RtR Week 3 recap

RtR Update

Happy Monday!

How was your weekend? For those who celebrate, a belated Happy Easter!

Week 3 of Run to Remember training is in the books and I’m joining Holly and Tricia for their #WeeklyWrap. Be sure to stop by and check in on how last week treated everyone.


Monday 3/21:  Strength workout – legs and abs.
Tuesday 3/22:  44 minutes on the Arc Trainer.
Wednesday 3/23:  3 hilly miles on some very tired legs.
Thursday 3/24:  Rest Day!

Family run
Friday 3/25:  Family run – while I didn’t run as far as I’d planned, nothing beats the whole family running together!
Saturday 3/26:  The plague hit…seriously I felt horrible – there was no running, just couch time and movies with the kids.
Sunday 3/27:  Still not feeling fabulous by a long shot, but that little voice in my head kept nagging me that I was going to be more unhappy if I skipped it vs going – 3.5 miles done.

Thankfully after a very quite weekend, I’m feeling more or less plague-free today. As I run-fessed I’ve been feeling a little uninspired by my runs, but I’m focusing on an attitude adjustment for this week!

How was your week?


RtR Training Week 2


RtR Update

Wrapping up another week of training. So let’s take a look at how things went, shall we?

Monday 3/14:  Strength workout – legs and abs.
Tuesday 3/15:  3 mile run – I just couldn’t bring myself to run in the cold rain so headed to the gym to face the treadmill. I admit that I went into this run with the wrong attitude and it showed. 
Wednesday 3/16:  Rest day! Sports massage – 90 minutes of unknotting muscles.
Thursday 3/17:  T25 Beta – Core Cardio.
Friday 3/18:  Strength work – legs and abs.
Saturday 3/19:  4 miles – This was a hard run. Legs felt heavy and I just had no energy – the heavy winds probably didn’t help. 
Sunday 3/20:  3 miles more.

While I did hit all of my workouts I felt like I was all over the place this week and completely out of rhythm. I’m really not sure how missing one extra hour could have such a big impact but I swear Daylight Saving threw me for a loop at the beginning of the week and I never really caught up! It was one of those weeks that between work and home life, I felt like I was always trying to squeeze a workout in.

This week should be quieter, and hopefully I can settle into more of a groove.

I’m linking up again for the #WeeklyWrap with Holly at HoHo Runs and Tricia at Miss Sippi Piddlin rp_WeeklyWrap-1-300x300.jpg

Ever have a week where you just feel out of sorts? How was your week?


RtR Training Week 1


Training for Boston’s Run to Remember is officially under way. As I mentioned over coffee, this will be my first half in two years – so my goals for this training cycle are simple:

  1. Hit all of my workouts
  2. Build my mileage slowly
  3. Reach the start line injury-free

I want to use RtR to get back up to the half distance and lay the foundation for more rigorous training this summer. So how’d the first week go?

Monday 3/7 — Given how crazy my Mondays have been because of work lately, I’ve decided to make Mondays a strength day. I broke out the resistance bands and did a lower body workout I use to do when I was working with a trainer. My legs felt like jello when I was done!

Tuesday 3/8  — Woke up with a really upset stomach that stayed with me all day. So I decided to push my run to Wednesday and opted for some yoga.

Wednesday 3/9 — An absolutely gorgeous day  – temps in the 70’s! I still didn’t feel great and actually dressed too warm in a long sleeve shirt, but just didn’t care. 3 miles done.

Thursday 3/10 — Still feeling really off – decided to listen to my body and took an unplanned rest day.

Friday 3/11 — 3 miles more.

Saturday 3/12 — As the weeks go on, Saturdays will be my long run day. For today, just 4 miles…with too many hills!

Sunday 3/13 —  More yoga.

All-in-all not a bad first week, especially since I didn’t feel fabulous for most of it. I rolled like it was my job every night – and while that lacrosse ball is a little slice of torture, I do think it’s helping. The good news is whatever bug I was dealing with didn’t take hold and I’m feeling pretty and looking forward to week 2!

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Weekly Wrap – February Rewind

Happy Leap Day! (Is that a thing?)

The days continue to fly by at an alarming rate, and we’re already at the end of another month. So it’s time once again to do a quick wrap-up the month and see what March has in store.

