Weekly Wrap – Feeling the Heat

Yeah, this pretty much sums up this week’s workouts! Another heat wave hit the Boston area this week, and by Tuesday I had given up even bothering to open the weather app on my phone. The workouts were a little all over the place, but here’s how it went down.

Monday — Since I ran Sunday and was planning to hit the track Tuesday, I took Monday as a rest day. I had dinner with a friend I hadn’t seen in months and we had an epic catch-up session that may have involved a couple of pomegranate martinis. So good, but so not the “hydration” to have before track day 😉

Tuesday — Suffice it to say I didn’t get to the track, but I did get an ab/hip/leg workout in.

Wednesday — 90% humidity had me seriously questioning the whole running thing, but I eked out 3 miles.

Thursday — Another lower body strength workout followed by a massage!

Friday — I had planned to make up Tuesday’s track workout, but for some crazy reason I woke up at 3:30 in the morning and I was wide awake brain racing! Uggh. After lying awake for what seemed forever, I must have finally fallen asleep and promptly slept through my alarm. I didn’t have enough time to get to the track before work so it would have to wait.

Saturday — Finally made it to the track! I was determined not to skip this workout and it was my best of the week!

Sunday — Saturday’s long run became today’s run. Since I was still feeling the effects of a busy Saturday and I knew the humidity was supposed to finally relent a bit, I opted to sleep in and take on my run in the afternoon. It was still a heat-fest but having my husband along helped keep me going, and we made it through 6.2 miles.

All-in-all, not a bad week. We’re getting a ton of rain tomorrow and then cooler temps (relatively speaking) will be rolling in. I’m looking forward to getting a break from the steam bath!

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5 Tips for Running on the Track

As I mentioned in a recent post, I’ve returned to the track for some of my *ahem* speedwork. Our local high school recently resurfaced their track and I am lucky that it is just a quick 10-minute drive from my house.

This track stays fairly busy even when school’s not in session and since the resurfacing it has been one hopping spot! I’ve just been twice in the past two weeks, but it’s clear to me that some could stand to learn a thing or two about track etiquette. So with that in mind, for this week’s Friday Five, I offer some tips for running on the track.

Run counter-clockwise — Unless otherwise posted or you have the track to yourself, you should run counter-clockwise.

Choose your lane wisely — If you’re walking or doing a slow warm-up, please stick to the outer lanes. The other day I watched two women decide to take a leisurely stroll on the inner lanes, oblivious to the runners trying to navigate past them.

Pass on the left — Pass people on the left when possible, and feel free to call out “on your left” or “track” to give plenty of warning. If you are the passee, please don’t take it personally and shoot dagger looks at the passer (as I’ve had one or two do to me in the past), just slide wide right and keep doing your thing.

Keep it moving — As a general rule of thumb, when you’re not running or walking, step off the track to take a rest or to stretch. When you finish the interval you’re running, be mindful of those around you before coming to a complete stop, and then step off to the side until you’re ready for the next round.

Leave your furry running partners and strollers at home — I can’t make this up – I have seen both! Dogs and strollers can do damage to the track surface. So leave both at home – your fellow runners will appreciate it.

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Friday’s This & That

This has been one crazy busy week as evidenced in part by the 3 half written blog posts still sitting on my computer and the stacks of clean laundry waiting to be folded and put away. Lots swirling around in my brain…so indulge me for a little randomness…

NBFRR 2015 logoRunning for a cause — While work was one of biggest contributing factors to the craziness of this week, it’s all good because I really enjoy what I do…especially when I get to do something running related! On Monday, I attended a meeting with the Falmouth Road Race organizers. For those of you who don’t know, the Falmouth Road Race is an awesome 7-mile race held on the Cape in August. I was so excited when I heard that the MA Breast Cancer Coalition was awarded 20 bibs! Now it’s my job to pull together our team! (By the way if you’re going to be on the Cape this summer, we need to talk!)

Give it a rest Mother Nature — yep Mother Nature doesn’t know when to quit! We had sleet and hail around here the last couple of days, which definitely messed with my running schedule. But today it’s suppose to get into the 50s and higher this weekend…so we move on.

