Weekly Wrap: Eyeing Fall Races

Staying true to my goals for this month, my workouts have been comfortably locked in on cruise control. This past week was no different. There was some time for yoga and getting re-aquatinted with my foam roller. And, there was some running. The temps have been climbing so I promised myself this would be the week to get out early to beat the sun’s heat.

Of course, Mother Nature does have a twisted sense of humor, and just as I stepped out the door for Tuesday’s run I was greeted with this…

Yep a serious downpour…given how warm it was I ran anyways…anything to avoid the mill. And actually, this run felt great!

I was chasing my shadow and the sun on Thursday’s run, and happily logged another pain-free run!

And, while the struggle bus came looking for me on this morning’s run thanks to a cranky stomach, I’m happy to say the miles were pain-free

the glute/piriformis/hip thing finally feeling under control these past couple of weeks, I’ve allowed myself to start eyeing potential fall races.  I’m pretty sure I’ll pull the trigger on the Wicked Half Marathon, held in mid-September. Some of the Skirt Sports ambassadors in the area picked this race for a meet-up so I’m sure this could be a fun one! Past experience has taught me that the temps can still be pretty warm in mid-September, so I’d like to find a goal race for October or early November.

Any suggestions for a half marathon? Do you have your fall races settled yet?

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Fall Racing – A Moving Target

When I saw that this week’s #FridayFive link-up topic was Fall Races, I was tempted to skip posting. Racing has been such a moving target for me, between injury and conflicts with my family schedule, that I’m almost hesitant to count any race as a sure thing at this point. But, if you’ve been around here for a bit then you also know how much I love a fall race….so here’s what I’m hoping for at the moment.

1) #StripAtNight 


This is my one and only definite race…well it’s actually two because I’ll be doing the Remix Challenge (5K and Half). My husband and brother are running with me, and I just saw friends yesterday who confirmed they’re in! I’ve been waiting all year to get to a Rock ‘n’ Roll race as part of the Rock’n’Blog team – and, well c’mon it’s Vegas! And, speaking of the Rock’n’Blog team, we were just given special codes for a Vegas discount – use code RUNATTITUDE015LV and you can do either the half or the full for $145!

2) Still Rockin’ — Staying with the Rock ‘n’ Roll theme for a minute, I’m still hoping to get to RnR Philly at the end of October, but family conflicts are starting to crop up from all sides…keep my fingers crossed. But, if schedules don’t work, then I’ll be looking at finishing up my 3-race Tour Pass by heading to San Antonio for #RnRSA the first week of December.

3) Tufts 10K for Women is one of my favorite Boston races. It’s always held on Columbus Day, which means it could potentially come in conflict with the boys’ sports schedules/tournaments – it’s happened before, but if I’m free this is always a great race!

4) Canton Fall Classic is another local favorite – I usually run the 5K and my husband J runs the 10K. My son is thinking about running it this year…so once again as long as schedules don’t collide, this could be a family race.

Jingle+Bell+15) Jingle Bell Run — OK this one may technically be a “winter” race as some years it falls on the weekend before Christmas. As you can see from the picture of my brother and I on race morning, this one’s all for the costumes and post-race beer fest. (And, yes that is a giant ball of mistletoe on his hat!) 🙂

Do you find your race schedule is pretty well set or is it a moving target?

(As part of the Rock’n’Blog team, I receive a 3-race Tour Pass. If you want to add a RnR race to your fall schedule, don’t forget to use my code on my sidebar for a discount (or the code above for Vegas!)

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Friday Five: Fall Preview

I cannot believe this is the last Friday of the month – and with school starting for my boys next week, it’s really the last Friday of the summer! While it has been a wonderful summer – I am a Fall girl and love that my favorite time of the year is just around the corner!

Fall preview

So much to look forward to this fall, including….

Cooler Temps — While it wasn’t as brutally hot as some past summers, I’m just much more partial to the crisp cool days of fall. I’m happiest in jeans, boots, sweater…you get the idea.

Apple Picking — One of my favorite family fall traditions!

