Random Race Thoughts

Just sharing some random race thoughts this morning….

On Sunday, I’ll be running Boston’s Run to Remember 5-Miler. This will be the first time I’ve “toed the line” for a race since last year’s BAA 5K – it’s been 13 months!

There’s been no speed work or hill work …so there are no expectations.

My goal for Sunday is simply to go have fun and enjoy being among runners. I love the atmosphere of this race and always welcome a chance to run through the streets of Boston!

RtR medal and coinsI also love that this race honors the fallen. This year’s medal includes the coin of your choice in honor of fallen law enforcement, fire fighters or emergency personnel. Still not sure which one I’m going to pick.

Which coin would you pick?

Tell me something random…

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Thursday Thoughts – Volunteering at Boston 2016

Volunteer jacket

Let me just say that volunteering at the Boston Marathon once again did not disappoint!

On Monday, I was lucky enough to be one of the 11,000 volunteers working the Marathon. This was my third year volunteering, and after not getting an assignment last year, I was psyched to be assigned to the finish area (previous assignments were in the Athlete’s Village in Hopkinton).

Water station My team manned the huge water station after the finish line. We got to cheer the wheelchair finishers and the elites before it was time to man our stations to greet the masses! I had illusions of being able to take lots of pictures, but the reality was once those runners started coming through it was a crazy flurry of activity.

The energy was amazing! I was blown away by how good some people looked as they came in, while others seriously worried me that I was going to have to put my CPR training to use – no joke. My team hooted and hollered and congratulated as many runners as possible. I joined some finishers in primal screams of celebration and received hugs from perfect strangers.  And, I really appreciated the number of people who thanked us for volunteering. While I missed some friends  in the chaos, I was lucky enough to catch up with Michele from NYC Running Mama and Sarah, aka SBS from Another Mother Runner!

My teammates were a fun bunch – some runners, but interestingly some were not – they all just loved this event and wanted to be apart of it. I could go on and on, but suffice it to say it was a great day, and I can’t wait to volunteer again next year!

Source: Boston.com

Source: Boston.com

Have you ever been a race volunteer?

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Thursday Thoughts – Odds and Ends

Is it me or is this week moving at a glacial pace? How is it not Friday already?!

Computer problems have been the bane of my existence this week – there have been many moments where throwing my laptop out the window seemed like a reasonable option.

Computer probs

Just as I was diving into a little spring fever last week, Mother Nature decided to pull a fast one and smacked us with snow on Monday…but then it was all melted by the late afternoon. Yesterday was in the 60s, but this morning they’re talking about the return of an icy rain mix and the temps are dropping again. I’d like to have a long talk with that groundhog!

groundhog day

I received a nice email earlier this week from Healthy Moms Magazine informing me that Running with Attitude had been selected as one of their top 100 blogs. A big thanks to them! You can check out the full list here.

Top 100 Running Blog - Healthy Moms Magazine
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Tell me something about your week!

Thursday Thoughts – Volunteering and other stuff


A few random thoughts this morning….


bostonmarathon logo… I was so excited to open my email yesterday and find out that not only will I be returning as a Boston Marathon volunteer again this year, but I got a finish line assignment! I love volunteering at this race and cannot wait for an up-close and personal view of those elites crossing the finish line!

… speaking of the Marathon…there’s a film being made here in Boston about the bombing and they recently put out a casting call to runners for the marathon scenes.  Um…no thanks to that. I could not imagine wanting to re-live that day in any way…could you?

… and from the department of “gym crazies”… there’s a guy who’s been coming to my gym and working out in jeans…I kid you not! I’m all for squeezing a workout in when you can, but seriously how uncomfortable must that be!?! What is it about gyms that bring out the…er…more interesting behavior in people?

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Tell me something random. Do you think you could be an extra in that movie?


Thursday Thoughts – #14DaysofSelf Edition

I recently completed Mar’s #14DaysofSelf Challenge and really enjoyed it. While intuitively we all know we should carve out time for ourselves, how many of us make a conscious choice to do so…especially on a daily basis?

So I thought I’d share suggestions for your own challenge…. (and seriously I do encourage everyone to do their own challenge!)

self care

Scheduled it – I literally put “Self care” on the to do list in my planner every day for the 14 days. I know that may sound crazy, but reviewing my to do list every morning meant that among other priorities, I was reminded to put myself on the list.

Mixed it up — While not necessary, I made a point to try to do something different for myself every day during the challenge. Some days were planned in advance, but other times it was just in response to the day.

Big money/time not required — When I mention this challenge to a friend, her response was “How are you going to fit in daily spa treatments?” It was interesting to me that in her mind, self care = big, time consuming (and expensive) activity. While I certainly wouldn’t turn down a daily massage, the truth is neither the time nor monetary commitment had to be big for it to be meaningful.

Feed the mind, body and soul — While I’m the first one to advocate for getting your sweat on, this challenge was also a great reminder to feed your needs on many levels.

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Getting still and asking myself what I needed each day was a great way to find some balance and peace in what has been a very hectic couple of weeks.

