RnR Philly Training – Week 2

Well, another week on the road to Philly is in the books, and I have to say it was a mixed bag at best.

Monday, 7/4: Core and upper body strength work – giving my legs a rest after the previous night’s 10K (accept I did do my 50 squats)

Tuesday, 7/5: Scheduled rest day – and I needed it! Squat challenge continued.

Wednesday, 7/6: Strength session with Trainer Stacey. This was another awesome session with everything from Turkish getups with weights, to pull-ups to circuit training with a medicine ball, kettlebell and free weights. We worked every muscle group and kept a good pace on the circuit.

Thursday, 7/7:  A crazy work day combined with a sick kiddo meant I missed my scheduled cutdown run. 50 squats done.

Friday, 7/8: Strength work – core and lower body focus.

Saturday, 7/9: 7 mile LSD. My left knee really started to squak at me around mile 3, and I debated whether to cut the run short. I’m glad my husband J had decided to run with me – it gave me the nudge I needed to keep pushing to finish the run. Lots of icing and rolling followed.

Sunday, 7/3:  Cross-training was on the schedule, but my legs felt meh after yesterday. I’m fairly sure the knee pain was actually a combination of a super tight quad and ankle, so I opted for yoga and some yamuna body rolling.

So the mileage was way down this week, but the strength sessions went really well…like I said a mixed bag. I slacked on my rolling and icing and I think that contributed to my cranky leg on Saturday’s run. So I’ll be rolling like it’s my job this week, as I up the mileage.


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So tell me, how’d your week go?


RnR Philadelphia Half Training – Week 1

This past week marked the 12 week countdown to the RnR Philly Half Marathon! After having to step down from the half distance to the 5-miler for Boston’s Run to Remember, I am really more focused than ever to get back up to 13.1 miles.


Looking forward to adding this one to the collection!

So how did this week go?

Monday, 6/27: 3 easy miles

Tuesday, 6/28: Threshold intervals – 3 x 1600 meter repeats, plus warm-up and cool down. OK I only did 2 – I decided to go late in the day to help adjust to Sunday’s upcoming 10K, and the humidity was just soul-sucking. I knew I was in trouble after just the mile warm up and it went down hill from there.

Wednesday, 6/29: Strength work with Trainer Stacey! We focused on glutes and obliques. There was a lot of sweat, swearing and laughing – a good session!

Thursday, 6/30:  Rest Day: Got a much need sport massage.

Friday, 7/1: 5 mile steady-state run – nailed it! Also started Marcia‘s squat challenge. My goal for this week – 50/day.

Saturday, 7/2: 1.25 mile shakeout run with my son & husband at the track. Another 50 squats.

Sunday, 7/3:  Finish at the 50 10K – race recap to come! (And, yes, I did get my 50 squats in)

All in all a good week!

And don’t forget, if you join me in Philly or at any of Rock’n’Roll’s fall races (I’ll be running Brooklyn and Vegas as well), you can save a few bucks by using my discount code ROCKATTITUDE.

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Weekly Wrap – Regaining My Footing

There’s no sugar coating it..this was a tough week!

We lost our beloved family dog early Wednesday morning – it was sudden and unexpected, and hit our family hard. I’m grateful that by Thursday afternoon the boys were re-telling funny stories about him, and asking if we would be getting another dog at some point – we will! But for now we adjust to a much quieter house.

Taz 1

So needless to say I’ve been a little off this week, but running has provided a much needed retreat.

Monday:  Strength work – core and glutes!

Tuesday: 3 miles

Wednesday:  No way I could focus – Trainer Stacy and I agreed to move our session to next week

Thursday:  Opted for yoga instead of intervals

Friday:  3 miles

Saturday: 6.5 miles

Sunday:  Rest day

All of my runs felt really good this week. I was especially pleased with Saturday’s run – it was a hilly loop and I attacked the hills well and felt stronger than I have in a while. I’m feeling good about where my training is right now and am looking forward to adding in some speedwork and spending some time at the track – my happy place 🙂

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Weekly Wrap – Sprinting through days


This time of year is always so hectic at our house as we inch our way closer to summer – and I’m sure I’m not alone on this. I really thought this image perfectly captured how I’ve been feeling. And, while it’s been crazy busy, it’s also been a lot of fun!

On Thursday, we enjoyed a great graduation ceremony and celebration for my oldest son, followed by my youngest son’s 4th grade concert on Friday (both boys have banned me from sharing photos). Then it was on to our final lacrosse games of the season.