Cooking — We pretty much live off the grill during the summer – which I must admit is largely my husband J’s domain. But once fall kicks in, I love to get back into the kitchen and dive into some of my favorite recipes and to try out some new ones!

Football —  If you’ve been around here for a while then you know I’m a huge football fan and cannot wait to watch my beloved Patriots take the field.

Fall Races — Hello Philly Half! Having not done much racing this year, I’m looking forward to running 3 (maybe 4) races this fall.

I could go on and on about the good things of fall! I’m linking up with Courtney, Mar and Cynthia again this week so be sure to stop by and check them out.

What are you looking forward to this fall?



My fall race schedule

fall running

After mentioning that I was getting ready to start my fall training soon, I got several emails and twitter inquiries about which races I was doing – so I thought I’d share my fall race schedule here!


Smuttynose Rockfest Half Marathon — advertised as “flat and fast” with beer and lobster rolls served at the post race party – what’s not to love? This one’s been on my N.E. must-run list for a while.

Tufts 10K — This one’s going to be a “wait and see” since it’s a week after Smuttynose – but I love this event and I haven’t run it in a couple of years. There are always a few friends running so I’m going to try to keep this day open and if the legs feel go enough I can always register on race day.

Canton Fall Classic — The starting line is literally 2 miles from my house and the course covers streets I run on a regular basis. It’s a great local race and it’s always fun to see so many familiar faces!


Philadelphia Half Marathon — I ran Philly in 2011 and by half way through the race I knew I wanted to come back (you can check out the recap HERE)! I loved the course, the great crowd support and the 3+ minute PR I snagged — I’m hoping lightening will strike twice as this is my goal race of the fall.


I’m sure there will be some fun 5K requiring Santa garb 🙂

I’d like to slip in something during September to kind of track how my training’s going – but I’m going to wait to see what Coach Bennett has to say on that.

The fall should be a lot of fun – can’t wait!

What have you got planned?


Changing race plans


At the beginning of March, I mentioned that I was working with Coach Bennett to revise my training to set me up for a stronger fall race season. After a fairly craptastic winter, I really needed to take a step back, re-access some goals and decide what I really want to achieve before 2014’s in the history books. Coach Bennett and I have agreed to shift the focus to shorter distances and work on building some speed, before going after some goal half marathons in the fall.

So, of course, this means some changes to my race plans:

  • While I’ll be running the Newport 10 Miler at the end of the month, this will just be a fun run – my goal of 10-mile PR will have to wait. I’m no where near ready to “race” this distance, but I do love the course and look forward to a fun blogger meet-up that’s in the works. Given how few 10-mile races there are in the area, it looks like I may have to let go of the goal of a new PR for this distance until next year.
  • This will also be the first spring in three years where I won’t be running a half marathon. Originally, I had planned to run the Runner’s World Heartbreak Half in June, but when the planets aligned for our family to book a much needed vacation during the same time, vacation & family-time won out over racing.
  • I’m now hunting for a couple of 10K races – like the 10-milers around here, they’ve become harder and harder to find.
  • And, as for the goal of 14 races in 2014 – for now I’m backing off. It could happen, but I’m not going to push it. Staying injury-free, getting stronger and going after the much-desired half marathon PR will be the priorities.

 Anyone else re-thinking goals for this year?


September Goals

Happy September! I love Spetember – it signals so many new beginings…the start school, the begining of fall (my favorite season!) and cooler temps, and the fall race season!

My goals for this month:

  • 100 Miles — after cranking my mileage back up in August despite the heat, this should be doable.
  • Yoga — my favorite class was unfortunately canceled at the begining of the summer. I’ve quickly discovered that I’m not nearly as dedicated on my own so I’ll be checking out some new classes this month.
  • Racing — Races #8 and 9 on the road to #13in2013 are up next! I’ve got two tune-up races this month a 10K this Saturday and the Wicked Half in 3 weeks. These races will give me a chance to see where I am in my training and to see if I’ve finally got my recent racing stomach issues in check.
  • Hill Work —  Knowing the hills I’ll face at the B.A.A Half next month (not to mention some decent inclines at Wicked), it’s time to get back to hill repeats.
  • Healthier Eating — Things definitely got a little lax last month in the heathy eating department!  I blame it on the birthday celebrations at the begining of the month…kinda just kept celebrating 😉
  • Embrace a New Schedule — The start of school always means a change in schedule, but this year we have the added twist of my boys being on completely different schedules as my oldest heads off to middle school. Different start and end times, buses and carpooling, plus homework and sports schedules – yeah I can already feel the summer zen slipping away.

