Getting back to running

I’m thrilled to say that I’ve got 3 days of running in this week!

Monday:  Another chiro appointment where I runfessed that I cheated and ran last Saturday. He laughed and wasn’t surprised…yeah we’re going to get along just fine 🙂 After our session, I get the official green light to start running!

Tuesday: 3 easy miles

Wednesday: Strength day — all core and lower body work. And, of course, some planking.

Thursday: The wind gusts reached 45 mph and tree limbs were falling everywhere…hmmm no thanks! Opted for yoga instead.

Friday: Made up for Thursday’s run – another 3 miler

Saturday: 15 degrees plus a brutal wind made these 4 miles feel much longer, but my husband was a good sport and came along to keep me company. It was so cold my phone shut down when I tried to get a post-run pic! Have you ever had that happen?!

I was pretty psyched to have these hand warmers which had come in my February Stride Box. You can reseal them so they’re re-usable for up to 6 hours, which I’ll probably be putting to the test this week since temps aren’t supposed to rise for the next couple of days.

Sunday: Rest day

Ten pain-free miles just makes me smile! The goal this week is simple…to run more!

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Hitting the Training Reset Button

It’s time to hit the reset button…

My little slip during a run last month did more than just tweak things. And, while I’ve been able to eek out some runs, it’s been inconsistent at best…and with some significant pain at worst. No bueno.  I’ve probably known for a couple of weeks now that I need to re-think my plans, but I didn’t want to admit it. I’d been hoping to hold it together and some how stick to my race schedule, but it’s just not happening.

So after a trip to the new chiropractor (who was awesome!) and conferring with the RC coaches, it’s time to hit the reset button on my training. I took a pass on the 10 mile race I was planning to do this morning and I’m deferring my entry in the NYC Half until next year. And while I’m especially bummed about putting off NYC, I’m refusing to have a pity party.

So I’m focusing on the positives:

  • Better to have this happen now while the year is still young and there’s still lots of time for running and races
  • I still have 14 weeks until my Spring goal race, Boston’s Run to Remember
  • I’m loving the new chiro I was referred to – he’s mapped out a course of treatment and believes he can get me back on track shortly
  • My RC coaches are all very positive that we can work around this and put together a decent training plan
  • Since the whole family was looking forward to heading to NYC, we’ve decided to still hit the city during the school spring break

I’m headed back to the chiro tomorrow, and this week will probably be heavy on the cross-training and strength work. 14 weeks to go!

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Quick housekeeping note:

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Weekly Wrap – Embracing the mill

Happy Sunday!

As I type this, the wind is picking up and the snow is falling. The second significant snow storm in just 4 days. School’s already been cancelled for tomorrow, and I’m trying to re-configure my work day.

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Between the snow, icy conditions and a hectic schedule, it was all about the gym and time on the mill this week. And, the 5 min/day planking streak continued!

Monday — Rest Day
Tuesday — Speed work- While I’m not a fan on running on the mill in general, I don’t mind doing speed work on it. Just set the pace and go!
Wednesday — Strength day followed by a much needed massage!

Thursday — Shoveling snow counts for cross-training right?
Friday — Back to the mill for 800 meter repeats
Saturday — Rest day
Sunday — 4 more mill miles as once again the left knee/calf wasn’t really not interested in doing a long run – which is problematic when you’ve got a half marathon just 5 weeks away….but let’s not think about that right now!

The left leg was pretty unhappy all week and required a lot of special attention. At the urging of my massage therapist (she’s convinced I’m out of alignment), I’m going to try to squeeze in an appointment with the chiropractor this week. I really don’t want to take any more time off from running, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed.


Two steps forward, One step back

It’s just been one of those weeks…

Monday – More time with my new BFF, aka the Arc Trainer, but I did get outside for a brisk walk for the Winter Challenge. Oh, and day 9 of the 10 x 10 plank challenge.

Tuesday – Work and family schedules collided and my run didn’t happen. It was the final day of the Winter Challenge and I enjoyed a snowy walk, plus finished the plank challenge. Whew…10 minutes of planking was a-l-o-t!

Wednesday – Strength training with Trainer Stacy. Quite simply, this workout kicked my arse…and I loved it! Stacy really challenged me and I left feeling really strong…and sore 🙂  Planking continues – going for 5 mins/day for February.

