Coming out of my haze and turning 4

Happy Monday All!

Thank you again for the good wishes last week! As I suspected there was no miracle recovery and I did end up missing Sunday’s race. In a rare move on my part, I just gave in to what my body needed, rested a ton and as of this morning I’m finally feeling like I’m coming out of my crud/virus-induced haze. It helped that the weather was rainy and damp — made it easier to give in and stay in bed or on the couch.

Since I was sick for the better part of last week there’s not much to recap but I did just realize that this little ole blog turned 4 yesterday! One of these blog-anniversaries I’ll be organized enough to celebrate with a giveaway or something. But not this year….Instead I offer my heartfelt gratitude for all you who stop by my little corner of the blogisphere and offer support and encouragement!!

T25So now it’s a new week and I’m ready to get moving again! My next race is in 4 weeks so the plan is to get back on the road and get some miles in and get to my weekly Pilates Barre class.  I’ll also be starting Shaun T’s Focus T25! I’ve wanted to try it for a while, but had been debating how to fit it in with my runs. After getting to preview the workouts a couple of weeks ago at my brother’s house, I finally decided to just bite the bullet and dive in. Wish me luck 😉

What have you got planned for this week?


Training Check-in Week 6

check inSo for a brief moment I thought about skipping this week’s check-in – Why? Because I didn’t want this to turn into a whine-fest about what a disaster my 10-mile attempt was on Saturday. I’ll not bother to re-hash the details accept to say that I really need to get out of my own way sometimes!

But, for as down as I was about it on Saturday morning, I went on to have a great weekend and I’m over it and moving on. I think I would have been less upset about the way things went if it weren’t for the fact that I really wanted to get one double-digit run under my belt before Newport. No point dwelling on it right? Besides if I let one run define me I’d really be in a world of trouble!

Apart from Saturday, last week shaped up to be a pretty good week.  I had blocked out forgotten how hard 1000 meter repeats can be! But there’s no better motivator than knowing a massage awaits! And now two classes in, I’m completely in love with my Pilates barre class!

So up for this week?

After Saturday’s meltdown, Coach Bennett advised two days off – and for once I didn’t fight him on it. So no workout today, but I am going to take advantage of the beautiful weather and spend some more time on garden clean-up.  Then along with daily core work and rolling, the rest of the week should look like this:

Tuesday — 8 mile progression run

Wednesday — Pilates Barre class

Thursday — Track work (a ridiculous number of 400 m repeats!)

Friday — Cross-training

Saturday — B.A.A. 5K

Sunday — 6 miles

How was your weekend? What have you got planned for the week?


Training Check-in Week 5

check in

Good Monday Morning!

Today is a rare Monday rest day – and after 3 straight days of running, including hill work, my legs are happy to have a break!

And as it turns out, my youngest who’s been down sick all weekend is home today from school 🙁 So it’s a good day for cuddling, quiet games and laying low.

I’m really looking forward to going back to my Pilates barre class on Wednesday. Last week’s class was a killer in a good way – especially tapping into those stabilizing muscles that will hopefully help my runs.  I’m also really looking forward to returning to Track work Thursdays! I know some people loathe the track, but  I always feel at home there – plus I find running the repeats really helps with my pacing. I’ve also got a sports massage scheduled this week – a nice little reward to look forward too!

What are you looking forward to this week?



Monday Motivation

StFrancis Quote

With 6 weeks to go until the Wicked Half, here’s what I’ve got on my training plan for this week:

Monday —  7 mile hilly run with negative split on back half (followed by another visit to the chiro!)

Tuesday —  Cross-training (Jillian Michaels Shred 30 DVD)

Wednesday —  4 miles Fartlek

Thursday —  8 miles with 5 @ tempo

Friday —  Rest day

Saturday —  11 mile LSD

Sunday —  Cross-training (more Jillian!)

Plus I’ll continue to do the #AugustCoreFocus challenge everyday – I’m loving this challenge!

What have you got planned for this week?


Monday Motivation: Week 13


Had a good week last week including a massage, time on the track, a return to my favorite yoga class and a great long run on Saturday! I had 12 miles planned and my running buddy E offered to join me for the final 6. I ran an out and back for the first 6 then met her in her driveway and we went out for another 6+ mile loop around town. I’m so glad I had her with me – she kept me laughing and moving when I was starting to fade.  It was a great run and despite tired legs I finished strong – nice  way to cap a week of training for sure!

So now it’s week 13…and this week will include my last double digit run before my half marathon. On the plan this week:

Monday: 6 with negative split on the last 3

Tuesday: Cross-training

Wednesday: 4 mile Fartlek

Thursday: 16 x 400m repeats, plus yoga class

Friday: rest!

Saturday: 12 with last 6 at RP

Sunday: Cross-training

I feel a good week coming 🙂


Half Training – Week 11

Well I’ve reached week 11 in my training plan and it’s once again a race week! This time I’ll be toeing the line at the Newport 10 Miler Sunday – still not sure of what my race goals yet – last week was a mixed bag including really solid intervals at the track one day followed by a craptastic long run the next. Going to wait and see what this week serves up then check in with Coach Bennett on Friday.

On the schedule for this week:

Monday — 6 miles with a negative split on the back 3

Tuesday — Cross-training

Wednesday — 5 mile Fartlek

Thursday — Track work: 300 meter repeats & Yoga class

Friday & Saturday — Rest days

Scheduling snafus galore forced me to have to swap Monday & Tuesday’s workouts so I’m off for a rainy 6 now. Running 3 days in a row is usually something I avoid, but mentally I know I’ll beat myself up if I cut back on my mileage too much. I’ll see how it goes…


Gearing up for Week 9

Week 8 of half marathon training was another solid week — the runs felt good, I felt strong on the hills and my ITB is under control. The one downside of the week was missing my weekly yoga class. I haven’t been able to get to this class with any consistency lately because the collective family schedules have been all over the place! We’re facing another busy week in the RWA household with lots of fun stuff going on, but I’m determined to get back to that class this week.

Training for Week 9 includes:

Monday – 6 miles (with negative split on the back 3)

Tuesday – Cross-training

Wednesday – 4 mile Fartlek

Thursday – 1000 meter repeats & Yoga

Friday – Rest

Saturday –  Shakeout Run with Bart Yasso

Sunday – BAA 5K

Yes – did you catch that? A run with Bart Yasso!  Last week, I was invited by Runner’s World to join a group run with Bart Yasso as part of all the great activities Runner’s World has going on during Marathon weekend. Very excited – hope I can keep up with him 🙂

What have you got planned for this week?



3 Weeks to Go!

Three weeks until RnR USA!

Time to use these final long runs as dress rehearsal for race day. Time to finalize fueling and pace strategies, travel logistics and, of course, the all important race outfit 🙂

The kids climbed back on the big yellow school bus this morning so my goal this week is to just be able to get all of my workouts on my plan done:

Today: Easy run (5)

Tuesday: Tempo run (7)

Wednesday: Easy Run (4) & weekly Pilates class

Thursday:  Easy run (5)

Friday:     Yoga

Saturday:  Long run  (12)

Looking forward to putting in a good strong week!

Happy Monday!