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At the beginning of March, I mentioned that I was working with Coach Bennett to revise my training to set me up for a stronger fall race season. After a fairly craptastic winter, I really needed to take a step back, re-access some goals and decide what I really want to achieve before 2014’s in the history books. Coach Bennett and I have agreed to shift the focus to shorter distances and work on building some speed, before going after some goal half marathons in the fall.

So, of course, this means some changes to my race plans:

  • While I’ll be running the Newport 10 Miler at the end of the month, this will just be a fun run – my goal of 10-mile PR will have to wait. I’m no where near ready to “race” this distance, but I do love the course and look forward to a fun blogger meet-up that’s in the works. Given how few 10-mile races there are in the area, it looks like I may have to let go of the goal of a new PR for this distance until next year.
  • This will also be the first spring in three years where I won’t be running a half marathon. Originally, I had planned to run the Runner’s World Heartbreak Half in June, but when the planets aligned for our family to book a much needed vacation during the same time, vacation & family-time won out over racing.
  • I’m now hunting for a couple of 10K races – like the 10-milers around here, they’ve become harder and harder to find.
  • And, as for the goal of 14 races in 2014 – for now I’m backing off. It could happen, but I’m not going to push it. Staying injury-free, getting stronger and going after the much-desired half marathon PR will be the priorities.

 Anyone else re-thinking goals for this year?



  1. Sounds like a good approach. I hate that there are no 10ks and 10-milers anymore! Both are great distances and even for the folks who want marathons, they are solid building block races.

  2. Agree with Miss Zippy: I wish there were more 10 milers and 10k’s around! Way to reshuffle your plan. My goal is to get/maintain enough fitness to get me through NYCM in one piece. No delusions of a PR here. Haha!

  3. Smart Cookie! I agree too – I’ve been back to shorter distances to recoup the ‘damage’ I’ve been doing and focus on strength – you’re very aware of what you need for sure!

  4. There is a 10 mile race in Newburyport at the end of July. It is the Yankee Homecoming 10 miler. It is in the evening, but it is a nice race. There are definitely not enough 10K’s. I got into Beach 2 Beacon this year, but am going to run it for fun. It is to hard to train in the summer. Good luck with your schedule.

  5. Sometimes things just need to be changed, but it sounds like some smart decisions! Maybe I’ll see you at the 10-Miler! It will be my first of that distance ever. I just did the Jamestown Bridge 10K on Sunday which was my farthest distance to date. This should definitely be interesting! 🙂

  6. Good approach. Sometimes you have change the goals to stay healthy! I was hoping to train hard this spring for a half marathon PR but ended up not running seriously after my fall marathon and have enjoyed running races for fun this spring!

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