Thursday –  Once again my schedule was crazy, but I was able to squeeze 30 mins in on the Arc Trainer.

Friday – Hill repeats – enough said, right?

Saturday – DOMS hit me hard so hello rest day.

Sunday – The plan called for 8 – I barely hung on for just over 5. After feeling so strong after Wednesday, and having a strong run through those repeats, I was hoping to crush this run…instead, my left knee/calf started talking to me within the first half mile and let me know this was going to be a grind. And a grind it was.

So…going to have to say this week was a Cha-cha. Let’s hope there’s less “dancing” this week and more running.

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Warning: Frustrated Runner Ahead

Let me just get this out there…this was not a pretty week from a training standpoint. My run in the rain on Tuesday included slipping on an oil slick in the road – while I didn’t go down, I ended up gimpy.  A cranky left knee meant there was no more running until I attempted Saturday morning’s long run. I managed to eek out 6.5 miles – they weren’t easy, but got them done. This girl is not a happy camper…

But, I’m not going to wallow. I can keep my cardio going on the Arc Trainer; so while I will try to run again this week, there may need to be more cross-training.

I’m happy to say that I’m 22 days into the Winter Challenge, and my BGR team has moved into the top 5 teams for total mileage!  Since the Challenge allows for both walking and running, I can keep contributing to my team even if it needs to be a brisk walk.

I’m meeting up with Trainer Stacy on Wednesday, and just joined a 10 x 10 plank challenge started by one of my fellow SPIbelt ambassadors (10 mins of planking every day for 10 days) – so there will be a big focus on strength work this week.

And, hopefully there will be some running…fingers crossed!

Tell me – how do you keep busy when you can’t run?

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NYC Half Training Week 3

Happy Sunday!

Even as I type the words I’m having a little bit of a hard time believing we’re already halfway through the month! After struggling with a nasty cold last week, this week was all about getting back on track.

Monday: I spent most of the day trying to get caught up on work, but did get in a 1.25 miles towards the Winter Challenge – Day 9.

Tuesday: Strength day plus another mile for the Winter Challenge.

Wednesday: 4 mile tempo run.

Thursday:  Rest day – a much needed massage happened, and yes a 1.25 miles more towards the Challenge. If you’re wondering why 1.25…that’s one trip around my block 🙂

Friday: 5 mile tempo. I must admit I came so close to phoning this one in. I woke up so tired and the wind was seriously whipping around…I just wasn’t feeling it, but knew I’d be upset with myself later…so out the door I went. There was a lot of cursing, but 5 miles were done.

Saturday:  The frigid temps returned, but luckily no wind. My legs felt like lead after Friday’s run and I was very happy to have my husband along for the run. And, it was a beautiful morning!

Sunday: I squeezed in a brisk 1.25 mile walk after my son’s hockey game to keep the Winter Challenge streak going.

All-in-all not a bad week, but the runs all felt tough because I just had no energy (I’m guessing a lingering effect from the cold…plus a few too many nights staying up to watch The Daily Show). The big goal for this week is to get to bed at a reasonable hour so I don’t feel so fried.

I also got the great news this week that I was selected as a SPIbelt Ambassador again for this year! I’ve made no secret of my love for SPIbelt and am psyched to be representing them again!

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Back to Training

Happy New Year!

The week between Christmas and the New Year is always one of my favorite times of the year. It’s usually all about spending time with family, relaxing and recharging. And this past week I stuck with that tradition – though I did have to acknowledge a little email in my inbox on Monday from the RC coaches noting that I’m 12 weeks out from the NYC Half.

Hmmm…a not so subtle hint that it’s time to return to a training plan. Thankfully the RC team recognized that I was still in holiday/vacation mode so the plan for this week was fairly light.

NYC Half Marathon Training Week 1

Monday: Day after Christmas is always “Family Pajama Day” – no houseguests, no meal prep, just the 4 of us hanging out – a perfect day!

Tuesday: 800 meter repeats on the treadmill.  (What was I saying about it being a light week?!)

Wednesday: Too much family fun = no workout

Thursday:  Strength day – even got my youngest son to join me! There were lots of planks, squats, deadbugs, bridges and lunges – it was all about core and legs.

Friday: 3.1 miles – J joined me for running the last virtual 5K of the Rock’n’Roll Winter Runningland Series. Conditions were much icier than we expected so this was part run, part shuffle.

