Bootie Busting & Turkey Feeding

This weekend marked the kickoff of the Holiday Bootie Buster Challenge courtesy of Amanda at Run to the Finish.  I got my Challenge started with a killer Pilates workout on the reformer on Saturday and a chilly 5.3 mile run on Sunday. I'm hoping to … [Continue reading]

On a chilly morning

On this morning's run, I discovered.... 36 degrees feels so much colder when it's windy and the whole run feels like you're running into the wind! I may have been out of my mind registering for a race at the end of February on Cape Cod! … [Continue reading]

Shaking off the funk!

I'm happy to say that I'm starting to come out of my mini motivation funk! I finally got back out on the road on Sunday for a nice four mile run -- family commitments made a long run not possible. But it was nice to be out running! This morning I … [Continue reading]

Friday Shout Outs

In pulling myself out of this little motivation slump I find myself in lately, I take inspiration from those of you toeing the line this weekend!Especially wanted to send Friday Shout Outs to:Chris at Evolving through Running running the OBX … [Continue reading]

Thursday Thoughts (aka 3 things)

If someone finds my motivation, could you please return it to me! I haven't run or cross-trained in a week -- nothing, nada, zip! My mood is starting to suffer a bit. "I am not my To Do list!" -- This has become my mantra this week as I've been … [Continue reading]

November – Now What?

October is now in the rearview mirror but it will be missed! While I didn't continue my "more mileage each month" trend, I did run two races this month including my first 10k and I saw my pace start to get faster. I even had a 4 minute PR in my … [Continue reading]

Fall Classic 5K Race Report

Sunday morning I ran the Canton Fall Classic. After a couple of decent runs last week and a couple of days of rest, my left knee was feeling pretty good and I was looking forward to running. I was also looking forward to cheering on my friend E as … [Continue reading]

The knee watch continues

So far, so good....I managed to string together a couple of runs and a killer Pilates class this week, and the good news is any discomfort in my left knee was mild!So barring any changes in the next couple of days, I'm going to run a local race on … [Continue reading]

A Very Public Thank You!

Mark Remy at Runner World has a great blog post today, declaring today National Married-to-a-Runner Appreciation Day and encouraging his fellow runners to salute their supportive spouses. I just love this idea! My hubby has been my biggest … [Continue reading]

Week in review

On Monday it was time to see what a week of babying my knee had done for me. I got out early and went for 4 miles and felt good when finished. Quickly followed up with Yamuna Body Rolling and ice. Life got in the way and it was clear Wednesday's run … [Continue reading]