Good things for the month:

  • Really enjoyed Mar’s 14-day Self Care Challenge (you can read more about it here).
  • T25 – Have enjoyed mixing up my workouts, though as I run-fessed, the double workout days are proving to be a bit much
  • Met my goal of increasing my mileage over January
  • More outdoor runs vs. treadmill — Gotta love seeing 50+ degrees in February!
  • Another massage was had – always a good thing!
Things I could do without:
  • The events of this month left me feeling stressed and distracted
On the decks for March:
  • Start training for Boston’s Run to Remember half
  • Returning to yoga classes – at least I’m hoping to try to fit this in. There’s a studio near me that I’ve been wanting to check out.
  • Fingers-crossed the weather continues to cooperate and I’ll not see a treadmill again for a while 🙂


I’m joining Holly and Tricia for the Weekly Wrap – be sure to stop by and say hi and see how #RnRNOLA turned out for them!

How did February treat you?


Weekly Wrap – Return of the Polar Vortex

A huge thank you to everyone who checked in with kind words last week – much appreciated.

I was grateful for my workouts last week – while not always pretty they were a good distraction!

Monday:   Another snow day for the kids and more shoveling for me
Tuesday:   3 mile run
Wednesday:   T25 Speed 1.0
Thursday:   3 mile run plus T25 Cardio
Friday:   T25 Lower Focus — holy squats and lunges Batman!
Saturday:  4.25 mile run
Sunday:   Opted for yoga over T25 Stretch


Thanks to the return of the Polar Vortex, the temps around here have plummeted. With the windchill, it reached negative double digits this weekend, so aside from trips to the gym, I just enjoyed some much needed down time with the family. Saturday was all about video games, movies, reading – and of course I watched the Olympic Trials! While I was disappointed for Kara, I loved watching the teamwork of Shalane & Amy. And, watching Meb run always makes me smile! Valentine’s Day is always low-keyed here – we celebrated with our traditional sushi dinner, and of course a little chocolate! chocolates

It’s school vacation week here for my youngest son, so I’m definitely going to have to be flexible with when I get to workout this week. In fact, I’m going to take advantage of my husband being off from work today and head to the gym now….

How was your week? Are you dealing with the polar vortex?

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Weekly wrap – Running, T25 and Shoveling

I swear I blink and these days are flying by! The first week of February is already in the books – so how did it go?

Monday:   Started the T25 10 week program with T25 Cardio

Tuesday:   3 mile run plus T25 Speed 1.0

Wednesday:   T25 Total Body Circuit

Thursday:   Woke up feeling horrible so I skipped my run, but still managed to do T25 Ab Intervals

Friday:   Lots of shoveling — A local weatherman explained that shoveling this rain soaked snow was like lifting 20 lbs with each toss – seriously!?! Yeah that explains why an hour of shoveling left me feeling like toast!

Saturday:   3 mile run

Sunday:   4 more miles, plus T25 Stretch

All-in-all a pretty good week! I liked the mix of the T25 workouts – and, I can already tell that those double workout days are going to be challenging as the miles increase!

scale is a liar

And, after run-fessing that I hadn’t made any progress on my weight loss, my scale made nice and showed a 2lb lost!

Yes – a pretty good week 🙂

rp_WeeklyWrap-1-300x300.jpgI’m linking up with Holly of HoHo Runs and Tricia of MissSippiPiddlin for the Weekly Wrap – be sure to stop by and say hi and check out the other fun bloggers in the link-up.

How was your week? Have you ever tried a workout series like T25?


Weekly Wrap – January Rewind

Well January’s come to an end. I feel like these first 31 days of 2016 moved at a break-neck pace, leaving me feeling like I was constantly playing catch up. I got to this weekend and just wanted to exhale.

So today I’m once again joining Holly and Tricia for the Weekly Wrap – but this time, I’m wrapping up the whole month.

Good things for the month:
  • Overall the weather for January was not too bad – New England actually avoided taking the brunt of a Nor’easter for a change and on many days the temps were downright mild — All this means more runs outdoors than on the ‘mill.
  • One of my 2016 goals is staying committed to strength training – This month was a really good start logging at least 2 workouts per week.
  • A return to the massage table – Say it with me…Ahhhh!
Things I could do without:
  • Thanks to a crazed schedule, more missed runs than I’d like to count. And, the runs I did log just left me feeling meh.
  • IT Band, while improving, is still a little moody 🙁
On the decks for February:
  • More miles – despite the schedule, Runs. Must. Happen!
  • Joining Mar for her 14-day Self Care Challenge – love this idea to remember to put yourself on the to do list. The challenge starts on February 1 – join us!
  • Time for some Focus – as in T25 Focus. I was whining….mentioning to my brother the other day about how annoyed I was with myself to have let some workouts slide and he mentioned he was thinking about doing T25 again just to make sure he got in a daily workout. So I’ve decided to join him… for the next 10 weeks (Hello!)

