Global Running Day 2017

Global Running Day is Wednesday!

So on the first Wednesday of June, the annual call goes out to celebrate running!

The driving rain we’ve been dealing with here for the past couple of days is supposed to finally break tomorrow so I’ll be starting my celebration with a run, of course. Then it might be time for a little retail therapy in the form of both gear and races 🙂

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So many races – Active has teamed up with a bunch of races to offer registration discounts. And, everyone who registers for a participating event on 6/7 will automatically be entered to win a swag bag valued at $500, featuring products from Garmin, New Balance, Gatorade, and Road ID just to name a few. Click here for details.

How will you be celebrating?

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Race Week Ambivalence


[am-biv-uh-luh ns]
1. uncertainty or fluctuation, especially when caused by the inability to make a choice or by a simultaneous desire to say or do two opposite or conflicting things.

2. Psychology. the coexistence within an individual of positive and negative feelings toward the same person, object, or action, simultaneously drawing him or her in opposite directions.

Yeah, I think this sums it up pretty well how I’m feeling. Technically, this is race week. I say technically because, if you’ve been around here for a bit then you know consistent training has been hard to come by.

I thought after making the decision to drop from the half marathon to the 5-miler a couple of weeks ago, that I could re-focus and charge ahead to crush the shorter distance. Instead these last few weeks have been very up and down – sometimes the piriformis and hip feel good and running is more enjoyable, but other times, the pain radiates down my leg and I’d just assume do anything other than run.

Throw in a schedule both at home and work that are in overdrive and I’m just feeling meh at the thought of running this race this weekend.

I have to say this is a first for me…and what makes it worst is that I really do love this race – I think it’s one of the best Boston has to offer. I want to be excited, but right now the thought of sleeping late Sunday morning is far more appealing.

So the question is…how do you get your head in the game when you’re not excited about a race?

Linking up with Erika, Marcia, and Patty for this week’s Tuesday on the Run – the topic this week is grading your month. 


Monthly Rewind – February edition

Well, we’ve sprinted through another month, but before we look ahead, let’s put a wrap on this month.

Good things for the month:

  • Loving working with my new chiropractor.
  • After two weeks of following “no run” orders, I got in 3 pain-free miles on Saturday and am heading out this morning for another run today! Ending the month on a positive note!
  • Kept my 5-minute daily plank challenge going. I think this streak may continue into March!

Things I could do without:

  • You all have heard enough about my non-running, race-canceling woes so we’re not going to dwell here!
  • Saying goodbye to Trainer Stacy 🙁

On the decks for March:

  • Return to training. I’m working with my RC coaches now to map out a new plan. As long as I can string together a few more pain-free runs, I’ll be able to start training for Boston’s Run to Remember!
  • Consistent work with the chiro to make the return to training possible.
  • Challenge myself to try some new strength workouts and not slack!

How was your February?

I’m linking up with Erika, Marcia, and Patty for this week’s Tuesday on the Run – the topic this week is grading your month. 


Monthly Rewind – January edition

That whooshing sound you hear is January flying out the door! Seriously what a whirlwind this month was! I definitely hit a couple of speedbumps that kept me from having as strong a start as I wanted…so I’m more than ready to say buh bye to January and to make February fabulous! But first, a quick monthly recap:

Good things for the month:
  • Winter Challenge completed! By the time you read this I will have logged my final miles for the Winter Challenge – 31 days of outdoor mileage done…pretty good for this self proclaimed non-streaker!
  • Stayed on track with my strength training, logging at least two workouts per week, and then threw in the 10 x 10 plank challenge for the final 10 days of the month for a little extra push.
  • Selected as a SPIbelt Ambassador for a second year!
Things I could do without:
  • Got hit with a nasty cold the very first week – blech
  • Bounced back from the cold, only a week later to slip during a rainy run that left me unable to run for the better part of a week 🙁
  • (they say bad things come in 3s, but I’m going to stay positive…)
On the decks for February:
  • More miles – right the ship on my training and get back to work. The NYC Half is less than 2 months away, and while it’s not my goal race, I would like to have a decent run – which means I’ve got to get in some longer runs and some hill work.
  • Run the Old-fashioned 10 Miler on 2/19
  • Get back to good habits – namely, get more sleep and clean up my eating habits…there’s been way too much late afternoon grazing!

How was your January?

I’m linking up with Erika, Marcia and Patty for this week’s Tuesday on the Run – the topic this week is grading your month.



2017 Race Calendar

As I mentioned over coffee the other day, I’ve been going round in circles on my race calendar. And, while the fall still pretty fuzzy, I’ve got the first half of the year pinned down.

Super Sunday 5 Miler — This race is being billed in part as a celebration of completing the Winter Challenge. There will be live music, food and beer post-race, with all proceeds going to the Race Cancer Foundation. Plus many of my BGR teammates will be there – sounds like a good way to kick off Super Bowl Sunday!

The Old Fashioned 10 Miler — This is a great local race that I’ve missed the past couple of years. I love 10 milers and this is a challenging course.

NYC Half Marathon — Running through Central Park, Times Square and finishing in Battery Park – what’s not to love?!

Boston’s Run to Remember Half Marathon — I opted for the 5 miler at last year’s race because I was far from “half marathon” shape. This is one of my favorite Boston races and will be my goal race for the spring!

Finish at the 50 5K/10K — While I’m not a fan of summer racing, this race has such a fun vibe, with a finish at the 50 yard line at Gillette Stadium, followed by 4th of July fireworks. Added bonus, this will a family affair with both my sons and husband all running!

