Weekly Wrap – RtR week 7

RtR Update

‘Twas spring break week here for my youngest son – so it was a crazy week of juggling work, playdates, a full lax schedule (honestly…when is it not full?!?) and, of course, some workouts. So here’s how the workouts went…

Monday 4/18:  Boston Marathon Volunteering! Almost 7 hrs on my feet plus 3 miles run to get to the team meeting place.
Tuesday 4/19:  My legs were toast – rest day!
Wednesday 4/20: An hour and half session with Trainer Stacey – glutes, abs, hips – oh my!
Thursday 4/21:  Return of the irritable stomach along with a headache – pushed the run to Friday.
Friday 4/22:  Chasing the sun again with 3 miles.
Saturday 4/23:  4.25 miles in light rain – all good.
Sunday 4/24:  Planks and PT exercises.

A decent week despite the scheduling madness. One of my goals for April was to make some real progress on my weight loss goal – well after watching the same pound or two come and go on the scale, I decided to start keeping a food journal this week. Hopefully it will shed some light on why I’m not shedding pounds…sorry I couldn’t resist 😉

I’m looking forward to more of a regular routine this week – though Mother Nature is threatening to wreak havoc with my planned runs with…believe it or not…snow and sleet!

Anyone else facing the prospect of crazy weather? Have you ever kept a food journal?

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Weekly Wrap – RtR Week 6

RtR Update

I swear I blinked and the week was over! Overall I was pretty pleased with how this week went.

Monday 4/11:  Rest Day.
Tuesday 4/12:  Strength work and PT exercises.
Wednesday 4/13:  3 mile run.
Thursday 4/14:  An hour session with Trainer Stacey.
Friday 4/15:  Legs were very sore from Thursday’s workout so just did some core work and PT exercises.
Saturday 4/16:  I had planned to run 6, but I woke up with a very irritable stomach which did not settle as I started running, so I settled for 4.
Sunday 4/17:  3.5 mile run.

While I would have liked a little more mileage, Trainer Stacey continues to remind me that progress may be a little slower as I work on correcting my imbalances….but it’s still progress. I’m really enjoying training with Stacey – it’s super challenging and I love how positive she is!

progress adds up

The goal each week is to make it better than the last! I’ll also be drawing some additional motivation this week from my volunteer gig at the marathon tomorrow – hard to not be motivated, right? Wishing everyone running Boston the best of luck!

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What are you looking forward to this week?


RtR Week 5 Wrap-up

RtR Update


Another week of Run to Remember training is in the books – boys these weeks are just flying by! I’m joining Holly and Tricia for their #WeeklyWrap – once you finish here, be sure to stop by and check in on how this week has treated everyone.


Monday 4/4:  Rest Day.
Tuesday 4/5:  Back to work with Trainer Stacy – 1 hour of torture…er.. strength work.
Wednesday 4/6:  Afternoon run of 3 miles.
Thursday 4/7:  A 5K with the sunrise….and then a 90 minute sports massage later in the day – just perfect!

Friday 4/8:  T25 Beta – Core Cardio.
Saturday 4/9:  Another early morning run for 4.25 miles.
Sunday 4/10:  Mostly a rest day with some core work and 4 hrs of standing at both of the boys’ lacrosse games.

My runs this week were ok. The frigid temps returned (again!), but I made the transition back to early morning runs (one of my goals for this month) – a good thing for sure.

I was very excited to get back to work with Trainer Stacey! While I have been fairly diligent over the last couple of months to keep some strength training in the mix, this session was both eye-opening and hard! After talking about my running and goals for this year, she put me through a full assessment. And let’s just say I have some work to do! But, it’s all good and I’m looking forward to our next session this week. I’ll also be looking to bump up my mileage – fingers crossed my legs cooperate 🙂

So now your turn – how was your week?


RtR Week 3 recap

RtR Update

Happy Monday!

How was your weekend? For those who celebrate, a belated Happy Easter!

Week 3 of Run to Remember training is in the books and I’m joining Holly and Tricia for their #WeeklyWrap. Be sure to stop by and check in on how last week treated everyone.


Monday 3/21:  Strength workout – legs and abs.
Tuesday 3/22:  44 minutes on the Arc Trainer.
Wednesday 3/23:  3 hilly miles on some very tired legs.
Thursday 3/24:  Rest Day!