Summer planning already? — Can I just say it’s a little hard to believe summer’s ever coming when you’re watching hail fall! But, we just got my son’s camp pack list  and boy is he going to need to bring a lot of stuff! So I’ll be adding that shopping to my to do list!

Need more time on the track — I’ve made no secret that I’ve fallen into a bit of a running funk…just haven’t found my groove yet. But after last weekend one thing is clear to me, I need to go play on the track more.  I’ve always felt at home on the track and while I’m far from being in shape for serious speedwork – there’s always room for any type of running that puts a smile on your face, right?

A much needed day off — This was definitely one of those weeks that I’m so glad I don’t work on Fridays. Today will be filled with yoga, some errands and a long overdue catch-up with a friend!

Have you ever been a charity runner? What have you got planned for the weekend?


Thursday Thoughts: From the track

Track shot


Observations from today’s attempt at speedwork:

Running intervals while anemic is a b#tch!

There may have been a little cursing…ok maybe a lot of cursing!

Sometimes a power song and mantra can help — today it was “Black Suits Comin'” by Will Smith and “you’re stronger than you think!”

Thank goodness tomorrow’s a rest day!

What’s your current power song or mantra?



Training Check-in Week 6

check inSo for a brief moment I thought about skipping this week’s check-in – Why? Because I didn’t want this to turn into a whine-fest about what a disaster my 10-mile attempt was on Saturday. I’ll not bother to re-hash the details accept to say that I really need to get out of my own way sometimes!

But, for as down as I was about it on Saturday morning, I went on to have a great weekend and I’m over it and moving on. I think I would have been less upset about the way things went if it weren’t for the fact that I really wanted to get one double-digit run under my belt before Newport. No point dwelling on it right? Besides if I let one run define me I’d really be in a world of trouble!

Apart from Saturday, last week shaped up to be a pretty good week.  I had blocked out forgotten how hard 1000 meter repeats can be! But there’s no better motivator than knowing a massage awaits! And now two classes in, I’m completely in love with my Pilates barre class!

So up for this week?

After Saturday’s meltdown, Coach Bennett advised two days off – and for once I didn’t fight him on it. So no workout today, but I am going to take advantage of the beautiful weather and spend some more time on garden clean-up.  Then along with daily core work and rolling, the rest of the week should look like this:

Tuesday — 8 mile progression run

Wednesday — Pilates Barre class

Thursday — Track work (a ridiculous number of 400 m repeats!)

Friday — Cross-training

Saturday — B.A.A. 5K

Sunday — 6 miles

How was your weekend? What have you got planned for the week?


Training Check-in Week 5

check in

Good Monday Morning!

Today is a rare Monday rest day – and after 3 straight days of running, including hill work, my legs are happy to have a break!

And as it turns out, my youngest who’s been down sick all weekend is home today from school 🙁 So it’s a good day for cuddling, quiet games and laying low.

I’m really looking forward to going back to my Pilates barre class on Wednesday. Last week’s class was a killer in a good way – especially tapping into those stabilizing muscles that will hopefully help my runs.  I’m also really looking forward to returning to Track work Thursdays! I know some people loathe the track, but  I always feel at home there – plus I find running the repeats really helps with my pacing. I’ve also got a sports massage scheduled this week – a nice little reward to look forward too!

What are you looking forward to this week?



Thursday Thoughts

This Thursday’s randomness comes in my post-track workout induced haze….

1. There needs to be some basic rules posted at our track — Why would you, as a walker, continue to walk in the same lanes you see people are running in? I can see maybe being clueless the first time round but after you’ve been passed – move over! (And to make matters worse there were 2 of them walking together)

2. My next rule for the track is no perfume. One of the same walkers was doused in perfume – each time I ran by her it was like dodging the perfume counters in a department store.

3. And now completely unrelated….told you this would be random…I got an email this morning announcing that the half I’m running next month Boston’s Run to Remember has sold out and they are looking for more race volunteers. This race is run in honor of fallen police officers and after recent events, registration skyrocketed. This will be the first major race run on the streets of Boston since the Marathon – so if you are going to be in the Boston area Memorial Day Weekend, and want to be part of what should be an incredible day, please consider volunteering. You can check out the race website HERE.