Did you participate in Mar’s Challenge? How do you practice self care?

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Thursday Thoughts v10

As much as I am happy to be able to run again, I have to admit my motivation has been a mixed bag. Getting over the mental hurdle of accepting how slow this process is going to be leaves me wanting to just stay in bed some mornings.

small steps

A little reminder I have taped to my mirror

I’m thinking it’s time to set some goals. While I do have one late spring race on the calendar already, I haven’t really thought about my goals for the new year – highly unusual for this Type-A gal! Time to get quiet and think about where I want to be by this time next year….

I am really ready to get rid of our land-line phone. The spam calls are just out of control – despite being on a “Do not call” list. Based on the recent calls, I’ve won several trips from contests entered at “the mall,” need solar panels, am on “final notice” from the IRS, and have a problem with my Windows software. Seriously?!

Do you get a lot of crazy calls? Have you figured out your 2016 goals yet?

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Thursday Thoughts – Recovery Madness

I hit 5 weeks post-op on Tuesday…and I have to admit I’m starting to lose it a little. Recovery madness has fully taken hold…

Yoga, walking and whatever else I can find to keep myself active are all fine and good…but I miss running. I’ve been devouring other people’s race recaps like an addict looking for a fix.

I’m missing my greatest stress reliever…

My Alone Time

Patience has never been my strong suit and I have been constantly reminding myself that I cannot just dive back into running and expect it all to be glorious…it’s going to take time.

And, let’s be honest I haven’t run in so long I’m not sure my body will even remember what to do on that first trot back.

running-memeMy inbox is flooded with “early bird” registration offers and it’s taking every bit of strength I have not to exceed my credit card limit and sign up for everything!

Hopefully just a few more days….

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Thursday Thoughts – Summer Mode

Summer mode continues in full effect around these parts. I’m clearly not adhering to any set posting schedule, and right now, I’m ok with that. So as I sit here kicking back on my deck, I’m sharing a few more Thursday Thoughts.

I’m happy to say that our family unit is now back in tact – my oldest is home from camp and so far peace reigns among the brothers 😉

Source: Trip Advisor

Photo Courtesy of Trip Advisor

Time away is good for the soul…especially when there’s some beach time involved. Wish we could have stayed longer!

We came home just in time for another bout of heat and humidity. I’m trying hard not to whine about it… so I’ll just say, I’m done!

I love to read, but am surprised to say that this is the first summer that I’ve not been plowing through books. Time to get back to my books. I’ve been debating Harper Lee’s new book, Go Set A Watchmen…but I loved To Kill A Mockingbird and don’t know if I’m ready to have my memory of those characters changed.

So, any good book suggestions? Have you been able to get away this summer?

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Thursday Thoughts v6

Nope, I have not dropped off the face of the earth…I have been knee-deep in prepping for two major events for my job this weekend. My schedule lately has left me with many thoughts circulating in my head but nothing cohesive. So much randomness, so little time….so here come some Thursday Thoughts…

….I am giddy that my oldest son is coming home from camp tomorrow! What’s been so sweet is watching my youngest count down these final days. Let’s home this brotherly love holds on after they’re both back under one roof!

….I’ve recently discovered that Real Housewives of NY really helps to pass the time on the treadmill. Honestly, it’s a bit addictive (file this one under guilty pleasure)

Danielle Chips…. And speaking of addictive, my new fave snack addiction are Danielle pineapple chips. I love, love, love pineapple and these chips are way too tasty. I may need an intervention!

…. I’m Cape Cod bound this weekend, and while there will be some work involved, I am really looking forward to finally getting some beach time with the family 🙂

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By the way, Amanda recently posted a recipe for flourless white chocolate blueberry muffins that looks amazing – can’t wait to make them!

What’s your latest snack addiction? Guilty TV pleasure?


Some Thursday Thoughts

How is it possible that it is Thursday already? I have nuggets of posts I started earlier this week that for various reasons still sit in draft mode… lots of thoughts swirling, but nothing complete. So brace yourself for a little randomness coming your way…

Lazy summer? – I’m still waiting for the lazy days of summer to kick in. While we’re not going at the kids’ sports/activities-fueled pace of the school year, things are still fairly busy. I find myself craving a little laziness.

Heat & humidity – Yeah I know I said after this past winter I was not going to complain….but the heat and humidity is just kicking my butt! My run this morning was so slow I was sure my shoes were melting into the pavement.

Forerunner 10 woes – I’ve been less than happy with my Garmin Forerunner 10 lately. It’s been taking forever to find a signal and a couple of times when it goes into auto pause at a traffic light it takes a while before it resumes tracking. First world problems for sure – might be time for a call to customer service.

Girls night out – I’m heading out to dinner with a friend tonight and I’m so looking forward to catching up! In fact, last Thursday, I also had the chance to get together with a friend, and next week it will be a night out with two dear college friends – we haven’t been together in years! This time to connect with friends nourishes my soul!

How are you doing the heat? Any one having better luck with their Forerunner?

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