Runfessions – Thanksgiving edition

Happy Friday!

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! I’m still on the road hanging with the in-laws, but am taking a short break to join in to share some runfessions with Marcia and others. Come join us and cleanse your sweaty soul!


Runfession: I took a full week off from running after my Vegas adventure …and I didn’t miss it! I was t-i-r-e-d y’all and my body was clearly craving some down time.

Runfession:  My eating habits have gone way off the rails. I mentioned that there was some “indulging” in Vegas (how could there not be?!), but things have not improved greatly since then. Time to reel it in!

Runfession: Last month I runfessed, or gym-fessed, that I missed the gym crazies…well ask and ye shall receive! They have returned to my gym with a vengeance including the guy who insists on working out in jeans. I’m glad they’re back – they make going to the gym so much more entertaining 😉

Runfession: Over coffee earlier this month I had mentioned my casual desire for a new sports watch. Well now that I’ve started looking it’s turned into a full on obsession! I’ve been stalking product reviews like a champ, and am now dropping less than subtle hints to my husband. I’m keeping my fingers crossed the Forerunner 235 will be mine (…such first world problems, I know!).

Runfession: And speaking of first world problems…I continue to wrestle with local vs. destination races. While I have loved traveling these past 3 months for the Rock ‘n’ Roll races, there is a lot to be said for rolling out of your own bed on race morning, (easier on the wallet too, I might add!). If I want to take advantage of some great “early bird” registration deals on some local races I’ll need to pull the trigger soon, but that means giving up some destination races I’ve been eyeing. What’s a runner to do?!

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So tell me, what do you runfess? Have you started race shopping yet?

Runfessions October 2016

A quick check of my past posts shows I haven’t runfessed since July – How is that possible?! What are Runfessions you ask? A fun link-up hosted by Marcia from Marcia’s Healthy Slice where she encourages everyone to share their confessions about your runs, swims or gym time…a chance to cleanse your sweaty soul.

So here we go…


Runfession #1 — While I do rotate my shoes, more often than not I grab my Saucony Zealots ISO – love this shoe! And the miles have been adding up, so I thought I’d buy a new pair. The reviews on the ISO 2 are a bit of a mixed bag – (why do running shoe companies feel the need to mess with a good thing?!) So I’ve taken to scouring the web in search of the originals. I recently scored a new pair at half the price…I’m tempted to buy more and just hoard them away.


Runfession #2 — While I am really looking forward to running the #StripatNight in Vegas, my training mojo has gone MIA. The downside of running multiple races over the past couple of months is that I feel like I’ve been following a training plan for a long time…looking forward to just running for a while.

Runfession #3 —  Of course, while I say I’m looking forward to taking a break from training, I’m already starting to map out my 2017 races. (Please tell me I’m not the only one!)

Runfession #4 — I look forward to running Sunday’s 5K with my son, but I confess that I miss the days when I could keep up with him. He’ll be waiting for me at the finish…

Runfession #5 — I miss my gym crazies! In the past I’ve shared stories of some of the more interesting characters/behavior I’ve observed at my gym. Well, of late things have been downright normal…and I must admit I’m bored. Gym crazies definitely help to keep it interesting and pass the time 😉

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OK so now it’s your turn….what do you run-fess?  Do you hoard shoes?

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My Fall Fitness Goals

Happy Friday! And happy long weekend to those who get to celebrate Columbus day!

I’m currently enroute to NYC for the weekend! So while I’m hanging on the Acela I thought I’d share some fall fitness goals.


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  1. Focus on recovery — Since the start of the school year, I’ve been jamming in my runs where I can…which means I haven’t been leaving enough time for proper recovery. Time to get back to rolling, Epsom salt baths, and more time in my compression gear!
  2. Make strength training a priority — The other downside of my tight schedule lately has been that my strength training is taking a backseat. I know if I don’t balance my runs with strength work I’m risking ending up back on injured reserve.
  3. Mix it up — To keep things interesting I want to focus on mixing things up a little. I haven’t done yoga or pilates in a while with any consistency – it would be good to add some back into the routine.
  4. Continue the slow & steady weight loss — I continued to lose a few pounds this summer and now I have just 4 lbs to go on my 2016 goal.
  5. Enjoy some family running – With races planned with my oldest son, husband and brother, there will be lots of opportunities for family runs.

Did you set any fitness goals for the fall?

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Friday Five – RnR Philly Goals

RnR Philly Race Weekend is here!

RnR Philly

I’m on a plane to Philadelphia tomorrow morning to run the RnR Philly Half on Sunday. My husband J will be traveling with me, while my kiddos get a “guy’s weekend” with my brother. I’ve got a bunch of errands to run and packing to do, but I thought I take a moment to share some goals for this weekend.

