Hello Monday!

Patience and perseverance have a magical effect
before which difficulties disappear and obstacles vanish.
                                                     — John Quincy Adams
Well after this busy past week filled with birthday celebrations for each of my kiddos and myself, I’m looking forward to a relatively quiet week! Despite the celebrating, I did get most of my workouts in…but I will admit watching what I ate (and drank) went right out the window! But I will get that back under control this week. 
I did cross another milestone of sorts, completing my first five mile run. Seriously I haven’t run that far since Friday practices for Rugby when I was in college….we’re talkin’ a long time ago! Can’t wait to see what this week brings!
Happy Monday!


First encounter with the dreaded ‘Mill

I’ve gotten a glimpse into what my winter training will look like and I gotta say…I’m afraid! Let me explain…I did my first run on the treadmill. (cue the cheesy horror movie shrieks!)

Yesterday morning for the first time since starting my early-morning-beat-the-heat runs, I slept through my alarm. By the time I woke up and realized the music I was hearing was not a dream but my alarm, it was too late to go for my scheduled run and get my kiddos ready and off to camp. Once I dropped the kids off, it was soupy humid out…a run outside was out of the question! So I was faced with a dilemma, put off the run and try to squeeze it in this morning before a family outing or head to the gym now and face the treadmill. I know there are many people who can log many a mile on the ‘mill…..let me be clear when I say that I am not one of them! But I decided to head to the gym…better to have the run done I reasoned, and besides, once winter comes I’m going to have to embrace the indoor run, right?

Well…I get to the gym, pick out a secluded treadmill and off I go. Immediately I notice that the A/C is barely cranking…yes it’s better than being outdoors, but not by much. No matter I’m just going to keep going I tell myself. Then the “bouncing bunny” arrived….this woman comes bounding up and despite the fact that there are 8 other people in the whole gym, she picks the treadmill next to mine. Well she starts to run….or rather bounce. Now I am in no position to judge someone else’s form but honest to goodness I don’t know how she stayed on the treadmill – she was literally bouncing up and down! Then when she wanted to take a break she’d jump higher and do a split landing on the side rails straddling the moving belt. It was so distracting! But I didn’t want to be rude and move….just keep running I told myself. But that’s when I heard the woman in the row of ‘mills behind me let out the first of several “whoo hoos”. Really…is this happening? Apparently she was very into her music and must have been unaware that she was now singing along loudly! So I’ve got the hopper, the singer and little A/C on top of being on the ‘mill? I started to wonder if there were a full moon somewhere!

I lasted my scheduled 3 miles and quickly headed for my car chuckling and wondering who I’ll encounter the next time I’m forced indoors while also vowing not to sleep through my alarm again!



Motivation in the dog days of summer

Well Hello August….you sure did make an appearance quickly!

So it’s the beginning of a new month –  what’s on deck for August?

I’ll be working through weeks 4 – 7 of my 10k training program. That means a minimum of 54 miles, a fair amount of cross-training, Pilates, and weights, plus the introduction of my first tempo run and speedwork! THAT should keep me busy 🙂

But since the theme around here is usually “Motivation Monday” – I decided to add a little extra incentive and today signed on for MCM Mama’s “Mama Goes Masters” Virtual Race! MCM Mama has come up with a fun virtual race to celebrate her 40th birthday – check it out HERE I’ll be doing the 4 mile option which fits nicely into my training plan and should help push me to pick up the pace a little!

What have you got on tap this month?

Happy Running!


A Few Friday Shout-Outs!!

It’s Friday again and it’s a glorious day here in my neck of the woods. Picture perfect day with no humidity for a change! My youngest and the dog are already tugging at me to get outside…but before I do, a few Friday Shout-Outs to share:

  • to Tonia, Katye, Marcia and Jamie who are all taking on the Chicago RNR Half on Sunday! Good luck and have fun!
  • to Marcia again for her blog Running Off at the Mouth being ranked among the top 25 blogs by Treadmill Reviews! It’s well-deserved! If you haven’t checked out her blog, you really should!
  • to anyone else taking on a race or new challenge this weekend!

Make it a Great Weekend!


    Just plugging along…

    The goal this morning was simple….just get in a couple of pain-free miles. After having it out with my angry left leg last week, I gave in to a couple days of rest, stretching and ice. But this morning I was determined to get out on the road, no matter how slow and just get a short loop done.  Well let me tell you it was S-L-O-W! I didn’t stop but at times I’m not sure you could truthfully call what I was doing “running.” But no matter – there was no pain and that was a huge win! I’m learning that in running the path to bigger victories and accomplishments is paved with the much smaller ones. Today was one of those small ones and I’ll take it!

