this month?


Reminiscing – Favorite Race Medals

Erika, Marcia and Patty are inviting everyone to share their favorite race medals for this week’s Tuesdays on the Run. It could be a medal you’re just dying to add to your collection or one you already happily earned. It will be fun to see all the different medals people share.

I, for one, do love a good piece of bling…and there are many out there that I have my eye on. But when it comes to picking a favorite, it was no contest…

RTR 2011 medal

Do you have a favorite race medal? Click To Tweet

My favorite medal is this one from Boston’s Run to Remember – it was my first half marathon (you can read the full recap here).

It was such a special day for me from start to finish. I remember soaking in every moment – from the other runners to the volunteers to my family’s amazing support along the course (seriously, they were everywhere!).

So while this medal is not the fanciest bling, it symbolizes a major goal accomplished and a day I’ll never forget!

Do you have a favorite race medal?




Races, races everywhere


race-memeAh the race calendar…so many possible races…I’m still weighing a number of options (and, of course, trying to figure out potential family conflicts). ¬†Here’s what I’m thinking…

B.A.A. 5K (April) — both of my boys are talking about running this year, but sports commitments could say otherwise.

Boston’s Run to Remember (May) — this is one of my favorite half marathons and I’m already registered. It was my first (you can read about it here) and I can wait to run it again!

Rock ‘n’ Roll Philadelphia (Sept) — I was so bummed to have missed this one last year because of my surgery, so when I got an email offering an early bird special I jumped on it.

Tufts 10K (October) — I haven’t run this one in a while and am still not sure it will fit in this year. This race is always¬†Columbus Day and there are a couple of half marathons that are either that same weekend or the weekend before. Right now that list ¬†of halfs includes Wineglass, B.A.A. and Newport.

Canton Fall Classic (Oct) — This is a great local race…the start line is literally 2 miles from my house – win!

Race in November TBD — Like October, there are a handful of half marathons¬†I’m debating and they’re all clustered around the same weekend or two. Vegas? Savannah? Richmond? or stay local? Decisions, decisions.

Have you figured out your race schedule? Have you run any of the half marathons on my “maybe” list?



My 2015 Race Calendar

After reflecting back on lessons learned from a not so great race, it seems like the perfect time to look ahead to this year’s¬†race calendar. Ah the race calendar…so many races to consider. If only there were infinite time and funds!

So here’s what I’m thinking (hoping) so far:

March 29th:  Cambridge City Run 5-miler City Run

April 12th:  Cherry Blossom 10 Miler cucblogo

April 18th:  BAA 5K  baa_logo

May 24th:  Boston Run to Remember 5 miler  66423_351740471611351_1208731592_n

June 7th:  Newport 10 miler  Newport 10 Miler

June 23rd: ¬†BAA 10K ** This one is a big question mark because I’ll be working a big event for my job the day before and sometimes late June in Boston is just too hot!

The second half of the year will be all about the half marathon and some #RocknBlog fun!

RocknBlog Badge

I’ve narrowed down the #RnR options to Virginia Beach, Philadelphia, Brooklyn, Savannah and San Antonio. The dates for Philly and Brooklyn have not been finalized yet…believe it or not the Pope is playing a role in holding up the Philly date! So for now I stalk watch the website and Facebook for an announcement.¬†There may be another race or two of shorter distances in the fall, but I want to get these figured out first.

So I’ve got a pretty good mix of favorite repeats and some new destinations