One word and 2018 Goals

I love the energy of a new year! Hopes are high and all things are possible!

If you’ve been around here for awhile then you know I’m a big goal setter. 2017 proved to be a challenging year for my fitness and running goals as I spent most of the year in what seemed like a continual cycle of injury and recovery. As a result, my training was derailed and I only ran one race for the whole year! Once I finally took the big step back I needed, stopped trying to train and gave myself all the time I needed to heal I was finally able to turn the corner. I finished the year feeling good and excited for what 2018 will bring!

One word for 2018.

For the past few years, I’ve picked one word as the theme for my year across all areas of my life  – and this year’s word is “Brave.” Personally, professionally, and in my running, I want to stretch beyond my comfort zone.

2018 Running Goals.

  • Run a marathon — This is something I’ve wanted to do for a while and have always come up with a reason to talk myself out of it. But this is the year to take on 26.2! I haven’t settled on which one yet – that’s a post for another day. I do know it will be a fall race so I can give myself ample time to get ready.
  • Improve my nutrition —  This is a carryover from last year. I need to identify the right fueling strategy for my runs and do a much better job giving my body what it needs post-run. I’m participating in Laura’s Fit and Fueled Nutrition course for runners which will give me a great start here!
  • Be consistent with strength training and cross training — When I look back on when I’ve had great running years, one thing is clear – I’m not someone who can just run. I need to balance my running with both strength work and cross-training if I’m going to stay injury-free and make it to the starting line.
  • Return to racing — I really missed the whole experience of participating in races last year. Beyond a marathon, I’m looking forward to running other distances, being a part of the Rock ‘n’ Blog team, and hopefully some blogger meet-ups.
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Have you set your goals for 2018?

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November Rewind and December Goals

Before these days start ticking by, I want to quickly wrap-up November and set some goals to close out 2017!

I had 4 goals for November:

  • 30 Days of Movement
  • Complete the #RunNovemberChallenge
  • Strength Train 3x’s/week
  • 150 Minutes of Planking (5 minutes/day)

Thanks to the #RunNovemberChallenge, I hit 27 days of my 30 days of movement goal. As I run-fessed, long days in the car for Thanksgiving travel derailed my “streak”, but I’m still pretty pleased with how this challenge went – it was perfect for this non-run-streaker since I could complete my minimum daily mile with either a run or a walk.

Please don’t ask me how many miles I racked up – I did a terrible job of tracking. Same holds true for my total planking minutes. While there was daily planking and I know I hit my 5-minute goal the majority of the days, there were definitely a couple of days towards the end of the month where I was short.

Strength training 3 days a week proved to be ambitious given some of the crazy busy weeks I had this month between work and the solo parenting duties. In the end, I hit the gym twice a week – which is probably a more realistic commitment, especially once I return to a race training plan.

So while there were a few misses, I’d say overall this was a pretty solid month.

And the plan for December?

Given how busy things can get around the holidays, I’m going to keep these goals pretty simple.

  • Ease back into training – With a couple of races figured out for February, it’s time to hit the register button and then get back to something that resembles a training plan.
  • Continue the focus on strength work – I’m running pain-free and I want to keep it that way. I will continue to meet up with my friend E for weekly gym sessions on Wednesdays and see if I can get her to join me for my Friday sessions.
  • Make sleep a priority – I was running a sleep deficit most of November, which is just no bueno, so time to turn that around.

So how was your November? What are you focusing on this month?

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November Goals

It’s a new month and with race training temporarily on hold, it’s time for some new goals!

Move every day! — 30 days of movement – be it a run, a walk, time in the gym or on the yoga mat. I will move every day!

#RunNovemberChallenge – When I saw Jessy’s post, I knew I wanted to do this. It fits perfectly with my daily movement goal, and I like that I can mix running and walking.

Strength Train 3x’s/week — Strength work must be a priority. Period.

150 minutes of planking —  Last time I did 5 minutes a day was back in April. And, while I’m a big fan of planks, I’ve been inconsistent in my planking lately so I thought it would be fun to challenge myself with a time goal.