    So I continue to plug along – week 3 with Smart Coach is underway. The goal is to get in 4 days of running as long as the left side stays under control – if not, 1 day will be on the bike, plus 2 days of pilates….and LOTS of stretching (kinda goes without saying, right?!)

    Lots of Great Giveaways Going On in bloggy-land – be sure to check out my sidebar!!

    Happy Running!


    Friday Shout Outs – Go Gals for Cal!

    I want to dedicate this week’s Friday Shout Out to my friend Kathy and her team Gals for Cal!

    This great group of women have come together to raise awareness and funds to fight Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD).  Did you know that Duchenne is the most common fatal genetic disorder diagnosed in childhood? It’s a very progressive muscle wasting disease primarily affecting boys and right now there is no cure.

    On Sunday the Gals for Cal will compete in the SheRox Triathlon — this will be the team’s second triathlon. The group was formed in 2009 and competed in the Danskin Triathlon in honor of now 8-year old Calvin. For most this was their first Tri but it didn’t stop them from raising over $25,000! Now their hoping to reach that goal again in honor of Calvin, and three others boys Keelan, Jake and Jett. You can check out the Gals site for more information and to make a donation.

    I’m very proud of my friend Kathy, who prior to this had one 5k to her credit and now she’s about to be a two time triathlete!

    Go Gals for Cal — I hope you all rock it this weekend!


    To My Angry Left Leg

    Dear Angry Left Leg –

    I thought you and I had reached an understanding a while ago. I thought you had finally taken your toys and gone home. But, after running pain free for 3 weeks, I see that you’re back and clearly your mood hasn’t improved! In fact, you’re crankier than usual and you’ve brought along your friend “Nagging Hip” just for kicks!

    What – you heard that I signed up for another race, a longer distance, and thought your return would put an end to all of that?! Well in case you hadn’t noticed, I’m far more stubborn than you are! I have a goal and a plan to get there and I don’t intend to stop to listen to your whining. I’ll give you rest days, ice and Yamuna Body Rolling …but, in return, I suggest you get with the program ’cause I’m not stopping!


    I want to be like Mike

    “I can accept failure. Everyone fails at something. 
    But I can’t accept not trying.”  
    –Michael Jordan
    Just came across this quote recently and I love it! (And the fact that it comes from my all-time favorite basketball player is just an added bonus!)
    This pretty much sums up my philosophy about life in general…I’m always telling my kids that the only failure is in not trying. It’s the attitude I try to carry with me each time I head out the door for a run….don’t know how it will go or if I’ll make the distance but you gotta try, right?
    Who knows…might end up with Jordan-esque results!
    (OK I couldn’t resist a second picture of MJ!)
    Happy Monday!


    Sunday morning solitude

    Despite my overwhelming desire to sleep in on a Sunday morning, this is quickly becoming my favorite day of the week to get a run in!

    Early on a Sunday morning there’s is no commuter traffic to dodge. Instead “traffic” this morning consisted of a rabbit, a couple of squirrels and a family of Canadian geese. No need to try to tune out the trucks making early morning deliveries. Instead just the birds having an animated “conversation” and the sound of my own footsteps. Even my Chatter Brain decided to sleep-in. It was a rare chance to just tune in and enjoy the rhythm of the run.

    Even when I return home, Sundays are the rare day when I can come back home to a quiet house…only the dog is waiting for me…wondering why I didn’t take him along. To not be greeted with a barrage of “Mom I need”‘s is a beautiful thing indeed! Sometimes, like this morning, I’m even lucky enough for the solitude to extend through a post-run shower – definitely not happening during the week!

    I remind myself of the solitude that awaits me when I feel that urge to hit the snooze. The peaceful, almost meditative state of a Sunday morning run sets a great tone for the day ahead!


    Friday Shout Outs

    Happy Friday!

    Boy that was a fast week! Looking forward to hanging out with the family this weekend and getting in a little beach time!

    Wanted to send out some Friday Shout-outs to:

    • Mel at Tall Mom on the Run for her “High Five Fridays” and the inspiration for this new post series
    • the wonderful counselors at my kids’ camp who continue to ensure that my kids come home each day happy and exhausted — made for very mellow evenings at my house this week 😉
    • Mother Nature for showing pity on me and providing a light rain and sub-70 temps for my run yesterday
    • Marlene at Mission to a(nother) Marathon for already surpassing 1,000 miles — impressive!
    • anyone taking on the challenge of a race this weekend — good luck & stay hydrated!!

    Have a Great Weekend!