2017 Gift Guide for Runners

This week’s Friday Five theme is “Gift Giving” so it seemed like the perfect time to share my annual gift guide for runners!

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Skirt Sports  – Well let’s dive in with one of my favorite apparel companies, Skirt Sports. I love the philosophy of this company and it doesn’t hurt that they make great clothing in such fun patterns. I have to admit I’ve become a little obsessed 🙂 Use code FALL20WIN for 20% off (expires 12/31/17).

a very small sample of my collection

Stride Box –  I’ve mentioned my love of StrideBox many times here. StrideBox offers a great combination of food/fuel options, running gear, and body care. And, at just $15 per month, Stridebox subscriptions make a great gift that can be enjoyed for many months to come! Code RunAttitude10 will save 10% off 3- and 6- month subscriptions (expires 12/24/17).

Knuckle Lights – These were on my personal wish list last year and lucky for me Santa was listening! I love the on-hand design and that these lights are rechargeable. They’re lightweight and slide easily over gloves in winter months.  Perfect for running or walking the dog!

Use code RUNNINGWITHATTITUDE and save 10% (expires 1/31/18).

Trigger Wheel – The RPI Trigger Wheel (affiliate link!) has been a lifesaver for me since I picked one up at last year’s R’n’R Vegas expo. It is perfect for those small muscles that you can’t quite get to easily with a foam roller.

SPIbelt – SPIbelt has been with me since my earliest days of running. I love that it’s lightweight, doesn’t bounce, and holds my phone and other essentials.

And with toggles for clipping on your bib, it’s a must-have when racing! (The Hydration Belt in this pic sees a lot of use during the summer months).


Use code michelle2017 to save 15% (expires 12/31/17)

Momentum Wraps – This is one on my wish list! I have a couple and just love the motivating messages they offer. They make a great stocking stuffer!

Yeah ok.. so that was 6 items instead of 5 😉

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What’s on your wish list this year?


Global Running Day 2017

Global Running Day is Wednesday!

So on the first Wednesday of June, the annual call goes out to celebrate running!

The driving rain we’ve been dealing with here for the past couple of days is supposed to finally break tomorrow so I’ll be starting my celebration with a run, of course. Then it might be time for a little retail therapy in the form of both gear and races 🙂

SPIbelt – SPIbelt has been with me since my earliest days of running! Use code michelle2017 to save 15%!

StrideBox – I have shared my love for StrideBox many times here! Use code RunningDay17 for 50% off of the first box for a new regular monthly subscription to StrideBox! (Offers good only on 6/7)

SkirtSports – And I’m always happy to share a little SkirtSport love 😉 Use code SPRINGCPT20 to get 20% off.

So many races – Active has teamed up with a bunch of races to offer registration discounts. And, everyone who registers for a participating event on 6/7 will automatically be entered to win a swag bag valued at $500, featuring products from Garmin, New Balance, Gatorade, and Road ID just to name a few. Click here for details.

How will you be celebrating?

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NYC Half Training Week 3

Happy Sunday!

Even as I type the words I’m having a little bit of a hard time believing we’re already halfway through the month! After struggling with a nasty cold last week, this week was all about getting back on track.

Monday: I spent most of the day trying to get caught up on work, but did get in a 1.25 miles towards the Winter Challenge – Day 9.

Tuesday: Strength day plus another mile for the Winter Challenge.

Wednesday: 4 mile tempo run.

Thursday:  Rest day – a much needed massage happened, and yes a 1.25 miles more towards the Challenge. If you’re wondering why 1.25…that’s one trip around my block 🙂

Friday: 5 mile tempo. I must admit I came so close to phoning this one in. I woke up so tired and the wind was seriously whipping around…I just wasn’t feeling it, but knew I’d be upset with myself later…so out the door I went. There was a lot of cursing, but 5 miles were done.

Saturday:  The frigid temps returned, but luckily no wind. My legs felt like lead after Friday’s run and I was very happy to have my husband along for the run. And, it was a beautiful morning!

Sunday: I squeezed in a brisk 1.25 mile walk after my son’s hockey game to keep the Winter Challenge streak going.

