Thursday Thoughts v10

As much as I am happy to be able to run again, I have to admit my motivation has been a mixed bag. Getting over the mental hurdle of accepting how slow this process is going to be leaves me wanting to just stay in bed some mornings.

small steps

A little reminder I have taped to my mirror

I’m thinking it’s time to set some goals. While I do have one late spring race on the calendar already, I haven’t really thought about my goals for the new year – highly unusual for this Type-A gal! Time to get quiet and think about where I want to be by this time next year….

I am really ready to get rid of our land-line phone. The spam calls are just out of control – despite being on a “Do not call” list. Based on the recent calls, I’ve won several trips from contests entered at “the mall,” need solar panels, am on “final notice” from the IRS, and have a problem with my Windows software. Seriously?!

Do you get a lot of crazy calls? Have you figured out your 2016 goals yet?

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Thursday Thoughts – Things that make me smile

christmas lights Christmas lights — I love how my boys still oh and ah at Christmas lights as we drive through town. Makes the early sunsets worth it 🙂

Runs with my hubby — For the past month, my husband J has been joining me for my weekend runs. We’ve never run together before so this has been a lot of fun and a great way to kick on the weekend! Run with Jack


Hockey Fever — My youngest son has been completely bitten by the hockey bug, which means we’ve been spending lots of in hockey rinks all over New England. While I’m not loving the cold toes and fingers that come with sitting in the stands, seeing how much fun my little guy is having just warms my heart!

hockey fever


What’s been making you smile lately?


Thursday Thoughts: From the track

Track shot


Observations from today’s attempt at speedwork:

Running intervals while anemic is a b#tch!

There may have been a little cursing…ok maybe a lot of cursing!

Sometimes a power song and mantra can help — today it was “Black Suits Comin'” by Will Smith and “you’re stronger than you think!”

Thank goodness tomorrow’s a rest day!

What’s your current power song or mantra?



Thursday Thoughts – Gym Crazies Edition

So for some reason I convinced myself that I would be well-served to run my cruise intervals on the mill this morning – maybe because I’ve been frustrated with my pacing lately…maybe the insomnia I’ve been battling lately had caught up with me and I just wasn’t thinking clearly! In any event, I headed to my gym this morning to hit the treadmill.

And, as is so often the case… I entered into the another episode of Gym Crazies. Here’s a sample of today’s cast:

First there was Sprinting Man – this guy insisted on sprinting around the indoor track with little concern for those around him. Add to that the fact that it takes 16 laps to make one mile and you can understand my wonder at how he was banking those turns without hitting a wall!

Then there was Phone Guy – this is the guy, who despite the fact that most of the treadmills were empty, chooses the one between me and another woman and then proceeded to brake out the phone. He tried to run and talk (loudly) until he lost his balance, dropped the phone and it went shooting off the back of the mill…towards the track I might add, but he missed Sprinting Man!

Then finally, there was The Greeter – this woman seemed determined to keep a furious pace on the treadmill despite holding on to the rails for dear life. And, while trying to keep this up she insisted on greeting or rather yelling hello to everyone she knew coming up the stairs – I swear she seemed to know half the gym!

Seriously?! All I can say is I’ll be looking for the full moon tonight! Full-Moon

Please tell me you’ve got your share of crazies at your gym.


Thursday Thoughts – Hills Edition

I am once again pounding away through weekly hill repeat workouts, trying to prepare myself both mentally and physically for some decent inclines in next weekend’s Wicked Half and the rolling course that is the B.A.A. Half just a few weeks after.

On the plan today was 11 x 250 meter repeats plus warm up and cool-down. My legs now feel like jelly and as I fight the urge to just curl up in the fetal position for the rest of the day, I share these three quick tips to running hill repeats.

  1. Don’t underestimate the importance of your am swing! When I start to flag half way up a hill, focusing on my arm swing really helps to keep my legs powering along. As your arms go, so will your legs.
  2. Maintain a short, quick turnover — Avoid the tendency to overstride in hopes of gobbling up the hill in bigger chunks, otherwise you’re tempting injury.
  3. Keep your head up! While I like to lean slightly into the hill, be careful not to bend too much at the waist – this will cause strain in your lower back and makes breathing even harder. Run tall with your abs engaged – such as you would running a flat straightaway.

What are your tips for taking on hills?


Thursday’s this and that

It’s been a busy week so far around here – we’ve started a couple of new house projects, the boys both started camp this week (and are loving it) – which is perfect timing too as I started working with a new client developing their social media campaigns – should be a fun gig!

