Thursday Thoughts (aka 3 Things)

1.   If someone sees my zen, could you please return it to me!  It’s almost hard to imagine that last week this time I was getting ready to head out of town with J for a weekend away to celebrate our anniversary. (By the way, thanks you for all the good wishes!)  We had a great time! But a few days back into the grind of the daily routine, kids’ school work & sports, etc. and that weekend away seems like a million years ago! As a friend pointed out, “The zen disappears the moment you pull into your drive way.”

2.  It’s Thursday so that means I hit the track this morning which always makes me happy (despite not being a fan of 1000 meter repeats!) There’s always something about finishing a track workout that leaves me feeling a little badass — gotta work on translating that feeling to the road more often! Just a little more than 3 weeks until the Chilly Half Marathon — I think I may try to go check out the course this weekend to see what I’m in for.

3.  I participated in a great Twitter chat on Tuesday hosted by FitFluential and Commitment Day. What is Commitment Day? It’s a movement to get 300,000 people in over 30 cities to participate in a nationwide 5k on January 1st, and more importantly to set the tone to commit to a healthier lifestyle in 2013. You can run, walk, skip if you want but the point is to get out there. I especially love that they are encouraging families to come out and participate together (in fact children register for free with an adult!) I’m planning to participate in the Boston event with J and our boys and encourage you to check out the event in your city — check the Commitment Day website for more information.