To eat or not to eat?

One of the big questions I'm trying to figure out is what to eat before and/or after a run. Most of the time I don't eat in the morning before I run and occasionally I'll try half a banana. I'm wondering if I'm hurting my ability to run stronger or … [Continue reading]

The tortoise may be on to something

I've been feeling like my running needs a little focus - a plan - if I'm going to make some progress so I'm going to try Cool Running's infamous Couch to 5K Running Plan . For those who don't know, this plan has a ton of fans for it's gradual … [Continue reading]

Monday’s Motivation

"He who would learn to fly one day must first learn to stand and walk and run and climb and dance; one cannot fly into flying." - NietzscheI don't know about the rest of you, but Monday mornings are hard for me. Hard to say goodbye to the weekend, … [Continue reading]

Love that new shoe smell!

I was so excited to come home today and see that my new running shoes had arrived! I ordered the Nike Air Zoom Structure Triax 13+. I currently have the Triax 11 that I bought over a year ago and I love them! I usually have a tough time with Nike … [Continue reading]

I may never walk again!

At least that's what it felt like about half way through my walking lunges series at the gym this morning! I recently joined the local Gold's Gym and as part of the deal I signed on for a few sessions with one of their trainers. So once a week, for … [Continue reading]

Inspiration comes in small packages

Today I volunteered at my oldest son's elementary school Fun Run. There was a half mile and mile runs for the kids, and then a 5K. It's always a great family event and today did not disappoint. And, I had the best job a volunteer could have - I … [Continue reading]

Maybe running in circles can move you forward

At the advice of some of my runner friends, I hit the track this morning. Left knee pain is one of the roadblocks I'm hoping to overcome as I make my running "comeback" (said with tongue firmly in cheek!) so I thought it was worth a shot to see if … [Continue reading]

Getting Started….again

Here’s the deal…I am not a runner. At least I do not consider myself a runner…yet. I don’t miss running if I haven’t gone in a couple of days (er…weeks). I don’t look at my running shoes with great longing on a cool crisp fall day and wish I were out … [Continue reading]