Shaun T’s about to become my new BFF 😉

So I’m more than ready to say buh bye to January and to make February fabulous!


How was your January?

WeeklyWrap (1)


Weekly Wrap – A little of this and that

Work and family schedules continued to be chaotic this week, (I hope this isn’t a trend!) but I was able to get a decent mix of workouts in.

Monday – Some much needed yoga.

Tuesday – Determined to not have a repeat of last week, I jammed a quick 2.8 miles in between work and school pick-up!

Wednesday – Strength day: legs and core.

Thursday – 3 miles. I finished with a sore knee and would be lying if I didn’t say a tinge of panic set in. That evening, I went to my son’s high school preview/open house, and after a tour of the campus with a constant stream of staircases, my knee was not pleased.

Friday – Strength day: legs and core. Lots of foam rolling.

Arc Trainer

Love this machine!

Saturday – An icy rainy mix, meant a trip to the gym. Playing it safe, I opted for time on the Arc Trainer vs. the ‘mill. Lots of foam rolling followed. I also iced my knee while I watched the Patriots beat the Chiefs 🙂

I’m happy to say when I headed to my son’s hockey game this morning, my knee was feeling pretty good!

All-in-all, not a bad week – a good mix of this and that. The big lesson for me this week is that I’d probably do better to write out a strength plan. Up to now I’ve been kind of winging it when I hit the gym, but I think I’ll get more out of these workouts with a plan. So this week I’ll be digging out the workouts from my time working with the trainer and sketch out a more structured plan.

Do you follow a strength plan or do you wing it?

rp_WeeklyWrap-1-300x300.jpgI’m linking up again with Holly at HoHo Runs and Tricia from MissSippiPiddlin for the #WeeklyWrap.  Be sure to check out the hosts (both just completed their first marathons!), along with the other great bloggers joining in on the fun!



Weekly wrap – Week 1 2016

So week one of the new year is in the books… and how did it go?

Week’s Plan: 3 runs, 2 strength workouts, 1 cross training and 1 rest day

Week’s Actual: 2 runs, 3 strength workouts, and 2 rest days

This week was all about shaking off the holiday haze and getting back into a routine. Returning to work, along with the kids school and sports schedules, had everyone in my house scrambling a little bit. Schedules collided everywhere this week and I was once again reminded that if I do not get my run in early, it may not happen — hence only 2 runs this week.


The runs were solid – one very windy run with my husband J and one very hilly route that left me scrambling for a lacrosse ball to rollout some of the kinks. I was very happy to have gotten in so much strength work this week – one of my big goals for 2016 so a good start there.

Now that things have settled down a little, I’m confident I’ll get 3 runs in plus my the strength work. My tight hamstrings are also telling me some yoga would be greatly appreciated 🙂

rp_WeeklyWrap-1-300x300.jpgSo how was your first week of 2016? Join Holly and Tricia for the Weekly Wrap and share.




Weekly wrap wk 2

My goodness did this week fly by! It was one of those weeks where I felt like I was constantly juggling, and working out was often a “what you can, when you can” situation #wycwyc  😉 I’m joining in with Holly & Tricia again for another weekly update. So let’s break it down, shall we?

WeeklyWrap (1)

Monday — My Mondays are typically nutty – in large part because I don’t work on Fridays so the number of emails waiting for me Monday mornings sometimes verges on ridiculous. Nonetheless, I managed to get 25 minutes of yoga to help maintain a little zen.

Tuesday — Another day of scrambling, so I had to settle for squeezing in some planks in between conference calls.

Wednesday — I woke up determined to get in a run, but once again work and family schedules collided.  Settled for a short walk and 20 minutes more of yoga.

Thursday — 3 mile run/walk!

Friday — I was surprisingly sore from the hills of Thursday’s route. So, I took it easy and enjoyed my day off with an afternoon of shopping and lunch with a friend.

Saturday — A mix of shuttling to and from the boys’ various sports activities, buying our tree and finally starting to decorate. Sadly, no workout.

track with ESunday — Headed to the track with my oldest son – great way to start the day!

Not as much working out as I would have liked  – but sometimes that’s just the way it goes. I’m hoping to get ahead of the madness this week and get at least 3 runs in, along with a couple of days of strength work and yoga.

So how was your week?