September Goals

Happy September! I love Spetember – it signals so many new beginings…the start school, the begining of fall (my favorite season!) and cooler temps, and the fall race season!

My goals for this month:

  • 100 Miles — after cranking my mileage back up in August despite the heat, this should be doable.
  • Yoga — my favorite class was unfortunately canceled at the begining of the summer. I’ve quickly discovered that I’m not nearly as dedicated on my own so I’ll be checking out some new classes this month.
  • Racing — Races #8 and 9 on the road to #13in2013 are up next! I’ve got two tune-up races this month a 10K this Saturday and the Wicked Half in 3 weeks. These races will give me a chance to see where I am in my training and to see if I’ve finally got my recent racing stomach issues in check.
  • Hill Work —  Knowing the hills I’ll face at the B.A.A Half next month (not to mention some decent inclines at Wicked), it’s time to get back to hill repeats.
  • Healthier Eating — Things definitely got a little lax last month in the heathy eating department!  I blame it on the birthday celebrations at the begining of the month…kinda just kept celebrating 😉
  • Embrace a New Schedule — The start of school always means a change in schedule, but this year we have the added twist of my boys being on completely different schedules as my oldest heads off to middle school. Different start and end times, buses and carpooling, plus homework and sports schedules – yeah I can already feel the summer zen slipping away.

What have you got planned for this month?



  1. I’m setting some goals for September that include more yoga too. Good luck with the different school schedules!

  2. We have similar goals for this month, in particular the 100 miles and eating healthier. I’d love to see how you fit yoga into your schedule, I try to but it seems to get lost after a couple of weeks. Good luck with you goals 🙂

    • When I was consistent I would do yoga on my cross-training day or after speed work/hills. Hopefully I can get back to that – but I’m with you, it’s hard to fit it all in!

  3. Great goals Michelle. Have a great first week back to school. I’ll be working on getting back into my running shoes…

  4. I’ve been lax this month too on the whole eating front– I need to get back at it!

  5. More (I mean any) yoga sounds great for me too. I don’t think I made it to the gym a single time (except for the pool) in August. That needs to change. Need to get back to some yoga classes pronto.

  6. Those are some great goals! I have a 5K race every weekend in September and the first weekend in October. I am almost finished with my 10K training as well.


  1. […] of my goals for this month is return to healthier eating, after letting a lot of things slide towards the end of the summer. […]

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