There’s a difference between interest and commitment. 
When you’re interested in something, you do it only when it’s convenient. 
When you’re committed to something, you except no excuses, only results.
— Kenneth Blanchard
Just a little something to think about on a Monday morning….

On the plan for this week:
Today:  Yoga
Tuesday:  Tempo Run (5)
Wednesday:  Easy Run (3) and Strength Training
Thursday:  Rest
Friday:  Long Run (8)
Saturday:  Pilates and Strength Training
Sunday:  Easy Run (3) and Chi Running Workshop (much more on that to come!)
Have a Great Week!

Thursday Thoughts – Week 1 Training

  • I’m half way through Week 1 of my half marathon training plan. After looking at a bunch of different half plans, I decided to stick with Smart Coach – I figured it’s worked for me for my last two 10ks, so if it ain’t broke…..

  • I don’t want to jinx myself but I’m showing signs of getting faster! On the plan for Tuesday was 1600 intervals and I actually saw times in the low and mid 9’s – definitely speedy for me! And I ran the last interval faster than the first. All-in-all a nice return to the track.

  • I’m back to studying the ChiRunning DVD. I’m trying to break it down and concentrate on one “focus” per week so this week has been all about posture. When I get tired I start to slouch a bit, but I’ve noticed that if I concentrate on my posture it takes any pressure out of my lower back/hips. Next week I’ll work to incorporate the next “focus” – the lean.

 How’s your week going?


    Sunday 7

    Ran 7 miles this morning – first time I’ve seen this distance in a while thanks to my irritable ITB. The 4…yes 4 on the thermometer also meant this was to be a new distance on my new BFF the ‘mill. Well, what can I say…7 miles is a long time to be on the treadmill. I mean seriously, how much Sports Center can a girl watch? At least,  watching with the sound off and my music on meant I didn’t have to listen Rex Ryan – I’m a Patriots fan after all…and yes I’m still bitter about last Sunday’s loss!

    Having now watched the ChiRunning DVD a couple of times, I tried to take today’s run a little slower and focus on maintaining my posture. It’s amazing how many times I caught myself slumping. There a couple of different “body focuses” in ChiRunning and it’s definitely going to take a little time to master all of them, but I’m going to give it a shot and see what kind of results I get. I’ll update more as I go along.

    For now, I’m off to an afternoon of Wii games with the kids and some football – bitterly rooting for the Steelers! 😉


    Thursday Thoughts (aka 3 Things)

    Fear of black ice drove me back to the ‘mill today for my speedwork. This marks my 3rd run on the mill which I consider a big accomplishment in my ongoing effort to overcome ‘millphobia!

    After some interesting tweets and some great tips posted by Amanda at Run to The Finish, I was motivated to revisit my ChiRunning DVD. Admittedly, I have this video for a while but with all the ‘mill running I find I’m paying more attention to my form and that combined with my ITB issues, has me more motivated than ever to improve my form to run as injury-free as possible. More on this to come….

    I’ve been hesitating about registering for the RnR Half in Providence in August. It will be the inaugural race – I’ve been wanting to run one of the Rock n Roll races and this one is right in my back yard (read no travel expenses). Yet, the thought of 13.1 in August is a little daunting — it would be my 2nd half this year. Decisions, decisions….