Our town hosts a big tournament every year, and round-robin games kicked off Friday evening and went on all weekend. My husband J was coaching , both boys were playing, and J and I were also on the organizing committee so you can imagine what the weekend was like! Way too much take out has been consumed and everyone is exhausted, but it was great family time and I wouldn’t have it any other way 🙂 Though I must admit I’m looking forward to having some lazy Sundays ahead…

On the workout front, I managed to keep focused on my new training plan, with only a minor adjustment or two:

Monday:   Despite a migraine, I did manage to get a short run in – and a chance to try my new kicks from Ampla Sports!

Ampla Fitsnap
Tuesday: Unplanned rest day
Wednesday: Strength work: Core & Glutes
Thursday:  Another 3 miles
Friday:  Cross-training on the Arc Trainer
Saturday:  5 miles more before spending hours on my feet volunteering and cheering at the lax tournament
Sunday:  Rest day – I had though about squeezing in a few miles this morning, but my legs quickly let me know that would not be a good choice!

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Weekly Wrap – All lacrosse all the time

It’s Sunday evening and I am t-i-r-e-d y’all. But it’s a good kind of tired – the kind that comes from a fun whirlwind weekend.

Before I get to the weekend activities, a quick re-cap of the week’s workouts (and, yes, the daily planking continues!):

Monday:  Strength day.
Tuesday:  3.25 mile run.
Wednesday:  Strength with Trainer Stacy.
Thursday:  Migraine = no run.
Friday:  Yoga. I had wanted to make up Thursday’s run, but my head wasn’t having it.
Saturday:  My hubby J ran with me again – 4.25 miles done. I have to admit it makes me crazy that he takes the hills with such ease, but it pushes me to keep up.
Sunday:  Yard and garden work.

So the big question of this week was how much lacrosse can you fit into 7 days? Well, we started with 3 games for my oldest son with his school’s team during the week. I really don’t know why the Athletic Director allowed 3 games in one week, but we were there to cheer him on.

Thayer lax

That’s my kiddo in the black jersey

One could say that was plenty of lacrosse right there – especially when you add in that my youngest son had practice twice this week. But the big doings came this weekend, when we made the trip down to Providence to see my alma mater take on Navy in the NCAA Men’s Lacrosse Quarter Finals. Our tickets covered two games so we first got to see Maryland vs. Syracuse – a great match up, though we were rooting for Syracuse. Then it was on to Brown vs. Navy! We withstood some rowdy Navy fans and cheered our hearts out through a nail-bitter to see Brown move on to the semi-finals!

Brown lax

Source: Brown Lacrosse Instagram

You’d think we’d be all-lacrossed out by this point right? Nope. Both boys played for our town teams this morning (with J coaching), and then watched the other two quarter final games on ESPN this afternoon. Yeah…it’s a bit of an obsession in my house.

This week should be the usual mix of work, school, runs/workouts, and yes more lax…oh and I’ve got the Run to Remember 5-miler next weekend. I haven’t figure out what, if any, my goals are for this race…more on that later.

How was your week? Does your family have a sport obsession?

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Weekly Wrap #17

It’s Monday which means it’s time to wrap-up another week!

Monday:  Strength day.
Tuesday:  3.25 mile run.
Wednesday:  Strength day.
Thursday:  3 mile run. (The group run with BGR didn’t come together but we’re going to try again this week)
Friday:  Spent the day with a friend – lots of walking.
Saturday:  J decided to join me for a run – 4.25 miles done. Followed by an afternoon of yard/garden work.
Sunday:  Rest day.

Plus daily planking continued!

For the most part it was a pretty routine week around here. Mother Nature continued to show she has a sense of humor – after last week where I was prepared to build an ark, this week she flipped the heat switch! I was so not ready for the 30 degree jump in temps and there may have been some whining while running.

mental game

I did get a nice surprise of winning a pair of Zensah Well Rounded Shorts during Tuesday night’s #BibChat. Zensah is my go-to choice for compression gear so I’m very psyched and cannot wait for them to arrive in the mail! And, speaking of fun things in the mail, I came home Wednesday to find these books waiting for me.

Velo Press Books

As a little perk to the Rock’n’Blog team, we each got to pick a couple of books from a collection of great titles from VeloPress! I started reading Racing Weight last night – review to come soon!

Have you read either of these books? How was your week?

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Weekly Wrap – Getting Stronger

Happy Monday!

I’m happy to say that last week felt like a turning point for me – dare I say it…I felt stronger…stronger during both my runs and my strength workouts. Still a ton of work to do but last week felt like real progress!

