Hello Monday!

Patience and perseverance have a magical effect before which difficulties disappear and obstacles vanish.                                                      -- John Quincy Adams Well after this busy past week filled with birthday celebrations for … [Continue reading]

First encounter with the dreaded ‘Mill

I've gotten a glimpse into what my winter training will look like and I gotta say...I'm afraid! Let me explain...I did my first run on the treadmill. (cue the cheesy horror movie shrieks!) Yesterday morning for the first time since starting my … [Continue reading]

Motivation in the dog days of summer

Well Hello August....you sure did make an appearance quickly! So it's the beginning of a new month -  what's on deck for August?I'll be working through weeks 4 - 7 of my 10k training program. That means a minimum of 54 miles, a fair amount of … [Continue reading]

A Few Friday Shout-Outs!!

It's Friday again and it's a glorious day here in my neck of the woods. Picture perfect day with no humidity for a change! My youngest and the dog are already tugging at me to get outside...but before I do, a few Friday Shout-Outs to share:to Paige … [Continue reading]

Just plugging along…

The goal this morning was simple....just get in a couple of pain-free miles. After having it out with my angry left leg last week, I gave in to a couple days of rest, stretching and ice. But this morning I was determined to get out on the road, no … [Continue reading]

Friday Shout Outs – Go Gals for Cal!

I want to dedicate this week's Friday Shout Out to my friend Kathy and her team Gals for Cal! This great group of women have come together to raise awareness and funds to fight Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD).  Did you know that Duchenne is the … [Continue reading]

To My Angry Left Leg

Dear Angry Left Leg -I thought you and I had reached an understanding a while ago. I thought you had finally taken your toys and gone home. But, after running pain free for 3 weeks, I see that you're back and clearly your mood hasn't improved! In … [Continue reading]

I want to be like Mike

"I can accept failure. Everyone fails at something.  But I can't accept not trying."   --Michael Jordan Just came across this quote recently and I love it! (And the fact that it comes from my all-time favorite basketball player is just an added … [Continue reading]

Sunday morning solitude

Despite my overwhelming desire to sleep in on a Sunday morning, this is quickly becoming my favorite day of the week to get a run in!Early on a Sunday morning there's is no commuter traffic to dodge. Instead "traffic" this morning consisted of a … [Continue reading]

Friday Shout Outs

Happy Friday!Boy that was a fast week! Looking forward to hanging out with the family this weekend and getting in a little beach time!Wanted to send out some Friday Shout-outs to: Mel at Tall Mom on the Run for her "High Five Fridays" and the … [Continue reading]