Source: Rock n Roll Marathon Series

Saturday: Saturdays are usually my long run day, but we started the day very early shuttling out to the middle of nowhere for my son’s hockey game. By the time the game was done and we made the drive back I just couldn’t will myself back out into the frigid temps to run. And once I spied the forecast for Sunday, my decision was made.

Sunday:  40 degrees this morning! My ideal running weather – so I got in 5 miles while the family slept. Happy to get the new year off on the right foot 🙂

Yeah…pretty easy peasy this week and I’m fine with that! I’m pretty sure the RC coaches will not be so kind during this upcoming week.

Did you have any big plans for New Year’s Eve? Are you training for anything yet? 

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2016 Year in Review

13 – just 13 days people and 2016 is a wrap! While my running plans for 2017 are well underway (more to come on that), it feels like a good time to reflect on this year of running.

Best race experience:  The RnR Vegas weekend!  My brother, husband and I had such a good time from start to finish – and this weekend included not one, but two races as I took on the Remix Challenge! A first for me doing back-to-back races. (You can check out my recap here.)

Best run: I can’t say that there was one run that stood out. My husband started joining me for my long runs on Saturdays, and I will say those became my favorite runs each week.

Best new piece of running gear: Aftershokz headphones! (affiliate link) I love that they let me hear my music and my surroundings with such clarity.

Best running advice you’ve received this year: Don’t let comparison (to past times/PRs) take away from the current journey. This came from one of the RC coaches and I refer back to it often.

Most inspirational runner:  I’ve always been a huge fan, but after getting to meet him in Vegas, …this one was easy – Meb!

Favorite picture from a run or race this year: There was lots of family running this year – these are just a few of my favorite photos!

Race experience you would repeat in a heartbeat: For the fun of it I would do Vegas again without a doubt. If I were looking for a “do-over” I would pick RnR Philly – the humidity was atrocious and really sucked the life out of me. I’d love a chance to do that course again…  with more fall-like conditions! 😉

If you could sum up your year in a couple of words what would they be? Good to be back! After no racing and a very little running in 2015, it was wonderful to get back into the groove. I made a lot of progress this year and cannot wait to see what 2017 will bring!

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Weekly Wrap: the Plague, Prada & NYC

Last weekend, I had a great long run, mapped out some December goals and was ready to take on the week ahead. Then I wasn’t…by Monday afternoon I was hit hard by the plague. It started as a stomach bug that morphed into a malaise that would linger the rest of the week. That may sound a bit dramatic, but I tell you it was not pretty!

I managed to eek out a brief strength workout on Thursday and a short elliptical workout on Friday. I was determined to not let the whole week go by without a run, so Saturday morning I braved the very windy, 23-degree conditions and cranked out a respectable 5.25 miles. Today was all about rolling & stretching, and finishing decorating my house for Christmas.

Well not the week I was hoping for, but I’m happy to say I am feeling better. And, while not the ideal way to do it, I’m willing to bet I’ve dropped a couple of pounds.

I actually watched this on Friday night…one of my favorites!

And I got this nice surprise in my inbox:

So the first race of 2017 is all set!

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Wrapping up Thanksgiving week

As I runfessed on Friday, I allowed myself some much needed down time after we got back from Vegas. So this week was about slowly finding some mojo…

Monday: Strength session with Trainer Stacy. Nothing helps to knock the rust off faster than an intense hour working on core, hips and shoulders!

Tuesday: Well, I got a little overambitious with Monday’s workout so a little gentle yoga was needed.

Wednesday: 7 hrs of travel in a car – thank goodness for compression sleeves!

Thursday:  3 easy miles on the hotel treadmill before Thanksgiving festivities.

Friday: 6+ hours of car travel followed by some much needed rolling!


Saturday: Cardio by way of leaf raking. (If I never see another leaf again I’d be ok with that!)

Sunday:  I laid in bed for a long time listening to the wind whip around the house and debating a run. I opted for a strength workout following the new plan Stacy created for me.

So yeah…finding that mojo was a little slow going. The goal for this upcoming week is simple – get some miles in. I’d really like to up my strength training during this “off season” so Stacy and I worked out a plan that should have me in the gym 3x’s a week. That still leaves 3 days to run and a yoga/rest day – at least that’s the plan.

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