Hitting the Training Reset Button

It’s time to hit the reset button…

My little slip during a run last month did more than just tweak things. And, while I’ve been able to eek out some runs, it’s been inconsistent at best…and with some significant pain at worst. No bueno.  I’ve probably known for a couple of weeks now that I need to re-think my plans, but I didn’t want to admit it. I’d been hoping to hold it together and some how stick to my race schedule, but it’s just not happening.

So after a trip to the new chiropractor (who was awesome!) and conferring with the RC coaches, it’s time to hit the reset button on my training. I took a pass on the 10 mile race I was planning to do this morning and I’m deferring my entry in the NYC Half until next year. And while I’m especially bummed about putting off NYC, I’m refusing to have a pity party.

So I’m focusing on the positives:

  • Better to have this happen now while the year is still young and there’s still lots of time for running and races
  • I still have 14 weeks until my Spring goal race, Boston’s Run to Remember
  • I’m loving the new chiro I was referred to – he’s mapped out a course of treatment and believes he can get me back on track shortly
  • My RC coaches are all very positive that we can work around this and put together a decent training plan
  • Since the whole family was looking forward to heading to NYC, we’ve decided to still hit the city during the school spring break

I’m headed back to the chiro tomorrow, and this week will probably be heavy on the cross-training and strength work. 14 weeks to go!

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Quick housekeeping note:

Congrats to Jessica & Stephanie for winning entries into the Utah Valley Marathon/Half Marathon/10K! (Check your email boxes for details. ) If you didn’t win but are still interested in running, you can use code rwa15 to get 15% off any distance! (This is an affiliate code.)


Where did March go?

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter! I got to start my day with a run with my oldest son (he wants to run a 5k!), there was egg-dying and hunting and a great family brunch.


Cannot believe today is April 1st. For as slow as the days of February seemed to move, March just flew by!


Good things for March:
  • After giving my ITB some extra attention and extra rest days, I feel like I’m settling into a nice running groove!
  • Mileage is back on the right track
  • Finished the 30-day ab/core challenge and started round 2
  • Selected again as a ZOOMA Cape Cod Ambassador!
  • Returning to hill work 😉
  • Running with my son
Things I could do without: 
  • Taking a DNS for the New Bedford Half  (I know it was the right choice though)
What’s up for April:
  • 1st race of the BAA Distance Medley – the BAA 5K is the Sunday of Marathon Weekend
  • And speaking of the Boston Marathon, I’ll be volunteering at the race this year!! I’ll be working in the Athlete’s Village greeting the buses and helping to direct runners to where they need to be. Very excited!
  • Running the Newport 10 Miler with my friend E Newport 10 Miler

How was your March? Any big plans for April?



Cough, Sputter, Blow…Repeat

Cough, Sputter, Blow…that’s what I’ve done all week…and it hasn’t been pretty! I am a congested, coughing, hacking mess!

I’ve been holding out hope that my body will cooperate so I can race Sunday, but clearly my body (particularly my lungs) has other plans.  After a low point on Tuesday, I thought the worst of it was over and announced I was going for a short run on Wednesday. J looked concerned but didn’t discourage me. However, when just going upstairs to get dressed sent me into a coughing spasm, I decided to hold off (The Universe smacking me upside the head perhaps?). After a slightly better night’s sleep last night, I once again declared I was going for a run this morning.

So I set out to do a simple 5k loop – except it was anything but simple. I’ll spare you the details, but suffice it to say I wheezed and hacked my way through it and had to walk a couple of times — really?!? And, when I finished it felt like I had to have gone a lot further than just 3 miles. OK so I have my answer – short of a miracle turnaround in the next 48 hrs, there will be no race for me this weekend 🙁

As you can imagine I’m ticked off – 9 weeks of running my fanny off to be brought down in the end by a relentless cough! As much as I wanted to run this race again, this is the wise choice for the long-term. So I’ll allow myself a bit of a pity party today (but just today – really…first world problems), hit my doctor’s appointment tomorrow to figure out what’s going on, and then set my sights on a new target.