I also started my fall training this week and while I was psyched to get started the timing couldn’t have been worse. We’re in the middle of our 3rd heat wave of the summer here in the Northeast and with heat indexes approaching 100, I can’t seem to get up early enough to escape having my runs feel more like a swim. On the good side, the end is in sight and we should have some relief from the humidity by Sunday – just in time to run with my son in his first 5K!

I received my confirm for the B.A.A. Half Marathon yesterday morning!


Registration opened yesterday at 10 and the B.A.A. announce they’d sold out in 12 minutes – what!?! Since this is the third race in the B.A.A. Distance Medley, I didn’t have to worry about trying to register, but I was thrilled to get a text from my running buddy E telling me that she got in! It will be her first half marathon – Can not wait to run this with her!

How ‘s your week going?



Thursday Thoughts

It’s not the Heat it’s the Humidity….we’ve been in the midst of a heat wave since the weekend so that means the return to early morning runs! Making the shift is always a little tough the first few days, but I do love the feeling of being home and done long before the kids have to be out the door for school.

And speaking of school….we have finally hit the home stretch! Tomorrow is the last day 🙂 Hard to believe that I will soon be mom to a 2nd grader and a middle-schooler! As we’ve been inching closer to the last day of school, the boys have been steadily adding to our Summer Bucket List – they’ve got big plans for the next 9 1/2 weeks. Let the fun begin!

ramps-smallIn the “What is she thinking category?“…I’ve been debating between the 5K and 10K for next week’s Finish at the 50 and then I got an email with this picture. Those are ramps inside Gillette Stadium – they’re also the final 2.2 miles of the 10K course! We all know how much I hate don’t love hills, especially at the end of a run, but believe it or not I’ve decided I’m going to do the 10K. If this crazy heat continues I may be cursing this decision…stay tuned 😉

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Thursday Thoughts: Idle legs, weather watch and playlists

  1. I’ve been so itchy to run this week! I have a lot spinning around in my head and running has really become a great way for me to process things. But with the race Sunday there haven’t been many miles this week…which has left me just a tad…shall we say edgy?
  2. 7day_wide_629x354  Adding to the edginess is the ongoing weather watch. Yes I know…I know I can’t control it so why worry about it right? Earlier this week the forecast was showing picture-perfect conditions, but now it seems some front has stalled and we could be looking at a very wet race day. This is why you train in all kinds of weather…but I’m still doing my “keep away” rain dance just the same!
  3. My playlist for Sunday is coming along but I’m still short a few songs. I need suggestions please! My taste runs the gammut – really I’ve got everything from Jay Z and Kanye West to U2, Aerosmith and the Dropkick Murphys so fire away with any of your favorites. The only thing I can’t take is country!

Talk to me – what’s your playlist must have?


Thursday Thoughts

This Thursday’s randomness comes in my post-track workout induced haze….

1. There needs to be some basic rules posted at our track — Why would you, as a walker, continue to walk in the same lanes you see people are running in? I can see maybe being clueless the first time round but after you’ve been passed – move over! (And to make matters worse there were 2 of them walking together)

2. My next rule for the track is no perfume. One of the same walkers was doused in perfume – each time I ran by her it was like dodging the perfume counters in a department store.

3. And now completely unrelated….told you this would be random…I got an email this morning announcing that the half I’m running next month Boston’s Run to Remember has sold out and they are looking for more race volunteers. This race is run in honor of fallen police officers and after recent events, registration skyrocketed. This will be the first major race run on the streets of Boston since the Marathon – so if you are going to be in the Boston area Memorial Day Weekend, and want to be part of what should be an incredible day, please consider volunteering. You can check out the race website HERE.

So do you have any rules for the track?


Thursday Thoughts (aka 3 Things)

Returning to Running

After Sunday’s not-so-long long run, Coach Bennett insisted on 3 days of no running. Cross-training yes, strength training yes, but no running. Of course, Mother Nature decided to serve up some of the best weather days of the month so far – but I left my running shoes in the closet and stuck to my strength work and walking my dog. But today I get to run, and despite the crazy drop in temps, I’m going!

Newport 10 Miler


More Race Shopping

Well now that I’m not running the New Bedford Half this weekend, I want to find another race of a decent distance this spring before Boston’s Run to Remember at the end of May. A ten miler would be perfect and I think I may have found the race!  It’s at the end of April so the timing is perfect. I’m going to see how cooperative my ITB is over the next couple of weeks, but I’m tentatively penciling this one in 🙂


ZOOMA Ambassador

ZOOMA logo_capecod

I’m very happy to say that once again I been selected as a race ambassador for the ZOOMA race series. I was an ambassador for their inaugural race in Falmouth, MA  last fall and had so much fun! I’m very excited to be part of such a great group of women when they return to Cape Cod in September! So stay tuned, much more fun stuff on this to come!