Friday Five

  1. After 3 workouts in a 24-hr span, I am thoroughly embracing a rest day today! Some core work but nothing else – I want to have something in the tank for tomorrow’s long run.
  2. I’m beginning to realize that I have been underestimating the importance of getting enough sleep. While it is tempting to stay up to read, catch The Daily Show, try to get some writing done, etc., I need to do a better job of stepping away from all of it and catch some more zzz’s. My body and mind will thank me for it.
  3. I’m desperately on the hunt for some new tunes for the playlist – any suggestions? Please share.
  4. With the impending loss of Google Friend Connect, I’m starting to embrace the fact that I need to give those of you interested enough in following my little journey, alternative ways to follow. So you’ll see in the side bar that I’ve added a few options, including finally setting up a Facebook page. As I start writing more, I’ll be posting links to my Examiner articles there, so I hope you’ll check it out and give it a “like.” 
  5. Looking forward to a relatively quiet weekend full of the usual family activities, capped off with watching the Patriots bring home another Super Bowl win!

Any big weekend plans?