Training Check-in Week 6

check inSo for a brief moment I thought about skipping this week’s check-in – Why? Because I didn’t want this to turn into a whine-fest about what a disaster my 10-mile attempt was on Saturday. I’ll not bother to re-hash the details accept to say that I really need to get out of my own way sometimes!

But, for as down as I was about it on Saturday morning, I went on to have a great weekend and I’m over it and moving on. I think I would have been less upset about the way things went if it weren’t for the fact that I really wanted to get one double-digit run under my belt before Newport. No point dwelling on it right? Besides if I let one run define me I’d really be in a world of trouble!

Apart from Saturday, last week shaped up to be a pretty good week.  I had blocked out forgotten how hard 1000 meter repeats can be! But there’s no better motivator than knowing a massage awaits! And now two classes in, I’m completely in love with my Pilates barre class!

So up for this week?

After Saturday’s meltdown, Coach Bennett advised two days off – and for once I didn’t fight him on it. So no workout today, but I am going to take advantage of the beautiful weather and spend some more time on garden clean-up.  Then along with daily core work and rolling, the rest of the week should look like this:

Tuesday — 8 mile progression run

Wednesday — Pilates Barre class

Thursday — Track work (a ridiculous number of 400 m repeats!)

Friday — Cross-training

Saturday — B.A.A. 5K

Sunday — 6 miles

How was your weekend? What have you got planned for the week?



  1. Is your progression run similar to a tempo run, except the pace accelerates each mile? Tell me more! 🙂

  2. It must have been in the air because my run on Saturday was the worst! I look at it this way: I got it out of my system. And so did you. Onward!

  3. I’ll be running the BAA 5K as well! Good luck!

  4. This weekend was fabulous weather, wasn’t it?? I got my first ever 7 mile run in and some yard work. I’m glad to hear you’re kicking Saturday’s run to the curb. Just think…next!

  5. This week I’m recovering from my past two race weekends. I’m spinning tomorrow since that seems more feasible than running right now. Plus it’s supposed to rain and I’d rather spin than slog on the treadmill. 😛

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