So do you have any rules for the track?


Thursday Thoughts (aka 3 Things)

1.   If someone sees my zen, could you please return it to me!  It’s almost hard to imagine that last week this time I was getting ready to head out of town with J for a weekend away to celebrate our anniversary. (By the way, thanks you for all the good wishes!)  We had a great time! But a few days back into the grind of the daily routine, kids’ school work & sports, etc. and that weekend away seems like a million years ago! As a friend pointed out, “The zen disappears the moment you pull into your drive way.”

2.  It’s Thursday so that means I hit the track this morning which always makes me happy (despite not being a fan of 1000 meter repeats!) There’s always something about finishing a track workout that leaves me feeling a little badass — gotta work on translating that feeling to the road more often! Just a little more than 3 weeks until the Chilly Half Marathon — I think I may try to go check out the course this weekend to see what I’m in for.

3.  I participated in a great Twitter chat on Tuesday hosted by FitFluential and Commitment Day. What is Commitment Day? It’s a movement to get 300,000 people in over 30 cities to participate in a nationwide 5k on January 1st, and more importantly to set the tone to commit to a healthier lifestyle in 2013. You can run, walk, skip if you want but the point is to get out there. I especially love that they are encouraging families to come out and participate together (in fact children register for free with an adult!) I’m planning to participate in the Boston event with J and our boys and encourage you to check out the event in your city — check the Commitment Day website for more information.



Friday Five

  • What is it about doing speed work at the track that always puts me on such a high for the rest of the day? I need to do more of it, because if nothing else it’s a confidence booster!
  • Some how I’m now just 10 days away from my next half marathon. I feel like it’s kinda crept up on me. Time to start obsessing …. checking the 10-day forecast.
  • Yoga is kicking my butt! I joined a “Yoga for Runners” class taught by an amazing yogini/marathoner. Last night was the second class and it was tougher than the first! I am ridiculously tight and while I try to break out the Rodney Yee DVD with some consistency, there’s clearly nothing that compares to having the instructor there to point out all your flaws…correct your form!
  • My youngest announced to me this morning that he only has 15 days of school left before he becomes a 1st grader! He’s looking forward to being out of school a whole week before his older brother – I’m panicking because that means I have only 15 days to finish any of my house projects or they go on hold until the boys start camp in July – Yikes!
  • The weather’s finally turned picture-perfect around here so I plan to live in my garden quite a bit this weekend. My boys gave me some beautiful perennials for Mother’s Day that I still need to get into the ground. So in between the usual kids’ sports/chauffeuring to b-day parties/etc., I hope to be happily up to my elbows in dirt 🙂
What have you got planned for the weekend?

Friday Five

  • Hit the track yesterday for the first of what will be many more speed workouts. It was a good ego-boosting session of consistent splits despite crazy cold winds.
  • My household is officially consumed by all things Lacrosse. My oldest son’s season has started and the first game is Sunday. J is the head coach for my son’s team as well as oversees the whole U11 program. J also announced that pick up games for his (old man’s) league will be starting soon. This means in short order there will be lacrosse equipment strewn all over my house (replacing the hockey stuff), my son and J will spend endless hours debating practice drills, and college lax games on ESPNU will become a permanent fixture.
  •  I was thrilled to have my son ask me to run with him as he eyes his first mile race at his school’s upcoming fun run! (Where we going to fit it in among all things lacrosse I’m not sure yet, but I’m sure we’ll figure it out.) I’m trying to convince my youngest to do the half mile kids’ run, but in typical fashion he’s taking a wait and see approach. He’s agreed to go to the track and see just how far a half mile is, but is making no commitments beyond that!
  • The PureFlows, replacements for the PureConnects, did arrive and I will say that even after only a couple of runs in them that they are a big improvement for me over the Connects.
  • Looking forward to a “date night” with J on Saturday. We may try to catch “The Hunger Games” – I really liked the books and from what I’ve heard this movie actually lives up to the hype!

Have a Great Weekend!