Friday Five

  1.  I’m wondering what happened to the lovely fall-like temps we had here in New England just a week ago. Oppressive humidity has returned and it is sucking the life out of my “speedwork.”
  2. I’m in the final days of trying to get ready for the family’s first trip to Disney World – my head is spinning from the daily emails from the lovely Disney folks reminding us of all the activities/shows/etc. we have to choose from, advice from friends on the “must dos,” and thinking of all that needs to get done before we get on the plane!
  3. My last two long runs have been 10-milers and I’ve got 11 on tap for Sunday. I’ve really been enjoying my long runs and lovin’ how I’m feeling when I’m done. A turning point? 
  4. I’ve started using my Kinvaras for more than just track work and am amazed at how different the foot feel is vs. the Mirages. I think this slow and steady transition to a minimalist shoe has been the best approach for me – eventually I’d like to be running in the Kinvaras for long runs as well, but I think I’m going to wait until after Philly’s done.
  5. Looking forward to a fairly quiet weekend – just the usual kids sports and family running around. After another crazy busy week, I’m craving some down time.
 Have a Great Weekend!

    More new kicks – Vibrams!

    So look what was delivered to my door the other day….

    Yep, a pair of Vibram Bikila LS! Back in February my hubs and I won a pair from a charity auction at my son’s school. We had our choice of Vibrams and both selected the Bikila LS.  In case you don’t know, the Bikila is Vibram’s first model specifically designed for running. I choose the Bikila LS because it has a quick lace system designed to accommodate a wider foot. Well, they arrived the other day and I walked around in them every chance I got all weekend.  I was surprised at how comfortable they are, and they felt especially good wearing them post-run yesterday.

    Since I’m taking baby steps towards minimalism, I’ll just be using them for walks for now. I may take them with me for my next track session in another week or so. I’ve been enjoying rotating in my new Saucony Mirages into my weekly runs, and with no knee pain over the past couple of weeks, I don’t want to do anything to jinx it. Patience is not my strong suit, but in the end I think it will pay off and help me to be a stronger runner.


    A move towards minamalism… steps

    Last Saturday, I was invited to attend a minimalist shoe clinic sponsored by Saucony. It was a great chance to see their full line, including a shoe that won’t be available until the summer. I appreciate their philosophy that minimalism doesn’t have to be an all or nothing proposition. As the Saucony rep spoke repeatedly about exploring what works for you as an individual, and gradually integrating a minimalist shoe into your training.

    I was particularly interested in learning more about the Mirage, their intro-to-minimalism shoe that features the lower heal-to-toe ratio of a minimalist shoe combined with a bit more arch support. I figured that given where I am in my training and my slight over-pronation, this would be a good place to start vs. taking the bigger leap  with the Kinvara. Luckily the Saucony rep had brought a bunch of shoes for us to try and I loved the feel of the Mirage. So yes, as you have probably guessed, I ordered a pair (the 15% discount sealed the deal!). I plan to use them on my easy runs first, while continuing in my Brooks Adrenaline for my long runs.

    My hope is that as I strengthen some of the under-developed muscles in my legs and feet, I can make the transition to a more minimalist shoe as the year goes on. And, this combined with my ChiRunning efforts will hopefully improve my mechanics and help keep me injury-free!

    Speaking of ChiRunning, I’ve got a private workshop scheduled for Sunday with Certified ChiRunning Instructor Ryan Miller. I’m really looking forward to spending time with Ryan – I’ve got lots of questions!! I’ll be posting a full report when we’re done.

    Happy Running!