2016 Year in Review

13 – just 13 days people and 2016 is a wrap! While my running plans for 2017 are well underway (more to come on that), it feels like a good time to reflect on this year of running.

Best race experience:  The RnR Vegas weekend!  My brother, husband and I had such a good time from start to finish – and this weekend included not one, but two races as I took on the Remix Challenge! A first for me doing back-to-back races. (You can check out my recap here.)

Best run: I can’t say that there was one run that stood out. My husband started joining me for my long runs on Saturdays, and I will say those became my favorite runs each week.

Best new piece of running gear: Aftershokz headphones! (affiliate link) I love that they let me hear my music and my surroundings with such clarity.

Best running advice you’ve received this year: Don’t let comparison (to past times/PRs) take away from the current journey. This came from one of the RC coaches and I refer back to it often.

Most inspirational runner:  I’ve always been a huge fan, but after getting to meet him in Vegas, …this one was easy – Meb!

Favorite picture from a run or race this year: There was lots of family running this year – these are just a few of my favorite photos!

Race experience you would repeat in a heartbeat: For the fun of it I would do Vegas again without a doubt. If I were looking for a “do-over” I would pick RnR Philly – the humidity was atrocious and really sucked the life out of me. I’d love a chance to do that course again…  with more fall-like conditions! 😉

If you could sum up your year in a couple of words what would they be? Good to be back! After no racing and a very little running in 2015, it was wonderful to get back into the groove. I made a lot of progress this year and cannot wait to see what 2017 will bring!

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2015 Top 5 Posts

Hope you all had a very merry Christmas! I had a great day with my family and am looking forward to some fun family hang out time this week.

I’m also planning to steal some quite time figure out my goals for 2016.  But first, as I did last year, today I want to take a look back on the top 5 posts for 2015:

5 tips for running with kids — This was actually a post from 2014. I’m so lucky to be able to share my love of running with both my boys, and glad others continue to find these tips helpful.

I Heart Fridays — I declared my love of Fridays and clearly many of you agreed!

Meditation Tips and Benefits — If you’ve been around here for any length of time then you know I’m a big proponent of meditation.

Running Pet Peeves — Ah yes…you know we all have them!

5 Tips for Returning to Running — After a long layoff it’s tempting to want to jump right back into running, but you’re better served to ease into it….slowly.

Thanks for sharing in the fun around here this year! 


Top 5 Posts for 2014

Hope you all had a great Christmas! Ours was wonderful and I’m still enjoying some great family time this week.

Of course it’s the natural thing to spend some time reflecting as the year winds to a close. I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about my plans and goals for 2015….more to come in the next few days. But today’s post is inspired by a year-end blog report I just received so I’m sharing my top five posts from 2014.

I heart 10-mile races — I declared my love of the 10-mile distance and many of you agreed!

Cold-weather Running Tips — Hopefully some of these tips will help you get through the cold winter months ahead.

Running Unplugged — Shared a few tips on running tech-free – something I’ve been enjoying a lot for the past few weeks.

Working with a Running Coach — I believe there is so much to be gained from working with a running coach!

Race Day Prep — While I didn’t get to do a lot of racing myself this year, these 5 tips will be top of mind as I get ready for my first race of 2015.

A huge thanks to all of you who have shared in the fun around here this year!


Year of Running – 2014

year_of_running_2014buttonRecently Amanda posted for her annual look back on the year of running and invited others to join in and answer a few questions about their year:


Best Race Experience?

Ah well, if you’ve been around here for a bit, then you know there wasn’t a lot of racing for me this year. But I was lucky enough to race two races through the streets of Boston – always a good thing! So yep I’m picking two experiences 🙂 Up first in April was the BAA 5K – the kickoff to an amazing, emotional Marathon weekend in Boston. Made better by being a family affair as both J and our oldest son also ran it.

RTR medal

Then in May I returned to one of my all time favorite races, Boston’s Run to Remember, running the 5-miler for the first time. This is a big race with a local feel, and it’s always a good time.

Best Run?

My running this year was really all over the place – at times feeling like such a battle with my body. So, honestly, I’d say any run that was pain- and frustration-free was a good run!

Best new piece of gear?

