My Summer Fitness Goals

For this week’s #FridayFive, Courtney, Mar, and Cynthia are talking about all things Fitness, so it seemed like the perfect time to share some summer fitness goals!

summer fitness goals

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  1. Embrace the plan — Training for my fall races has begun and I’m looking forward to diving into it and embracing the hill work, speedwork and long runs to come!
  2. Family running — My youngest son has announced he’d like to run a 5K and has already been asking when we can head to the track. And, my husband J has said he wants to continue to join me on my Saturday long runs (at least until I go beyond 10 miles – his declared cap!)
  3. Enjoy the outdoors — Beyond running, my family does a lot of hiking during the summer months. I’m also looking forward to some time on the tennis courts and maybe a little kayaking.
  4. Continue the slow & steady weight loss — I continue to make progress on this 2016 goal, and know being a few pounds lighter will go a long way on those hot long runs.
  5. Keep getting stronger — As I mentioned in my race recap, I can feel the benefits of the strength work starting to take hold. Trainer Stacy is planning to up the workouts so I can keep upping the mileage.


What are you planning this summer?


April Runfessions

Welcome to the April edition of Runfessions – a chance to share your confessions about your runs, swims or gym time. Link up with Marcia from Marcia’s Healthy Slice and join us!


Runfession #1 — I continue to enjoy my strength workouts and time in the gym far more than my runs and that’s fine with me. I know that my body needs to get stronger before I start really piling on the miles.

Runfession #2 —  Given that my weekly mileage is still on the lower side, I’m seriously leaning towards dropping down from the half to the 5-miler for the upcoming Run to Remember. I know what being in half marathon shape feels like and I’m not there yet…but I will be.

Runfession #3 — While I know the strength training is going to pay off, I’m still feeling very restless about my running – like it’s time to do something different…maybe try a new way to train. Do you ever feel that way? I just listened to the Another Mother Runner podcast on heart rate training and I’ll admit I’m a little intrigued.

Runfession #4 — Actually I guess this one is more of a gym-fession…I dealing with a eavesdropper at the gym. There is this woman who always happens to be in the same section of the gym as my trainer and I and I swear she spends the whole time listening in on the instructions from the trainer instead of working out.  I watched her do it the other day to someone else who was also working out with a trainer. I feel like if she’s going to listen in that closely, perhaps she ought to chip in for the cost of the session, don’t ya think?


Runfession #5 — And speaking of gym crazies, last month I mentioned the guy who’s been coming to the gym and working out in jeans. I hadn’t seen him in weeks, but and behold he showed up the other day…and yes in jeans again. I confess it took all of my self control to not ask him about the jeans!

OK so now it’s your turn….what do you run-fess?  Ever deal with a gym eavesdropper?


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Five Benefits of Morning Running

Happy Friday!

If you’ve been hanging out around here then you know that one of my goals this month is to get back to early morning runs. I’m happy to say that so far I’m crushing this goal, and while I admit some mornings are harder than others, I’m loving these runs. Today’s Friday Five theme is “favorites” so I thought I’d share some benefits of why it’s worth it to get up and out early.

Workout of early

No schedule conflicts — This one is huge for me! I love being able to “check the box” off my to do list and not stress about how I’m going to fit in a run later in the day.

More time in your day — Taking care of my workout early also leaves me feeling much more in control of my day, and with more time to get things done.


Better breathing — Getting out and done before too many commuters hit the road means breathing in less car exhaust.

Metabolism jump start — With an early morning workout you kick your metabolism into high gear, burning more calories at a faster rate throughout the day.

Better sleep — Inevitably getting up earlier means going to bed earlier. As a result, I’m finding that I’ve been sleeping better and overall feel more rested.

**Bonus** — A chance to catch a beautiful sunrise!



When’s your favorite time to run?

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Friday Five – April Goals

Happy Friday!

As last week’s runfessions revealed I’ve been feeling a little whiny about my running. So in an effort to focus on the positive, I’m skipping my monthly rewind, in favor of looking ahead to goals for this month!

April Goals


  1. Run all the miles — Don’t leave any run shorter than planned.
  2. Lose the negative thoughts — Going to replace that negative voice that’s been all too present on the road with me lately. I will focus on the mile I’m in.
  3. Return to morning runs — I’m best when I start my day working out – then when the schedule runs amok, at least I’ll know I’ve already taken care of myself.
  4. Step-up the strength work — Going back to work with Trainer Stacy and I can’t wait!
  5. Lose 3 pounds — One of my 2016 goals is to lose 12 pounds, and while I’ve been making a little progress here, I know I lost my focus a bit last month – I’m recommitting.