Monday 5/2: Strength work and PT exercises.
Tuesday 5/3:  This was suppose to be a run day, but I had an awful night of sleep and could not get my face out of the pillow when my alarm went off. The pouring rain did not help…and this run did not happen.
Wednesday 5/4:  Session with Trainer Stacey.
Thursday 5/5:  Still raining (seriously I was considering building an ark this week!), but I was up and out early – 3.5 miles done. Deep tissue massage in the afternoon (always a win!)

Friday 5/6:  Yoga.
Saturday 5/7:  Another soggy run – 4 miles.
Sunday 5/8:  A rare appearance of the sun, so I couldn’t resist starting Mother’s Day off with a 3 mile run to make up for Tuesday.

I also managed to get back on the daily plank bandwagon – thanks to Marcia’s #plankyplanky challenge on Facebook.

The sun is hopefully here to stay this week so I’m looking forward to no more soggy runs, and some cross-training…aka, yardwork, to add to the mix this week. And, I’m hoping to meet up with a crew from Black Girls Run for a group run on Thursday!

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April Wrap and May Goals

And just like that another month comes to a close! As always, I’m joining Holly & Tricia for the Weekly Wrap. When you’re done here, please visit these two great ladies and all of the other bloggers linking up.


For April I set 5 goals …so how did it go?

Run all the miles — Hmm a bit of a mixed bag. As I mentioned in my Runfessions, my body is just not tolerating the mileage build up yet, so while runs were not missed, they were sometimes shorter than planned.

Lose the negative thoughts — While there is still work to do here, I think I did much better with this over the past month.

Return to morning runs — YES!

Step-up the strength work — Another big YES!

Lose 3 pounds — Um no…hence the commencing of the food journaling.

All-in-all I would say it was a fairly solid month.

With my first race of 2016 coming in a few weeks, my goals remain pretty much the same. I want to build on the progress I made in April and be able to answer a big YES to all of these by the end of this month. I’m also going to use May to explore training options for my fall races, because the way these days are ticking by, summer training will be here before you know it. Would you believe it’s just 20 weeks until #RnRPhilly in September?…yes, I counted…don’t judge.

Time flies

So tell me how did April treat you? Any big goals for May?


Weekly Wrap – RtR week 7

RtR Update

‘Twas spring break week here for my youngest son – so it was a crazy week of juggling work, playdates, a full lax schedule (honestly…when is it not full?!?) and, of course, some workouts. So here’s how the workouts went…

Monday 4/18:  Boston Marathon Volunteering! Almost 7 hrs on my feet plus 3 miles run to get to the team meeting place.
Tuesday 4/19:  My legs were toast – rest day!
Wednesday 4/20: An hour and half session with Trainer Stacey – glutes, abs, hips – oh my!
Thursday 4/21:  Return of the irritable stomach along with a headache – pushed the run to Friday.
Friday 4/22:  Chasing the sun again with 3 miles.
Saturday 4/23:  4.25 miles in light rain – all good.
Sunday 4/24:  Planks and PT exercises.

A decent week despite the scheduling madness. One of my goals for April was to make some real progress on my weight loss goal – well after watching the same pound or two come and go on the scale, I decided to start keeping a food journal this week. Hopefully it will shed some light on why I’m not shedding pounds…sorry I couldn’t resist 😉

I’m looking forward to more of a regular routine this week – though Mother Nature is threatening to wreak havoc with my planned runs with…believe it or not…snow and sleet!

Anyone else facing the prospect of crazy weather? Have you ever kept a food journal?

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Weekly Wrap – RtR Week 6

RtR Update

I swear I blinked and the week was over! Overall I was pretty pleased with how this week went.

Monday 4/11:  Rest Day.
Tuesday 4/12:  Strength work and PT exercises.
Wednesday 4/13:  3 mile run.
Thursday 4/14:  An hour session with Trainer Stacey.
Friday 4/15:  Legs were very sore from Thursday’s workout so just did some core work and PT exercises.
Saturday 4/16:  I had planned to run 6, but I woke up with a very irritable stomach which did not settle as I started running, so I settled for 4.
Sunday 4/17:  3.5 mile run.

While I would have liked a little more mileage, Trainer Stacey continues to remind me that progress may be a little slower as I work on correcting my imbalances….but it’s still progress. I’m really enjoying training with Stacey – it’s super challenging and I love how positive she is!

progress adds up

The goal each week is to make it better than the last! I’ll also be drawing some additional motivation this week from my volunteer gig at the marathon tomorrow – hard to not be motivated, right? Wishing everyone running Boston the best of luck!

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What are you looking forward to this week?