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‘Twas spring break week here for my youngest son – so it was a crazy week of juggling work, playdates, a full lax schedule (honestly…when is it not full?!?) and, of course, some workouts. So here’s how the workouts went…

Monday 4/18:  Boston Marathon Volunteering! Almost 7 hrs on my feet plus 3 miles run to get to the team meeting place.
Tuesday 4/19:  My legs were toast – rest day!
Wednesday 4/20: An hour and half session with Trainer Stacey – glutes, abs, hips – oh my!
Thursday 4/21:  Return of the irritable stomach along with a headache – pushed the run to Friday.
Friday 4/22:  Chasing the sun again with 3 miles.
Saturday 4/23:  4.25 miles in light rain – all good.
Sunday 4/24:  Planks and PT exercises.

A decent week despite the scheduling madness. One of my goals for April was to make some real progress on my weight loss goal – well after watching the same pound or two come and go on the scale, I decided to start keeping a food journal this week. Hopefully it will shed some light on why I’m not shedding pounds…sorry I couldn’t resist 😉

I’m looking forward to more of a regular routine this week – though Mother Nature is threatening to wreak havoc with my planned runs with…believe it or not…snow and sleet!

Anyone else facing the prospect of crazy weather? Have you ever kept a food journal?

rp_WeeklyWrap-1-300x300.jpgI’m joining Holly and Tricia for their #WeeklyWrap – This link-up gets bigger every week and is full of fun bloggers. Be sure to stop by and join in!



  1. I used to obsessively keep a food journal and can’t go back. I am facing an upward creeping scale but I don’t need a food journal to tell me why — I need to stop eating all the french fries and buttered bread that’s put in front of me at restaurants and meeting lunches.
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  2. Food Journaling. …what a great idea! I need to do that for sure!!!

    Snow/sleet…..it is almost May….no way!!!

    How exciting was Boston…..I hope to make it there one day….to run the 5k and then volunteer….I can only imagine the excitement of the race!!!

    Way to get your work outs in…sorry about your tummy and head :(….

    • Running the BAA 5K and then volunteering is a great way to be part of the whole Boston experience! Definitely do it if you get the chance – then we can hang out 🙂

  3. Yikes, snow and sleet! I hope you can avoid most of it 🙂 I recently went back to food journaling too since the weight crept up with half marathon training. I want to get my weight back down before I start my next training cycle in August.
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  4. Wow you guys are having snow?? It was 86 degrees here today
    Deborah @ Confessions of a mother runner recently posted…Honey Garlic Skillet Tofu-Meatless MondayMy Profile

  5. Oh my goodness sleet and snow! None of that here, thankfully but I’m watching a line of storms as I type this headed our way from TX. I’m afraid I’m with you on the few extra pounds. Even just a few makes quite a bit of difference for my short frame. I think I need to change some things. I’m stuck in the doing the same thing isnt’ working mode.
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  6. I was so good about my food journal until spring break. Then I never got back to it. Ugh. I want this weight to be gone and it’s just not. Weather is ridic here. After bagging my race due to snow and ice it got up to 83 last weekend, then after a hailstorm, it dropped 40+ degrees. Enough already.

    • Marcia you were my motivation on the whole journal thing! I’ve never tried one before but I’m willing to try anything if it might help me get the weight loss thing moving in the right direction. I have no words left for the weather…it’s turned crazy cold here. Kinda hard to believe it’s the last week of April!

  7. I’ve never kept a food journal or tracked my calories in any way. I’m carrying around an extra 5 pounds right now (from marathon training) so maybe it would be a good idea! That is crazy weather. It’s just warm here and we are getting our typical springtime storms. Thanks for linking with us Michelle!
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