Weekly Wrap: Goals, Decisions & StrideBox

I know it’s already been said by many, but I do have to ask – how is it possible that tomorrow is May 1st?!?

I had set 5 goals for April:

  • Hit every workout
  • Run 100 miles
  • Continue my plank challenge
  • Weekly yoga
  • Meal planning

Well, if you’ve been following along here, you know goals 1 and 2 quickly went out the window as I’ve been plagued with a hip/glute thing that just won’t quit! I am happy to say that I did a pretty good job with the other 3 goals so that makes me happy!

While it’s taken me a while to say it out loud, it’s been very clear that my body’s just not up for dealing with a lot of miles right now. 5 – 6 miles is my sweet spot at the moment – any more miles and the hip speaks up loud and clear. As much as I want to be running the Run to Remember half marathon at the end of May, it’s clear I need to stay in my zone, drop down to the 5-miler option and continue to get healthy. So my race dilemma has been resolved.

And speaking of RtR, week 8 played out like this:

Monday:  A trip to the chiro and yoga
Tuesday:  Cross-training on the arc trainer
Wednesday:  Rest
Thursday:  3-mile run and a 90-minute sports massage
Friday:  Strength day – hips & glutes (no surprise!)
Saturday:  5.6-mile run

In other news, the great folks at StrideBox sent me another box of goodness along with a special coupon code to share with all of you!

Use code 5RWA417 to receive $5 off of the first box when you sign-up for a monthly StrideBox subscription! This code is good through May 15th. I have really enjoyed receiving these complimentary boxes – you can check out my review here.

As always, I’m linking up with Holly and Tricia for the #WeeklyWrap. Please be sure to head on over and check out all of the great ladies participating in this fun and motivating link-up! 



  1. After staying in your zone for a while, hopefully you’ll find your hip/glute is ready for more action. I’m glad the race has a 5 mile option you can switch to. I think you’ll find racing any distance that day will feel just as rewarding. Thanks for linking, Michelle!

  2. I bet you have a ton of peace of mind happening with your decision. For me, the stress is “thinking” about the decisions, actually executing them is a breeze. Not many races have a 5-mile option, so maybe it was meant to be 😉
    Kimberly Hatting recently posted…The NonStop Running ContinuesMy Profile

  3. A 90 min sports massage must have been pretty intense! Glad you can still do some solid runs. Hopefully your new approach will work out.
    Coco recently posted…Training For The Farm To Fork Fondo HillsMy Profile

  4. Sorry your hip/glute is still bugging you but I’m glad there was a shorter race option so you don’t have to miss it entirely. The Stride Box looks like it has lots of fun goodies!
    Marcia recently posted…Another Month Bites the DustMy Profile

  5. Sounds like you are definitely making the rightdecision but dropping down to the 5 miler. The worst thing to do would be to run the race and aggravate your hip even more.

    I loves my Stridebox this month – the best one yet in my opinion!
    Kimberly recently posted…Airbnb Brooklyn Half Marathon Training Recap – Week 9My Profile

  6. Sounds like you are doing the right thing and listening to your body! I’m slowly learning how to do that–altho my body gives me no choice. 5-6 miles are for sure my sweet spot too. I wish my marathon would have the option of dropping down but nope.
    Wendy@Taking the Long Way Home recently posted…The No Pressure, No Marathon Training PlanMy Profile

    • I’m so bummed to not be running the half, but I figure I’ll be happier with this choice in the long run. I’m lucky to have the option.

  7. I second everyone else–you are doing the right thing focusing on your strength and cross training. I love me a good 6 miler! Such a good distance, and right around an hour. Funny to think that 8 miles in an hour used to be my sweet spot!

  8. I’m sorry that your hip/glute is still bugging you and that you had to drop down to the 5mile. That is a bummer, but like you said I guess a silver lining because you can now focus on recovery and the “what-if” is gone. Feel better soon!
    Gina recently posted…It Takes An ArmyMy Profile

  9. How very nice to get the complimentary Stride Boxes. I am glad to see you are keeping up with your yoga!

  10. Switching to the shorter race option sounds like a very smart idea. I am all for the sports massages got one today too. They really help. Hope that hip is feeling better this week
    Deborah @ Confessions of a mother runner recently posted…Strawberry Margaritas & Vegetarian Cinco De Mayo FavoritesMy Profile

  11. I loved this month’s Stridebox! Sounds like you have a great plan to give your injury a chance to get better.
    Lisa @ Mile by Mile recently posted…Springtime Is For RunningMy Profile

  12. I’m glad you’re listening to your body and sticking to the miles that make you happy. And I agree, this month’s Stridebox was awesome!
    Rachel recently posted…Zingy Grilled Portobello BurgersMy Profile

  13. Wow, the 5 mile option at your race sounds great! You don’t get many of those! Usually it’s a half or a 5k down here. Great job on your workout this week! I’ve never gotten any kind of runner box. The stride box looks like it has some great things in it!

    • I love that there’s a 5-mile option instead of the 5K – I wish more half marathons offered one (or a 10K) as a companion race.

  14. Soany goodies in that Stride box! Hope your hip/glute gets sorted out soon. I feel your pain as I’ve had issues there as well.

  15. Healthy is definitely the right answer! Those boxes look like fun, this is one I have not tried yet!
    Mary Beth Jackson recently posted…I am just putzing around! Weekly wrapMy Profile

  16. Kudos to you for listening to your body, and knowing what is best for you right now. Sometimes its difficult to accept what the best choice is if we’ve had our minds set on something for awhile.
    Kathryn @ Dancing to Running recently posted…May 2017 GoalsMy Profile

  17. I think May will be suitable for marathons. I also think that you’ll find racing distance that day will feel just like exciting

  18. ugh why does it seem all my running friends are somehow injured at the moment!? do you know what’s wrong with your hip/glutes? just overtraining or ??? I have been doing dry needling in my hip and glutes and it has worked a TREAT. don’t know if that’s an option for you or even appropriate for what you are suffering from but maybe an idea? anyway, I pretty much try EVERYTHING for all of my body woes… I haven’t run more than a 10K yet this year (though two trainings of 16 and almost 18 have been achieved the last couple weeks) and I have a half marathon in 3 weeks… ugh. I won’t be PR’ing that’s for sure! we can thank my back, hamstrings, hips and glutes for that!

    It’s very realistic of you to drop down mileage and your race distance. it can feel disappointing but ultimately we only have 1 body and there will be other races.

    hope you feel better very soon!

    • Thank you, Renee. I would love to try dry needling (like you I’ll give anything a shot!), but my chiro doesn’t offer that service 🙁 I’m trying to see what else I can work out. IT’s great to hear you’ve managed 16 and 18 for recent runs – fingers-crossed your half marathon goes well!

  19. Better to rock the 5 miles than hurt yourself trying to do the half! Way to listen to your body. I love to see what’s inside the Stride Boxes…maybe when I’m back living stateside 😉
    AmyC recently posted…Uncommon Goods for EveryoneMy Profile

  20. Congrats on making a decision – always the hardest part! I’ve struggled with injuries a lot myself this year – first an adductor strain/inflammed nerve, now a foot tendon irritation (a result from trying to protect my injured leg). I was also planning another half marathon this spring, but had to give that goal up – now focusing on recovery (slow runs that hopefully will get longer – speed is not an option at the moment) and strengthening. Wish you a speedy recovery and good luck for the 5-miler!

  21. That was a good decision to make. A massage sounds great.

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