Family run
Friday 3/25:  Family run – while I didn’t run as far as I’d planned, nothing beats the whole family running together!
Saturday 3/26:  The plague hit…seriously I felt horrible – there was no running, just couch time and movies with the kids.
Sunday 3/27:  Still not feeling fabulous by a long shot, but that little voice in my head kept nagging me that I was going to be more unhappy if I skipped it vs going – 3.5 miles done.

Thankfully after a very quite weekend, I’m feeling more or less plague-free today. As I run-fessed I’ve been feeling a little uninspired by my runs, but I’m focusing on an attitude adjustment for this week!

How was your week?


RtR Training Week 2


RtR Update

Wrapping up another week of training. So let’s take a look at how things went, shall we?

Monday 3/14:  Strength workout – legs and abs.
Tuesday 3/15:  3 mile run – I just couldn’t bring myself to run in the cold rain so headed to the gym to face the treadmill. I admit that I went into this run with the wrong attitude and it showed. 
Wednesday 3/16:  Rest day! Sports massage – 90 minutes of unknotting muscles.
Thursday 3/17:  T25 Beta – Core Cardio.
Friday 3/18:  Strength work – legs and abs.
Saturday 3/19:  4 miles – This was a hard run. Legs felt heavy and I just had no energy – the heavy winds probably didn’t help. 
Sunday 3/20:  3 miles more.

While I did hit all of my workouts I felt like I was all over the place this week and completely out of rhythm. I’m really not sure how missing one extra hour could have such a big impact but I swear Daylight Saving threw me for a loop at the beginning of the week and I never really caught up! It was one of those weeks that between work and home life, I felt like I was always trying to squeeze a workout in.

This week should be quieter, and hopefully I can settle into more of a groove.

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Ever have a week where you just feel out of sorts? How was your week?


RtR Training Week 1


Training for Boston’s Run to Remember is officially under way. As I mentioned over coffee, this will be my first half in two years – so my goals for this training cycle are simple:

  1. Hit all of my workouts
  2. Build my mileage slowly
  3. Reach the start line injury-free

I want to use RtR to get back up to the half distance and lay the foundation for more rigorous training this summer. So how’d the first week go?

Monday 3/7 — Given how crazy my Mondays have been because of work lately, I’ve decided to make Mondays a strength day. I broke out the resistance bands and did a lower body workout I use to do when I was working with a trainer. My legs felt like jello when I was done!

Tuesday 3/8  — Woke up with a really upset stomach that stayed with me all day. So I decided to push my run to Wednesday and opted for some yoga.

Wednesday 3/9 — An absolutely gorgeous day  – temps in the 70’s! I still didn’t feel great and actually dressed too warm in a long sleeve shirt, but just didn’t care. 3 miles done.

Thursday 3/10 — Still feeling really off – decided to listen to my body and took an unplanned rest day.

Friday 3/11 — 3 miles more.

Saturday 3/12 — As the weeks go on, Saturdays will be my long run day. For today, just 4 miles…with too many hills!

Sunday 3/13 —  More yoga.

All-in-all not a bad first week, especially since I didn’t feel fabulous for most of it. I rolled like it was my job every night – and while that lacrosse ball is a little slice of torture, I do think it’s helping. The good news is whatever bug I was dealing with didn’t take hold and I’m feeling pretty and looking forward to week 2!

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Training Check-in and a Detox Update

Training Check In

Last week’s goal was to get 3 runs, 2 strength and at least 1 yoga session, in addition to keeping up with the April Plank Challenge. Reality was a bit of a mixed bag, as I missed both a run and a strength session – I am rocking the planks. I’m not happy about missing the run, but sometimes juggling everything else in life just gets in the way.

It’s a good thing I’m planning on just running the BAA 5K with my husband and son for fun ’cause a respectable time is just not in the cards.  I’m even thinking of just leaving the Garmin at home – Have you ever “raced” sans watch?

In other news…when I posted recently that I was doing the Naked Me 14-day tea detox, many of you expressed interest in hearing how things turned out.  Well, in a word, I’m underwhelmed. After reading much about this detox across the interwebs, I was really looking forward to trying it.  I figured it was a good fit since I’m already a big tea drinker and I liked the fact that there was no extreme diet attached to it.