I’m already eyeing some early 2018 races, so I’m hoping these goals will help to set me on the right track.

Do you set monthly goals? What do you have planned for November?



5 goals for September

I figure before this month gets any older I better map out a few goals for the month.

Run 80 miles (at least) — I’d really like to hit 100 this month, but given my ankle’s unpredictable nature I’m hedging my bets a bit.

Re-establish my morning routine — Towards the end of the summer, my workouts were all over the place, essentially jamming them in when I could. I know I’m much better off when I get my workouts done early so that’s the goal.

Return to continuous running — Run:walk intervals have served me well in both dealing with the crazy humidity of this past summer and the cranky ankle, but I’d really like to transition back to continuous running.

Improve my fueling — I could do better here – both pre- and post-run.

Focus on self-care — This comes in many forms…daily rolling, yoga, sports massage, getting more sleep!

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What are your goals for this month?

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New month, new goals


The jam-packed month of May is now in the rearview mirror and I’m ready to turn my attention to the month ahead. So far this year has been marked by a lot of stops and starts on the running front. I was always anxious to jump back into training for an upcoming race, but it’s clear looking back now that I should have taken more time to heal.

June now gives me a chance to do that! With no race planned until mid-September, this month affords me the chance to right the ship, hopefully once and for all. So for today’s Friday Five, I’m sharing some fitness goals for June:

Focus on Chi Running form — I’ve actually been working on this since the workshop I attended early last month. I especially want to work on my lean.

Photo courtesy of ChiRunning

Improve cadence — Along with my running form, I really want to focus on locking in my cadence. I’ve been doing some of my runs with the metronome app and would like to work on slowly increasing my cadence from 170 to 175.

Prioritize self-care — Time with the chiropractor, massage therapist, in addition to time for foam rolling, are a must.

Eat the rainbow — With May’s hectic schedule there were way too many meals on the run, too much take out, and not nearly enough attention to eating well. Time to climb back on the wagon – especially need to up my fruits and veggies!

Build from the core out — I took a break from daily planking last month, but am getting back at it, along with hip and glute strength work at least twice a week.

Do you set monthly goals? What have you got planned for June?

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April 2017 Goals

April 2017 goals

I feel like I was a bit all over the map in March fitness wise, so I’m throwing down some goals for April.

Hit every workout — There’s not a lot of white space on my April calendar so I’m going to need to do whatever it takes to get my workouts in. Early morning, post-work, lunchtime runs, etc. – I’m committing to not missing a workout on my training plan.

Run 100 miles — If I follow through on goal #1, this should be doable.

Continue my plank challenge — While I did plank daily in March, I fell off my goal of 5 minutes/day, so I’m going to shoot for that in April.

Weekly yoga — I mentioned in last week’s wrap-up that I want to commit to a weekly session, so I’m doing it.

Meal plan — I’m great at regularly planning each week’s dinners, but I’ve been totally winging it on breakfast, lunch, and snacks. My choices over the past few weeks haven’t always been the best, as evidenced by the numbers creeping in the wrong direction on my scale, so time to fix that!

Do you set monthly goals? How was your March?

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One word and 2017 goals

I love this time of year when everyone and everything seems full of possibilities. It’s a great time of reflection and for looking ahead and considering all that can be done in the next 365 (ok 362) days!

Looking back I did pretty good with my 2016 goals. Of the 5 goals I set: Returning to half marathons; Setting a half marathon PR; Losing 12 pounds; Continuing my strength program; and, actively managing my recovery – setting a PR was the only area I fell short. (In full disclosure I lost 9 lbs and consider that a win!) Best of all, my love for running returned!

So what lies ahead for 2017? For the last couple of years I’ve picked one word as the theme for my year, and this year’s word is “Belief.” Across all areas of my life, I want to be driven by belief in what is possible, and not limited by fear or self-doubt.

