Friday Five

  • Hit the track yesterday for the first of what will be many more speed workouts. It was a good ego-boosting session of consistent splits despite crazy cold winds.
  • My household is officially consumed by all things Lacrosse. My oldest son’s season has started and the first game is Sunday. J is the head coach for my son’s team as well as oversees the whole U11 program. J also announced that pick up games for his (old man’s) league will be starting soon. This means in short order there will be lacrosse equipment strewn all over my house (replacing the hockey stuff), my son and J will spend endless hours debating practice drills, and college lax games on ESPNU will become a permanent fixture.
  •  I was thrilled to have my son ask me to run with him as he eyes his first mile race at his school’s upcoming fun run! (Where we going to fit it in among all things lacrosse I’m not sure yet, but I’m sure we’ll figure it out.) I’m trying to convince my youngest to do the half mile kids’ run, but in typical fashion he’s taking a wait and see approach. He’s agreed to go to the track and see just how far a half mile is, but is making no commitments beyond that!
  • The PureFlows, replacements for the PureConnects, did arrive and I will say that even after only a couple of runs in them that they are a big improvement for me over the Connects.
  • Looking forward to a “date night” with J on Saturday. We may try to catch “The Hunger Games” – I really liked the books and from what I’ve heard this movie actually lives up to the hype!

Have a Great Weekend!


    1. Hi Michelle!

      My wife and I enjoyed the movie (I’d read it, she hadn’t)…..I think you’ll like it!

      Have fun!

    2. Yes, we need to shoe swap–my Flows for your Connects!

      LAX is underway here, too! UMBC game already watched as well. My hope is that my son will not lose any equipment this year. Last year we were down a stick and a glove after two rounds of tryouts. Not a happy mom!

      • Too funny – we are such shoe opposites!

        The whole losing equipment thing makes me crazy! You should see how many pieces my husband brings home after a practice from kids just leaving stuff on the field!

    3. YAY date night! Nothing better. well other than MAYBE awesome new running shoes. 😉

    4. Date nights rock! We’re actually getting an overnight away! For a race, of course, that my wife’s best friend, and husband, growing up has a hand in helping out with. Glad you found a shoe for you! It’s amazing how much of a pain in the ass it can be!!

    5. We have two boys in Lacrosse, one u9 and one U11. My husband coaches U9 and we end up with tons of extra stuff…..I open the garage at the end of the season and have everyone come and grab their missing stuff. Our scrimmages start on Sunday 8 am. Yee-haw!
      Anxious to hear how you like the flows. I am running in Newtons and Altra’s right now, but love hearing about other shoes.

    6. The movie was great! At least I thought so! Have a great weekend!

    7. Love running with my son – one of my favorite parts of my day.
      Hope you had a great date night – and may the odds be ever in your favor! 😉

    8. Hope you guys enjoyed date night!

    9. Love a date night! I went into Hunger Games with low expectations (from some reviews I read), so I was really happy when I left the theater. I loved it!

    10. Nice job hitting the track!

    11. Hi Michelle,
      I started running with a friend 3 years ago and really enjoy it. I have recently been experiencing achy feet and I Really want to keep it moving and find some relief. Would love to try those inserts!

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