The detox consists of two teas – the Boost Me morning tea, which is suppose to boost your metabolism, increase energy and regulate your blood sugar levels; and the Cleanse Me evening tea, which is suppose to promote digestion and detoxification.  I have to say I just felt no special benefits from drinking these tea blends vs. the green teas I usually drink. I continued to eat healthy and exercise as I normally do and after two weeks I saw no significant changes…and no weight-loss. So there you have it. The only benefit of this two week experiment? I have returned to my evening tea habit, which is always a nice way to wind down at the end of the day.

What are your thoughts on doing a detox?


How’s your spring training going? I’m joining Erika, Patty and April again for Tuesdays on the Run. 


Training Check-in — Accountability


Training Check In

As much as I love my training journal, I’m feeling the need for more accountability. Accountability was one of the main reasons I started this blog in the first place….and so I’m returning to my training check-ins.

A couple of weeks ago, I announced I’d mapped out a training plan to get myself to the start line of the Newport 10 miler. I have been aiming for two days of yoga, two days of strength work and three days of running a week. So how’d it go last week? Thanks to a crazy work schedule and feeling under the weather, my runs were jammed into the later half of the week – but I did get 3 shorts runs done…including some family time at the track (where my oldest snapped the pic above). Since I wasn’t feeling so hot, there was only one strength and one yoga session — I opted instead for much needed rest. But, I did sign-on for Boston Road Runners’ April Plank Challenge, so a daily plank series has been happening.

Given how I was feeling, I’d say it was a decent week. And, after a quiet weekend, I’m feeling rested and ready to go this week! I’ll let you know how it goes….

How’s your training going? Do you find it helpful to post training updates?

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12-week reality check

A quick glance at the calendar the other day revealed that I have just 12 weeks (ok a little less than 12) until the Newport 10 miler….hmmm hello reality check!

Calvin & Hobbs reality

Yes there’s enough time to get my act together, but I need to get my butt in gear. My willy-nilly approach to running is not going to cut it. I’ve pretty much been winging it when I hit the gym – if I feel like dealing with the mill then I run but sometimes the lure of the Arc Trainer or TRX or other strength work is stronger.

So I’ve mapped out a 12-week plan – a mix of 2 days of strength work, 2 days of yoga and 3 days of running – time to get going!

Do you usually train with a plan or do you wing it?


AlterG – Treadmill Love!

I have finally found a treadmill I could love!

Yes people…for those of you who’ve been around here for a while and know how I feel about treadmills this may come as a shock…but I’ve found just such a treadmill! The AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmill.


I got to meet my new love last Friday at Functional Fitness and Physical Therapy in N. Easton, MA. There I met co-owner Sarah Anestam, a licensed physical therapist, who walked me through getting set up on the AlterG. I slipped on a pair of neoprene shorts so I could be zipped into the AlterG’s pressurized air chamber. Sarah started the machine and I could feel the air chamber begin to fill with air. The machine then calculates your weight – (I love that they don’t rely on you to tell the truth!) – and once it calibrates you’re ready to run. Sarah first reduced my body weight to 80% – I instantly felt light and quick. She then took me down to 50% explaining that this closely mimicked running in a pool – but without any risk of slipping or getting stitches wet if recovering from a leg/hip surgery. Sarah soon left me to my own devices, encouraging me to play with the weight, speed and inclines.

On the AlterGRunning on the AlterG felt smooth and effortless. I easily pushed the pace, at one point hitting the 8 min range, while still chatting with Sarah (only in my dreams people!). I could focus on form and turnover without any undue stress on my legs – my cranky ITB was silent!

alterG backThe AlterG allows you to walk and run from 20 – 100% of your body weight making it an ideal tool for rehabbing from surgery or coming back from injury. Sarah also pointed out that time on the AlterG was also very beneficial for runners looking to train longer and faster  – building both endurance and leg strength without undue stress. Yeah sign me up!

In fact, at Functional Fitness, runners can buy time on the AlterG, $25 for 30 minutes or a 10-pack for $200. Sarah noted she sees a lot of runners come in during peak Boston Marathon training! I am thrilled to have discovered this great training resource and, with Functional Fitness a short drive away, I will be putting this to use in the future.

A huge thanks to Outside PR for arranging this demo for me and to Sarah at Functional Fitness and Physical Therapy for being so generous with her time!