All-in-all not a bad week, but the runs all felt tough because I just had no energy (I’m guessing a lingering effect from the cold…plus a few too many nights staying up to watch The Daily Show). The big goal for this week is to get to bed at a reasonable hour so I don’t feel so fried.

I also got the great news this week that I was selected as a SPIbelt Ambassador again for this year! I’ve made no secret of my love for SPIbelt and am psyched to be representing them again!

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Holiday Gift Guide for Runners

Just in time for Cyber Monday, I’m sharing a few ideas for the runners in your life .. or for your own wish list 🙂


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Source: SPIbelt.com

Let’s start with one of my must haves – SPIbelt. The SPIbelt is the first piece of running gear I ever bought at an expo and I’ve been running with one ever since (that’s 6 yrs and counting!). I love that it’s lightweight, doesn’t bounce, and holds my phone and other essentials.

Use code michelle2016 at checkout and receive a special goody bag!


If you’ve been around here for any length of time or follow me on Instagram than you know I make no secret of my love of compression sleeves – especially Zensah! These sleeves are a post-run must have, and they’ll also make a big difference on a long car ride or flight 🙂 In fact I’m such a fan of all things Zensah, I recently became a Zensah Ambassador!

Check out Zensah’s site for some great sales going on right now!

roadid_catalog_elitescreenshot-www-roadid-com-2016-11-27-17-30-33Another must have in my book for any runner (or cyclist) is a Road ID. I’m still amazed at how many runners I come across who don’t carry some ID when they run. I recently just chastised my brother for this! A Road ID speaks for you if heaven forbid there’s an accident and you can’t. Use code TAFW2DYPQ83 for $5 off the RoadID Elite.
believejournal_b897a982-0a50-4537-b102-15b07126cd02_1024x1024I think keep a training journal is a great way to help keep you accountable and motivated. And, while I like tracking stats online, nothing for me beats the written word. The Believe Journal (affiliate link alert!) offers a great mix of training log, running advice and inspirational quotes.

screenshot-www-knucklelights-com-2016-11-27-18-03-23Now this last item is high on my own wish list – Knuckle Lights! Being able to see and be seen is critical, especially if you’ve got to log your runs before the sun’s up or long after sunset. I’ve never been a fan of wearing a headlamp, so the on-hand design is perfect. I also love that these lights are rechargeable – cause who’s got time to hunt for batteries! Use code YKAF5544 to save 10%.

Of course, I couldn’t put together a runner gift guide and not suggest the gift of a race registration. Since the race gift card doesn’t exist yet (though I don’t know why…hello race directors!!), I can suggest using my Rock’n’Blog code for $15 off a half marathon or marathon registration. I’m psyched to announce that the code is now good for early 2017 Rock ‘n’ Roll races, including Arizona, NOLA, Dallas, Mexico City, DC and Nashville!

RnBCode Black

Have you started your holiday shopping?


Sharing some fun stuff

Hey guys, I’ve had some fun stuff come across my inbox lately so I thought I’d share.

Virtual runs are popping up everywhere and Rock ‘n’ Roll is getting in on the act. Now you can enjoy some Rock ‘n’ Roll fun no matter where you are! With Rock ‘n’ Roll’s Making a Band Virtual Runs you can run a 5K wherever you want and earn some great RnR bling!

400x400-guitar-solo-medal1There are 3 races – Guitar Solo, Drum Solo and Lead Singer. You can choose 1 or run all 3 races and earn a 4th bonus medal for “making a band.”  Isn’t this a fun medal?! #RnRVirtualRun

Head over to: http://www.runrocknroll.com/virtual-run/ for details.

And, speaking of RnR, the Rock ‘n’ Bloggers just learned that our discount codes are now valid for Las Vegas! Yes! You know you want to run the #stripatnight

RnBCode Black

RnR is also extending our codes into 2017 for Arizona, New Orleans and Mexico City! So let the race shopping begin! (I’d love to make it to NOLA next year).

And, speaking of special codes, you can use my code michelle2016 when you place an order with SPIbelt and receive a bonus goody bag with your purchase!