Complete the distance, upright and happy — It’s been 2 years since I’ve toed the line for a half marathon, so above all else, this race is about returning to 13.1, enjoying the ride, and laying the ground work for more to come!

Start slow — Even in my recent long runs, the RC coaches have been urging me to start much slower. I know I’m going to be super psyched at the start of the race, but the goal will be to start slow for the first couple of miles and gradually pick up the pace.

Finish strong — My last long training run was 11 miles and I sputtered through the last couple of miles. For Sunday, I’d like feel strong in the final few miles and be able to push to the finish.

Pay attention to hydration — It looks like Sunday will be humid…seriously, where is fall?!? I’m still on the fence about whether I’ll run with my hydration belt or my handheld…or just rely on the water stops. But the goal here is to be smart and stay well-hydrated.

Enjoy all of the RnR goodness — From meet-ups with some #RocknBlog teammates, to bands along the course, to the VIP upgrade (hello indoor bathrooms!), to the great atmosphere that is a Rock ‘n’ Roll race! I’m going to soak it all in!

Who else is race-bound this weekend?

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Reflecting on Summer Fitness Goals

With Labor day weekend marking the unofficial end of summer, it seemed like a good time to check in on my summer fitness goals and see how I did.

Fitness goal check in

Back in June, I set 5 goals for the summer:

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  1. Embrace the plan — Check! I started the summer very excited to be working with the coaches from RunnersConnect, and I’m happy to say that they have not disappointed. There’s been the occasional deviation here and there (hello soul-sucking humidity!), but for the most part I’ve stuck with my training plan.
  2. Family running — I got to celebrate my youngest son’s first 5K and my husband joined me for all of my weekend long runs!
  3. Enjoy the outdoors — While I didn’t make it to the tennis courts or kayaking as I had hoped, I did get some hiking in, and the family definitely made the most of our time in the White Mountains.
  4. Continue the slow & steady weight loss — I’m finishing the summer a few pounds lighter than when I started, so this is absolutely a win!
  5. Keep getting stronger — Another check! I faithfully stuck to my strength training thanks in large part to working out with Trainer Stacy. It’s no coincidence that staying focused on strength work has helped keep me relatively injury-free this summer.

I’d say I did a pretty good job on my goals for this summer! Now I’m more than ready for the temps to cool down and enjoying some fall racing 🙂

For this week’s #FridayFive, Courtney, Mar, and Cynthia are talking about all things Fitness.


Did you set any summer goals?


Friday Five: July Runfessions

We’re at the end of another month (How is that possible?!?!), which means it’s time for the July edition of Runfessions – a chance to share your confessions about your runs, swims or gym time. Link up with Marcia from Marcia’s Healthy Slice and join us!

Runfession #1 — OK let’s just get this one out of the way…the heat and humidity have been relentless and I am so done! Sadly, we haven’t even reached August yet.


Runfession #2 — Needless to say that this heat is really testing my mental game. I think I need to find a mantra to focus on when things get tough…might be better than cursing like a sailor which I’ve been known to do lately. I’ve been trying out a couple of phrases but nothing’s caught on yet.

Runfession #3 — I may have scolded a man at the track yesterday. Bad enough he was pushing a stroller on the track, but for some unknown reason, he made a u-turn in the middle of his lap and decided to head the wrong way and in my lane. Seriously?! The only thing that kept me from letting lose a curse word or two is that he did have a child with him.

Runfession #4 — Remember my eavesdropper from the gym? Well I spied her the other day and I’m happy to report that she finally got a trainer of her own. I must admit it took some self-control to not go over and hover while she was working out 😉

Runfession #5 — And speaking of the gym, I must confess I felt a little bada$$ the other day when I finished my strength session with Trainer Stacey and caught the looks of surprise on a couple of the high school guys working out nearby. They clearly didn’t think someone their mother’s age could haul so weights!

rp_Runfessions-300x294-300x294-300x294.jpg OK so now it’s your turn….what do you run-fess?  Do you use mantras?




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Lovin’/Not Lovin’ – June Edition

Happy Friday!!

The ladies of the DC Trifecta (that would be Courtney, Mar and Cynthia) are inviting everyone to share some “favorites” for this week’s #FridayFive link up. So it seems like the perfect time for another edition of Lovin’/Not Lovin’.

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I’m lovin’ ….

SPIbelt Ambassador! — Talk about a product I truly love – my SPIbelt has been a permanent fixture in my running gear since I bought one at my first race expo back in 2010. I’m very excited to be working with them! Stay tuned for all the giveaway and discount goodness.


Aftershokz Headphones — I know I just mentioned these over coffee a couple of weeks ago, but they’re really worth mentioning again! Running with music is a must for me, and the fact that I can both clearly hear my surroundings and my tunes is a huge win!