Wave RIder 2This is a tough one but I think I have to give the nod to my Mizuno Wave Rider 18s.  Any shoes I can run 9 miles in straight out of the box are going to end up high on the list. They’ve quickly become my go to shoe since arriving on my doorstep.

Best piece of running advice?

Came from Coach Bennett – to let go of the watch and run by feel.

Most inspirational runner?

I’m going to go with two here also — Meb and Kara Goucher.

If you could sum up your year in a couple of words, what would they be?

Frustrating. I had had such high hopes for this year, but unfortunately the running gods had other plans. This was definitely my most challenging year since I’ve started running. But, that won’t stop me from setting big goals for 2015.

So how would you answer any of these questions?



Year in Running – 2013


Amanda aka Miss Zippy recently did her annual post looking back on her year in running and invited us to link up and do the same. So here are my answers to her questions:

Best race experience?

picmonkey_image (4)

Without a doubt running with my son for his first 5K!

Best run?

I always enjoy my long runs with my running buddy E – even the ugliest of runs is better with a friend 🙂

Best new piece of gear?

I bought a couple of YMX’s fabulous tanks and they became instant race favorites!

YMX Collage

Best piece of running advice you received?

To keep a long-term view. In a variety of ways Coach Bennett has reminded me to not let one race define me and the importance of taking a long-term view of both running and racing goals.

Most Inspirational Runner?

I draw inspiration from so many runners I could never pick just one! I am inspired by those who step outside of their comfort zones; by those who dream big and dare to go after those dreams; by those who come up short on their goals, but never give up; by those who are motivated to become a better version of themselves.

If you could sum up your year in a couple of words, what would they be?

“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.” — This was definitely a roller coaster year for my running – challenging in many ways. But I have learned a lot about running and myself and I can’t wait to see what I can do in 2014!

Now it’s your turn – how would answer any of these questions?


Some of the Best of 2011

Recently, Miss Zippy posted a great list of questions on the “best of” for 2011 and invited us all to do the same…so here are my answers!

Best race experience? 
Without a doubt Boston’s Run to Remember – this was my first half marathon! I felt like I had achieved a huge accomplishment just making it to the start line, and the whole race I had this “I can’t believe I’m actually doing this!” feeling. Also, I had my whole family there and they went through herculean efforts to see and cheer me on in multiple sports throughout the race.  It was a great first experience and laid the groundwork for my growing love affair with the half distance!

Best run?

Another first — the first time I ever ran 10 miles. It was one of those perfect runs, everything felt good and even the traffic lights cooperated so I never had to stop. I remember my confidence growing as the miles ticked off and when I finished I did a little happy dance in my driveway (neighbors must have loved that!)

Best new piece of gear?

This one’s hard – I did a lot of….um..er…accumulating this year 🙂 It’s a tie between my Brooks running skirt and my Saucony Kinvaras – for both it was love at first run!

Best piece of running advice you received?

Everything I learned during my time with Ryan Miller, certified ChiRunning instructor! Also, to make the transition to minimalist shoes slowly.

Most inspirational runner?

Way to many to pick just one! I have been inspired and motivated by so many runners’ stories this year – from daily training, to racing, to overcoming injuries.

If you could sum up your year in a couple of words, what would they be?

Moving in the right direction!

There is so much to reflect on this year. This list was a fun way to get started! 

What were your 2011 highlights?



A letter to my family

I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you…

You all have cheered me through every step of my journey this year

You have endured all the crazy weather conditions right along with me – the heat, the snow, the torrential rain – your enthusiasm never waning, celebrating every step, every mile, every finish.

You donned “Cheering with Attitude” t-shirts, you carried banners, you even gave out high fives to other runners.

When I said I wanted to run a half marathon you never questioned – ok Dad you may have once…but even then you were kidding 🙂

When I said I was going to run 2 more halfs with other races sprinkled in – all you asked was where and when

You have loved and supported me every step of the way – through every training run, through every ache or pain, through every race. Of course, this is not rare – you all have supported me no matter what path I’ve traveled in my life…so really this journey to be a runner is really no different.

So as 2011 draws to a close, I thank you – I’m very lucky to have such a support system and I love you all!