Training reboot

While I don’t want to call week 2 a failure it was definitely nothing special and makes me happy there are still 12 weeks to go!

There were good points — hill repeats on the mill and a great strength and core workout; but there was much that was just so-so or worst…non-existent (no yoga, and thanks to Hurricane Irene I missed my 8-miler).

So I’m coming at this week with renewed energy and focus! This morning was a beautiful morning to be at the track – on the plan was 3 sets of 200/200/400 with jogs, plus warm-up and cool-down. There were a lot of us on the track, but despite a little weaving I nailed my target pace for each interval!

For the rest of the week – there’s daily core work, plus:

Wednesday:    Easy run plus strength work
Thursday:        Tempo run
Friday:             Rest
Saturday:         Weekly Pilates Reformer group
Sunday:           Long run (9)

Hopefully this morning’s workout means I’ll get much better results this week.


Trackwork and Shoe Questions

It was pouring rain when I woke up yesterday so I decided to switch up my workouts and do an easy 3 and strength training yesterday and save the track work for this morning. (It’s funny I don’t mind running on the road in the rain, but I find the track gets a little too slick).

Well it was absolutely beautiful this morning and I couldn’t wait to get to the track. I was surprised at just how many people were already there when I pulled into the parking lot! I’m very lucky that our local high school has a high quality track, and people were definitely taking advantage of it this morning. This was my first run in the Saucony Kinvaras I won from SUAR‘s giveaway a couple of weeks ago – I wasn’t sure how my legs were going to hold up so I also brought along the Mirages I’ve been running in regularly, just in case.

On tap today, 3 x 1600s with 800 jogs with a target pace of 10:15.  After warming up, I hit the first interval right on target at 10:14. I felt really good so I decided to see if I could do each of the next two a little faster. I did the 2nd interval in 10:04 and the 3rd in 9:54 – mission accomplished!

I liked running in the Kinvara, though I think for now I will use them only for speedwork. My calves and feet still need to get stronger before I start putting more miles in them – perhaps sometime in the fall I’ll try them on some easy, recovery runs. For now I’m happy to continue to use the Mirage for most of my runs. I had been alternating between the Brooks Adrenalines and the Mirages, using the Adrenalines for my longer runs. But of late I was feeling a little discomfort in my left knee towards in the latter half of my runs, so just out of curiosity I started using the Mirage for all my runs and have had no problems. I’m now running exclusively in the Mirage and plan on using them for the race.

So I’m wondering if the difference in the heal-to-toe ratio between the two shoes was causing the discomfort? What do you think? Do you use different shoes depending on the workout?


Mixing it up at the track

Trackwork Tuesday again – The plan called for 1600 repeats again this morning, but I’ve been itching to mix it up a little. So instead I decided to try a speed workout from Coach Jerry’s Key Workouts for a Successful Half Marathon courtesy of iRunnerblog.
Start with 10 minute warm-up, then 3 sets of 200/200/400 intervals with matching recovery intervals. I went with 2 sets plus warm-up for a total of 3.5 miles. My main goal was consistency in my splits and as you can see, I was right on target today:

200 — 1:00;   200 — 1:00;  400 — 2:18

200 — 1:01;   200 — 1:04;  400 — 2:18

I really liked the mix of speed and endurance this workout provides. I will definitely do this workout again and next time add in the 3rd set.

Do you have a standard track workout? Do you mix it up? Or do you avoid the track altogether?


Trackwork Thursday

Just as I thought, between the weather and crazy schedules, the theme this week has quickly become – fit the workout in when you can! So this morning Trackwork Tuesday became Trackwork Thursday.

By the numbers:

6 – # of high schoolers I have to weave around – I’m still not sure what kind of PE class that was they were doing but they didn’t stay long.

2 – # of 1600’s, with splits of 9:31 and 9:11! (Smart Coach target was 10:18)

4 – # of total miles run

3 – # of times I thought I was going to throw up during the first 1600. Fortunately I didn’t and the second interval felt much better.

4 – # of times I cursed myself for not getting up earlier to get ahead of the heat; followed quickly by the number of times I told myself to “get over it and get it done.”

0 – # of times I felt any knee pain!!


Monday Motivation – Week 2

“Every day is a new beginning. Treat it that way.
Stay away from what might have been, and look at what can be.”
— Marsha Petrie Sue
Week 2 Plan:
Monday – Rest Day — (Much needed since I took advantage of the rainy day yesterday to push my pace a bit)
Tuesday – Track work (4)
Wednesday – Easy run (2) & Strength work
Thursday – Yoga
Friday – Long (8)
Saturday – weekly Pilates reformer session
Sunday – Easy (3 or 4)
My schedule this week could get a little nutty as my boys’ schools continue to jam everything into the final few days of school – Seriously, why do teachers do that? So I may have to play with the days a little to get it all in.
When it becomes a battle of your schedule vs. your training – if you have to give up a workout in your plan, which one do you forfeit?



Thursday Thoughts – Week 1 Training

  • I’m half way through Week 1 of my half marathon training plan. After looking at a bunch of different half plans, I decided to stick with Smart Coach – I figured it’s worked for me for my last two 10ks, so if it ain’t broke…..

  • I don’t want to jinx myself but I’m showing signs of getting faster! On the plan for Tuesday was 1600 intervals and I actually saw times in the low and mid 9’s – definitely speedy for me! And I ran the last interval faster than the first. All-in-all a nice return to the track.

  • I’m back to studying the ChiRunning DVD. I’m trying to break it down and concentrate on one “focus” per week so this week has been all about posture. When I get tired I start to slouch a bit, but I’ve noticed that if I concentrate on my posture it takes any pressure out of my lower back/hips. Next week I’ll work to incorporate the next “focus” – the lean.

 How’s your week going?


    Chatter brain hits the track

    Training plan called for speedwork this morning so off to the track I went….and chatter brain was there waiting for me.

    • My abs can still feel the effects of last night’s pilates class – love my pilates instructor but I think she was trying to kill us!
    • Hmm… maybe the post-class glass of wine wasn’t the best idea.
    • Hey look a family of bunny rabbits…aren’t they cute.
    • Shoot…what lap am I on?!? OK enough warm-up time to bite the bullet and go.
    • How many of these 800’s am I suppose to do!?!?
    • I’m not going to make it….yes you can….No really I can’t!
    • If this doesn’t kill me it will make me faster (I think I repeated this to myself for at least a solid lap!)
    • I really hope there’s some coffee in my house.
    • Left knee is NOT happy!!
    • OK, last 800…and the perfect tune (“4 minutes” my fave tune of the moment happened to come up in the random shuffle on my iPod)
    • I really, really hope there’s coffee at my house!
    Anyone else suffering from chatter brain?!


      Maybe running in circles can move you forward

      At the advice of some of my runner friends, I hit the track this morning. Left knee pain is one of the roadblocks I’m hoping to overcome as I make my running “comeback” (said with tongue firmly in cheek!) so I thought it was worth a shot to see if things would feel any better on a track.

      Yes running loops on a track can be a bit tedious, but without the varied surfaces of the roads and sidewalks I usually attempt, I found it easy to fall into a nice, steady rhythm. And best of all… pain! The usual discomfort in my knee was gone before the first lap was completed! Now I wasn’t fast by any means, but without having the pain to focus on I did comfortably complete two miles. I’ll take that kind of progress any day! So I guess while I continue to strengthen my knee with weight-training, I’ll definitely be adding in some more time on the track.