Perfect Weather — Since June rolled in we have been enjoying a stretch of near perfect weather.  The early mornings are in the low 50’s, ideal for running…then the days warm up to the low 80’s before cooling off again. And best of all…no humidity!

weather ecard

Zensah Well Rounded Shorts — (affiliate link alert!) A couple of weeks ago, I was lucky enough to win a pair of Zensah Well Rounded shorts during a #Bibchat. I love the wide waistband and that they stay in place, even during my recent track workout.

Zensah shorts

I’m so Not Lovin’

FitBit Down!

Fit Bit downMy FitBit band started to show a bubble or two over the past couple of weeks, despite never getting wet. And then, last weekend this happened! All of the glue seems to have given way at once. You can imagine how thrilled I was. Did I mention that the FitBit is only 10 months old. I have contacted FitBit Support – can’t wait to see what they have to say.

Have you discovered any new favorites? What are you lovin’, or not, right now?


My Summer Fitness Goals

For this week’s #FridayFive, Courtney, Mar, and Cynthia are talking about all things Fitness, so it seemed like the perfect time to share some summer fitness goals!

summer fitness goals

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  1. Embrace the plan — Training for my fall races has begun and I’m looking forward to diving into it and embracing the hill work, speedwork and long runs to come!
  2. Family running — My youngest son has announced he’d like to run a 5K and has already been asking when we can head to the track. And, my husband J has said he wants to continue to join me on my Saturday long runs (at least until I go beyond 10 miles – his declared cap!)
  3. Enjoy the outdoors — Beyond running, my family does a lot of hiking during the summer months. I’m also looking forward to some time on the tennis courts and maybe a little kayaking.
  4. Continue the slow & steady weight loss — I continue to make progress on this 2016 goal, and know being a few pounds lighter will go a long way on those hot long runs.
  5. Keep getting stronger — As I mentioned in my race recap, I can feel the benefits of the strength work starting to take hold. Trainer Stacy is planning to up the workouts so I can keep upping the mileage.


What are you planning this summer?


April Runfessions

Welcome to the April edition of Runfessions – a chance to share your confessions about your runs, swims or gym time. Link up with Marcia from Marcia’s Healthy Slice and join us!


Runfession #1 — I continue to enjoy my strength workouts and time in the gym far more than my runs and that’s fine with me. I know that my body needs to get stronger before I start really piling on the miles.

Runfession #2 —  Given that my weekly mileage is still on the lower side, I’m seriously leaning towards dropping down from the half to the 5-miler for the upcoming Run to Remember. I know what being in half marathon shape feels like and I’m not there yet…but I will be.

Runfession #3 — While I know the strength training is going to pay off, I’m still feeling very restless about my running – like it’s time to do something different…maybe try a new way to train. Do you ever feel that way? I just listened to the Another Mother Runner podcast on heart rate training and I’ll admit I’m a little intrigued.

Runfession #4 — Actually I guess this one is more of a gym-fession…I dealing with a eavesdropper at the gym. There is this woman who always happens to be in the same section of the gym as my trainer and I and I swear she spends the whole time listening in on the instructions from the trainer instead of working out.  I watched her do it the other day to someone else who was also working out with a trainer. I feel like if she’s going to listen in that closely, perhaps she ought to chip in for the cost of the session, don’t ya think?


Runfession #5 — And speaking of gym crazies, last month I mentioned the guy who’s been coming to the gym and working out in jeans. I hadn’t seen him in weeks, but and behold he showed up the other day…and yes in jeans again. I confess it took all of my self control to not ask him about the jeans!

OK so now it’s your turn….what do you run-fess?  Ever deal with a gym eavesdropper?


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Five Benefits of Morning Running

Happy Friday!

If you’ve been hanging out around here then you know that one of my goals this month is to get back to early morning runs. I’m happy to say that so far I’m crushing this goal, and while I admit some mornings are harder than others, I’m loving these runs. Today’s Friday Five theme is “favorites” so I thought I’d share some benefits of why it’s worth it to get up and out early.

Workout of early

No schedule conflicts — This one is huge for me! I love being able to “check the box” off my to do list and not stress about how I’m going to fit in a run later in the day.

More time in your day — Taking care of my workout early also leaves me feeling much more in control of my day, and with more time to get things done.


Better breathing — Getting out and done before too many commuters hit the road means breathing in less car exhaust.

Metabolism jump start — With an early morning workout you kick your metabolism into high gear, burning more calories at a faster rate throughout the day.

Better sleep — Inevitably getting up earlier means going to bed earlier. As a result, I’m finding that I’ve been sleeping better and overall feel more rested.

**Bonus** — A chance to catch a beautiful sunrise!



When’s your favorite time to run?

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