As for the fall….

I know I’d like to run at least one half marathon…maybe two…the wish list is all over the place, including:

B.A.A. Half  — Boston Athletic Association always does a great race and this half sells out in record time. The year I “ran” it I was injured and was out there to be moral support for a friend who was running her first.

RnR Montreal and/or RnR Savannah — Both cities are on my “must see” city list.

Newport Half — Such a pretty course!

And, given my goal to mix-up the distances, there are also a bunch of great 10Ks within driving distances to consider.

Decisions, decisions…guess I’ll see how the spring goes and then figure it out from there.

Have you run any of these races? Got a suggestion for me for the fall?

I’m linking up with Erika, Marcia and Patty for this week’s Tuesday on the Run, where the topic is weekend warrior vs racecation – which do you prefer? Be sure to stop by and see what others are planning.


The Comparison Challenge

“The most challenging aspect of running right now is__________________.” – this is the prompt posed for this week’s Tuesday on the Run. My most challenging aspect? Not comparing my old runner self to the current one.

After a particularly tough workout recently, I was bemoaning to the RunnersConnect team how paces that “use to be” easy, now are so hard to hit. Everyone was so supportive, but I especially appreciated a note I got from one of the coaches who reminded me to not let comparison – the shoulda’s – take away from the joy of the current journey.


Past times and past achievements can be a great motivator – it’s why we shoot for PRs. However, if you focus only on comparing the current to the past, you can miss the progress being made.

What is your most challenging about aspect of running? Join in with Erika, Marcia and Patty and share.



Running Uneasy

So for this week’s Tuesdays on the Run, Erika, Marcia & Patty are asking everyone to share one word that describes your running lately. I’ll be very interested to see what words are chosen….

My word?  Uneasy.

According to,

  1. not easy in body or mind; uncomfortable; restless; disturbed; perturbed.
  2. not easy in manner; constrained; awkward.
  3. not conducive to ease; causing bodily discomfort.

Yep…”not easy in body or mind…uncomfortable…not conducive to ease…” that pretty much sums up my running right now.

View from the top

Most of my runs lately have been a struggle … I’m feeling restless that I’m not making as much progress as I’d like. But Saturday’s run…in wind-swept rain, no less, gave me a much needed boost. Let’s hope this is the beginning of a trend.

What one word would you use to describe your running? #TOTR #runchat Click To Tweet

What one word would you pick?

Be sure to head over to the link-up and see what others had to say.

Tuesdays revised



Earn that Shirt!

So the lovely ladies of Tuesdays on the Run linkup (that would be Marcia, Erika and Patty) are asking an age-old question this week – Do you race in the race shirt or not?

Race shirts

              Just a few from the growing collection

I’m not a judgmental person when it comes to race day – hey if you’re out there I applaud you for putting in the time, showing up and toeing the line! Wear what you want to wear and good luck to you!

However, I have to admit that the minute I saw this race shirt question I had an immediate reaction – you’ve got to earn that shirt! Since my very race – a local 5K…cotton shirt (don’t even get me started on wearing cotton to run under any circumstances!) –  I’ve wanted to do the distance before donning the shirt.

If I choose to wear the shirt at all, it’s usually later that same day (post-shower of course) or the next day – Of course there are some shirts that I never bother with because a lot of races still go with unisex sizing and those shirts are always too big. I beg all race directors to recognize that there are more women running races than men – embrace the women’s cut t-shirt!…but I digress.

So tell me: To race or not to race in the shirt – which do you do?



Race Calendar Revisited

So earlier in January, I was still debating so many race options….then this happened….


Well that just opened a whole new can of worms …options…so many options

I already planned to run RnR Philly in September, and had wanted to add a half marathon in both October and November – problem solved!

So now the plan is…

Run to Remember Half — May

Finish at the 50 10K — July (Yes July…I may regret this one!)

RnR Philly Half — September (flat and fast…goal race perhaps?)

RnR Brooklyn Half — October (Perfect way to spend the long weekend in NYC!)

Canton Fall Classic — October (5K and 10K option – TBD)

RnR Las Vegas — November (I was all set to run the #StripAtNight last year, then the surgery happened, so I don’t want to miss a 2nd chance to run this one!)

Now…if I allow myself to dream and the travel gods were to smile on me, RnR Dublin in August would be a fun way to celebrate my birthday, and then there’s RnR San Antonio in December. Let the stalking of airline websites commence!

Want to add an Rock’n’Roll race (or two) to your calendar? As a member of the Rock’n’Blog team, I’m happy to finally be able to share a discount code with you! Use code ROCKATTITUDE and save $15 on domestic half marathons or marathons, and €/£3 on international races.

 Will I see you at any of these race this year?

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Reminiscing – Favorite Race Medals

Erika, Marcia and Patty are inviting everyone to share their favorite race medals for this week’s Tuesdays on the Run. It could be a medal you’re just dying to add to your collection or one you already happily earned. It will be fun to see all the different medals people share.

I, for one, do love a good piece of bling…and there are many out there that I have my eye on. But when it comes to picking a favorite, it was no contest…

RTR 2011 medal

Do you have a favorite race medal? Click To Tweet

My favorite medal is this one from Boston’s Run to Remember – it was my first half marathon (you can read the full recap here).

It was such a special day for me from start to finish. I remember soaking in every moment – from the other runners to the volunteers to my family’s amazing support along the course (seriously, they were everywhere!).

So while this medal is not the fanciest bling, it symbolizes a major goal accomplished and a day I’ll never forget!

Do you have a favorite race medal?