What are your goals for April?

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February Runfessions

How is it possible that it is time for another round of Runfessions?!

The last Friday of every month Marcia of Marcia’s Healthy Slice invites us all to share our run-, gym-, swim- fessions. Some come cleanse your sweaty soul and join us!

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Runfession #1 – So I returned for another message last week – thank goodness for the gift certificates I got for Christmas! The massage therapist was a little less horrified than last time – I’ve been following her advice to roll using a lacrosse ball.

Runfession #2 — I’ve been slacking on my PT exercises and it was showing in the form of a slightly angry ITB earlier this month. Since I’ve gotten back on track my IT band has quieted down to being just slightly annoyed.

Runfession #3 — The double workout days of running and doing T25 are seriously kicking my tail! I confess over this last week, I’ve skipped the T25 on run days. Please don’t tell Shaun T…

Shaun T

Runfession #4 — I wish I had a race coming up earlier on the calendar. I know the smart thing to do was to ease back into running and build my base, but I must admit some days my motivation to run is a little schizoprentic. I’m feeling the need for a training plan to help hold me accountable.

Runfession #5 — On the other hand, I run fess that I’ll more than make up for the lack of spring racing this fall. I keep stalking race websites and trying to figure out how many I can register for without wearing a groove in my credit card or racing every weekend.

OK – now it’s your turn. What are your runfessions?

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Five Tips for Staying Motivated for Winter Running

While December was gloriously warm here in New England, Mother Nature has finally caught up with the calendar and the frigid temps are here. I’ve been digging deep to get myself up and moving for my runs, so I thought I’d share a few tips for staying motivated for winter running.


Use short term goals to keep you focused — sign up for a small local race or join a winter challenge (or create one!). “Competition” in the form of a race or mileage challenge can help to keep you going.

Join a group or find a running buddy — Committing to meet others on a regular basis will always help get you out the door, and it’s always easier to brave the elements when you’re not alone.

Keep visual reminders of your spring goals — Aiming for a PR? Got a great destination race planned? Post some visual reminders in key spots around your house.

Make sure you have the right gear — Dressing the part is always important, but never more so than when facing winter weather. Check out my cold weather running tips here and here if you need any ideas.

Change your alarm — Switch up the music on your alarm in the morning to something that will motivate you to get out of bed. (A friend gave me this suggestion a couple of years ago and I still use it.) Another option is to move your alarm so you have to get out of bed to turn it off – once you’re up you might as well keep moving, right?

What’s your best motivation tip?

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Five Tips for Winter Hydration

As I’ve made losing a few pounds and refocusing on proper nutrition one of my goals for this year, I’ve been taking a close look at where I’ve been slacking. One clear area I need to pay better attention to is my water intake. I find without the heat and humidity of the warmer seasons I can easily let my hydration slip.

Staying properly hydrated should be a priority every day, regardless of the season. In the winter, while you may not be contending with soaring temps, you are dealing with dry air – both outdoors and indoors – forcing your body to work hard to humidify the air you breathe, while your skin is zapped of it’s natural moisture.

Did you know that dehydration can lead to both brain fog, muscle cramps and fatigue? Dehydration can also increase the risk of hypothermia and frostbite when exercising outside – no bueno!

So here are some quick tips for staying hydrated this winter:

Carry water during workouts — Stating the obvious here, but I’m still surprised at the number of people I’ve spotted in the gym lately working up a good sweat, but no water bottle in sight. While my runs right now are short enough to avoid carrying a water bottle, if you’re prepping for an early spring marathon or half marathon, you’re going to need bring water on those long runs.

Keeping a water bottle front & center — I keep a water bottle or glass on my desk during the work day. But, if you’re like me and sometimes get too wrapped up and forget to refill, consider using a water bottle with a time marker.  I just ordered this one from Amazon (affiliate link in photo) – I love that I can take it easily from my desk to my car.

Eat your fluids — Use soups to help boost your hydration in addition to keeping up your fruits and veggies intake.

Make it a morning ritual — Many people wake up dehydrated, so start your day off downing a glass of water before you reach for your coffee.

Dress up your water — If straight-up water bores you, try adding fruit, cucumbers or mint to your water.



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Five Tips for Returning to Running

If you follow me on Twitter (and I hope you do! – @RunAttitude) then you may have seen yesterday’s tweet: 2015-11-19 19-41-41

Yes! Yes! Yes! After 8 long weeks I’ve been green-lighted! Despite the desire to throw on my running shoes and sprint out of my doctor’s office I know I’ve got to be smart about this. So as I venture back out on to the roads, here are a few tips I plan to bear in mind:

Take it slow: My doctor’s parting words to me and crucial advice to follow so I don’t end up injured. To start, I will be more focused on time on my feet vs. miles covered.

