Santa Must be a Runner

Hope everyone had a great Christmas/Hanukkah/Festivus 🙂 We had a wonderful Christmas here in the RWA household and I’ve been enjoying a relaxing week with the family!

Since I haven’t visited my little slice of the blogosphere in while I thought I’d check in share a few of my favorite new things that were waiting for me under the tree for this week’s Friday Five.

Forerunner 235 – So excited to have a Garmin again! I’m still trying to figure out everything it does.

Knuckle Lights – These were on my gift guide for runners and apparently one of Santa’s elves was paying attention. Since I’ve had the luxury of running later in the morning this week I haven’t had a chance to try them out yet, but they’ll be getting plenty of use soon.

Oofos –  This girl loves a sport slide and these feel so good!


Momentum Wrap – Always happy to have a little extra motivation…and I especially love this message!





U/A Running Gear – Always happy for a new running outfit, and I’m loving this bright pop of color! (My photo skills do not do the top justice – it’s a great mint green) 

Medal Rack – (bonus #6) There was a lot of Rock’n’Roll bling earned this year so it only seems fitting that Santa gave me this medal rack!

Yep…I think Santa’s a runner 😉 (Much love to all of my family who gave me these wonderful gifts and fully support my running habit!)

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Lovin’/Not Lovin’ – Summer Edition

I realized the other day that I haven’t done one of these types of posts since the spring so now seemed like a good time to share some of my fave…and not fave…things at the moment.


Brooks hatBrooks Running Hat — I received this hat as part of an awesome #TrainingRockBox that Rock ‘n’ Roll and their sponsors sent out to all of the Rock’n’Blog team – and it’s become an instant fave. I don’t think this picture does the hat justice – it’s a cute mix of purples and blues and has great mesh venting on the sides and even a zipper pocket!

LarabarLarabar Apple Pie — Apples, nuts, spiced with a little cinnamon – what’s not to love? Especially in these little bites.



FitBit Charge HR — I got a FitBit for my birthday and have been having a lot of fun playing with it these past couple of weeks. (I may do a full review after I’ve had a chance to wear it for a while.)

ZealotsSaucony Zealot ISOsBack in June I mentioned that I was going to give these shoes a try – and so far I’ve been really happy with them. As promised, the Zealot ISOs are light weight and have a similar ride to the Kinvara, but with much more cushioning – which my legs seem to appreciate lately.

Not Lovin’

Forerunner 10 — My Forerunner woes continue – It still seems to take forever to find a signal, and now it’s new glitch is the auto pause – it stays paused well after I’ve made it pass a traffic light…and the other day, it paused on its own. Needless to say, I’ve turned the function off. Back to customer support…

So tell me – what are you lovin’ lately?


Some Thursday Thoughts

How is it possible that it is Thursday already? I have nuggets of posts I started earlier this week that for various reasons still sit in draft mode… lots of thoughts swirling, but nothing complete. So brace yourself for a little randomness coming your way…

Lazy summer? – I’m still waiting for the lazy days of summer to kick in. While we’re not going at the kids’ sports/activities-fueled pace of the school year, things are still fairly busy. I find myself craving a little laziness.

Heat & humidity – Yeah I know I said after this past winter I was not going to complain….but the heat and humidity is just kicking my butt! My run this morning was so slow I was sure my shoes were melting into the pavement.

Forerunner 10 woes – I’ve been less than happy with my Garmin Forerunner 10 lately. It’s been taking forever to find a signal and a couple of times when it goes into auto pause at a traffic light it takes a while before it resumes tracking. First world problems for sure – might be time for a call to customer service.

Girls night out – I’m heading out to dinner with a friend tonight and I’m so looking forward to catching up! In fact, last Thursday, I also had the chance to get together with a friend, and next week it will be a night out with two dear college friends – we haven’t been together in years! This time to connect with friends nourishes my soul!

How are you doing the heat? Any one having better luck with their Forerunner?

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