So, now for my fitness/running goals:

  • Mix up the distances — Last year I was very focused on getting back to the half marathon distance. This year, I’d like to mix it up more – training & racing different distances will keep me challenged both mentally and physically.
  • Find some speed  — I cannot expect to PR or just improve my times without pushing the pace. I have given the RC coaches the green light to push me out of my comfort zone.
  • Improve my nutrition —  I struggled with finding the right fuel for my runs. I also often didn’t do a great job of giving my body what it needed both pre or post run. Time to change this!
  • More strength — I love working with Trainer Stacy and made no secret last year that sometimes my time in the gym rivaled my time on the road. I’ve got great momentum here and want to keep it going.
  • Have fun! — 2016 was about recapturing the joy of running and above all else I want that to continue.  More blogger meet ups, more family running, more runs with friends – more fun 🙂
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Have you set your goals for 2017?

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A couple of December goals

It’s amazing to me to think that we are in the final days of 2016. I feel like the year kicked off a sprint pace and never let up. So now that my race season is over, it’s the perfect time to regroup and refocus before diving into training again. With that in mind, I’m setting just a couple of goals for this month.


Strike a balance….Without a race to focus on, it seems like the perfect time to up my strength game. So the goal is 3 days of strength work and 3 days of running.

Keep a good base….In the past, I have slacked off on my mileage at this time of year, but this time around I’d like to keep my weekly mileage around 18 – 20 miles.

Roll & Stretch….Daily rolling and stretching are necessary, and with things being more low-keyed I can make the time for this. (And my body will thank me for it!)

All things in moderation….I’ve done really well with my weight loss goal this year so why go and blow it in the last month, right? But, I also don’t believe in denial…so I will enjoy all the tempting holiday treats in moderation 🙂

So tell me, how are you planning to wrap-up the year?


My Fall Fitness Goals

Happy Friday! And happy long weekend to those who get to celebrate Columbus day!

I’m currently enroute to NYC for the weekend! So while I’m hanging on the Acela I thought I’d share some fall fitness goals.


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  1. Focus on recovery — Since the start of the school year, I’ve been jamming in my runs where I can…which means I haven’t been leaving enough time for proper recovery. Time to get back to rolling, Epsom salt baths, and more time in my compression gear!
  2. Make strength training a priority — The other downside of my tight schedule lately has been that my strength training is taking a backseat. I know if I don’t balance my runs with strength work I’m risking ending up back on injured reserve.
  3. Mix it up — To keep things interesting I want to focus on mixing things up a little. I haven’t done yoga or pilates in a while with any consistency – it would be good to add some back into the routine.
  4. Continue the slow & steady weight loss — I continued to lose a few pounds this summer and now I have just 4 lbs to go on my 2016 goal.
  5. Enjoy some family running – With races planned with my oldest son, husband and brother, there will be lots of opportunities for family runs.

Did you set any fitness goals for the fall?

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Reflecting on Summer Fitness Goals

With Labor day weekend marking the unofficial end of summer, it seemed like a good time to check in on my summer fitness goals and see how I did.

Fitness goal check in

Back in June, I set 5 goals for the summer:

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  1. Embrace the plan — Check! I started the summer very excited to be working with the coaches from RunnersConnect, and I’m happy to say that they have not disappointed. There’s been the occasional deviation here and there (hello soul-sucking humidity!), but for the most part I’ve stuck with my training plan.
  2. Family running — I got to celebrate my youngest son’s first 5K and my husband joined me for all of my weekend long runs!
  3. Enjoy the outdoors — While I didn’t make it to the tennis courts or kayaking as I had hoped, I did get some hiking in, and the family definitely made the most of our time in the White Mountains.
  4. Continue the slow & steady weight loss — I’m finishing the summer a few pounds lighter than when I started, so this is absolutely a win!
  5. Keep getting stronger — Another check! I faithfully stuck to my strength training thanks in large part to working out with Trainer Stacy. It’s no coincidence that staying focused on strength work has helped keep me relatively injury-free this summer.

I’d say I did a pretty good job on my goals for this summer! Now I’m more than ready for the temps to cool down and enjoying some fall racing 🙂

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Did you set any summer goals?