Mixing it up at the track

Trackwork Tuesday again – The plan called for 1600 repeats again this morning, but I’ve been itching to mix it up a little. So instead I decided to try a speed workout from Coach Jerry’s Key Workouts for a Successful Half Marathon courtesy of iRunnerblog.
Start with 10 minute warm-up, then 3 sets of 200/200/400 intervals with matching recovery intervals. I went with 2 sets plus warm-up for a total of 3.5 miles. My main goal was consistency in my splits and as you can see, I was right on target today:

200 — 1:00;   200 — 1:00;  400 — 2:18

200 — 1:01;   200 — 1:04;  400 — 2:18

I really liked the mix of speed and endurance this workout provides. I will definitely do this workout again and next time add in the 3rd set.

Do you have a standard track workout? Do you mix it up? Or do you avoid the track altogether?



  1. Love the track, actually. My friends and I keep it mixed up from week to week. So effective!

  2. What’s this track you speak of…. 🙂

  3. I love the track and I miss it. And I’m this close to adding it back into my plan. Nice job!

  4. Haha…agree with Lisa. Track?? What track? Nice workout.

  5. Great workout! I mix it up with speed work & hill repeats.

  6. Way to be consistent here! Thanks for your comment..nice to hear from you! I just kind of go with whatever is in my plan if I’m on one. Otherwise, my go-to for speed work is just doing fartleks/pick ups on my runs.

  7. Great consistency. Mixing it up is best — you can always do a standard one to check your progress along the way.

  8. I like your consistency. I haven’t run on a track since my first mile of running a couple years ago. They completely intimidate me! Plus our local one is under construction. Maybe I’ll try it out in the fall when it’s finished.

  9. Awesome. Job.

    You know I love my mill for speed workout but I’m thinking I may run 1x a week outside. Crazy talk, I know. 😉

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