Build core strength: Focusing on building core strength — abs, hips, and glutes — will improve both stability and balance – critical after such a long layoff.

Cross-train: Every workout cannot and should not be a run. Now that I can run again, it is tempting to want to only run, but I know that it will be more important than ever to give both muscles and ligaments a break from the stresses of running. Cross-training will help improve my endurance, especially while my mileage is low.

Be kind to yourself: It’s easy to get caught in the trap of comparison, but it’s important to remember that everyone’s comeback is different.

Set realistic goals: While I’m very goal-oriented, I know it’s going to be important to have a mix of goals – both big and small. I’ll admit that I do have my eye on a couple of races…and I may have even registered for one 😉 Having smaller goals along the way will help me both track my progress and stay motivated towards the bigger goal. The key is to take it one day at a time, celebrate small victories and be grateful to be running again.

Have you ever had a long lay-off from running?

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Friday Five – Favorite Fall Activities

Hello Friday!

I don’t know about you, but it’s been one l-o-n-g week and I am so happy to see Friday! Fall weather rolled in nicely this week and it looks like a beautiful weekend  ahead. When I don’t have to be inside for my son’s hockey game or practices, I plan to be out making the most of it.

Courtney, Mar and Cynthia are asking everyone to share their favorite fall activities for this week’s #FridayFive – well I could go on and about my love for the fall, but here are a few things that definitely top my list:

fall faves


  • Hiking — Hiking is a favorite family activity. We are lucky enough to have some great trails within a short drive from our house. I love that the whole family gets out together – even our dog. And, with the fall foliage as a backdrop, you can’t ask for a more perfect way to spend an afternoon.
  • Apple Picking — Another family fave is apple picking. We’ve gone every year since the boys were really little. In fact, we’re toying with going this weekend! It just doesn’t seem like fall until we’ve hit our favorite orchard.
  • Cooking — After spending most of every summer living off the grill, I really enjoy getting back in my kitchen to do some cooking. I just watched the season finale of Master Chef and am inspired to get back to trying some new recipes!
  • Football — I am a huge football fan and I love that the fall means the return of watching and attending football games.
  • Running and racing — While I am missing  running terribly right now, I couldn’t put a top 5 list together and not include it!

What’s your favorite fall activity?


Fall Racing – A Moving Target

When I saw that this week’s #FridayFive link-up topic was Fall Races, I was tempted to skip posting. Racing has been such a moving target for me, between injury and conflicts with my family schedule, that I’m almost hesitant to count any race as a sure thing at this point. But, if you’ve been around here for a bit then you also know how much I love a fall race….so here’s what I’m hoping for at the moment.

1) #StripAtNight 


This is my one and only definite race…well it’s actually two because I’ll be doing the Remix Challenge (5K and Half). My husband and brother are running with me, and I just saw friends yesterday who confirmed they’re in! I’ve been waiting all year to get to a Rock ‘n’ Roll race as part of the Rock’n’Blog team – and, well c’mon it’s Vegas! And, speaking of the Rock’n’Blog team, we were just given special codes for a Vegas discount – use code RUNATTITUDE015LV and you can do either the half or the full for $145!

2) Still Rockin’ — Staying with the Rock ‘n’ Roll theme for a minute, I’m still hoping to get to RnR Philly at the end of October, but family conflicts are starting to crop up from all sides…keep my fingers crossed. But, if schedules don’t work, then I’ll be looking at finishing up my 3-race Tour Pass by heading to San Antonio for #RnRSA the first week of December.

3) Tufts 10K for Women is one of my favorite Boston races. It’s always held on Columbus Day, which means it could potentially come in conflict with the boys’ sports schedules/tournaments – it’s happened before, but if I’m free this is always a great race!

4) Canton Fall Classic is another local favorite – I usually run the 5K and my husband J runs the 10K. My son is thinking about running it this year…so once again as long as schedules don’t collide, this could be a family race.

Jingle+Bell+15) Jingle Bell Run — OK this one may technically be a “winter” race as some years it falls on the weekend before Christmas. As you can see from the picture of my brother and I on race morning, this one’s all for the costumes and post-race beer fest. (And, yes that is a giant ball of mistletoe on his hat!) 🙂

Do you find your race schedule is pretty well set or is it a moving target?

(As part of the Rock’n’Blog team, I receive a 3-race Tour Pass. If you want to add a RnR race to your fall schedule, don’t forget to use my code on my sidebar for a discount (or the code above for Vegas!)

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