What have you got planned for this month?


Friday Ramblings

Sitting here in a quiet house with the dog at my feet and coffee cup in hand…

There has been at least one, if not both, boys home sick since Tuesday! I was happy to see both smiling faces heading off to camp this morning – I swear there’s nothing worst than seeing your children not feel well 🙁

Between the sick kids and my cranky left hip, running has been a bit challenging this week. I am trying very hard to not get hung up in the miles I’ve missed, knowing that the cross-training will help and getting this hip happy is priority one!

Changes in family plans means I’ve needed to change up my fall racing schedule – I won’t be running ZOOMA in September so I’ve been on the hunt for another race to use as a “tune up” before I get to the B.A.A. Half in October. Though I think I’ve now found the source of my recent GI issues, Coach Bennett thinks it will be helpful to put my body through “race conditions” and see how I respond. So I think I’ll be adding this to my schedule:

countdown_wickedHalf It’s run on a beautiful course through Salem & Marblehead – Can. Not. Wait!

Seriously, how is it Friday again already? I feel like I just finished coming down from last weekend’s birthday fun and here we are again. Don’t get me wrong – I love seeing Friday arrive, but this summer is flying by way too fast! We still have a number of things left on our family summer bucket list!

We’ll get one more item checked off tomorrow as we’ll be catching a Boston Cannons’ game! My hubs J was elected to his lacrosse league’s all-star game (so proud of him!)  and they’ll be playing their game before the Cannons. So the boys and I are going to go cheer on our All-Star and then we’re all hanging out for the Cannons’ game afterwards!

How are you doing with your Summer Bucket list?

Do you run tune-up races?



The mental vs the physical

This morning was a mental run – you know the kind where you can’t get out of your own head….where the suck monkey is in full voice, strong and clear…where you are bargaining with yourself almost from the first step (just run to the mailbox, telephone pole, next song, etc.)

Yeah – it was that kind of run this morning.


In truth, more than a few of my runs have been like this lately. The runs have had very little to do with my physical side – the legs have been more than willing to go. Just can’t seem to get out of my own way at the moment. I know the heat and humidity of the past two weeks has certainly not helped…but it’s not all about the weather.

I am really looking forward to my fall race schedule but it is becoming increasingly clear to me to have the outcomes I want in the fall, I’ve got to spend more time training the one muscle I need above all else – my brain.

How do you mentally get yourself on the right track?




Monday Motivation – Fall Training Begins


young woman running on rural road at sunrise

The fall race schedule is shaping up to be a busy one – let the training begin! #AllforFall

What will you start today?


Fall Racing

Last night I started my 2nd 6-week session of “Yoga for Runners” – a 2-hour torture session gloriously zen experience, where I and 7 other runners attempt to get our hamstrings and hip flexors to release…just a little bit from their usual death grip-like existence. After class our instructor mentioned fall racing and it was funny to see everyone light up and immediately start comparing notes on which races were on their fall calendars, training plans, etc. It was a little like watching kids talk about Christmas – you could just feel the excitement!

I’m happy to say that I think my fall schedule is pretty much set:

ZOOMA Cape Cod Half Marathon — 9/22
Tufts 10k for Women — 10/8
Canton Fall Classic (5k) — 10/28
Chilly Half Marathon — 11/11

I think it’s a good mix of distances to help keep things interesting, but not so many races that my legs will rebel.

Have you got a big race (or two) lined up for the fall? When does training begin?

By the way – if you are thinking of heading to the Cape this fall to run ZOOMA don’t wait to register, price increase kicks in tomorrow. And remember to use the code in my sidebar for a discount on either the half marathon or 10k.