2017 Gift Guide for Runners

This week’s Friday Five theme is “Gift Giving” so it seemed like the perfect time to share my annual gift guide for runners!

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Skirt Sports  – Well let’s dive in with one of my favorite apparel companies, Skirt Sports. I love the philosophy of this company and it doesn’t hurt that they make great clothing in such fun patterns. I have to admit I’ve become a little obsessed 🙂 Use code FALL20WIN for 20% off (expires 12/31/17).

a very small sample of my collection

Stride Box –  I’ve mentioned my love of StrideBox many times here. StrideBox offers a great combination of food/fuel options, running gear, and body care. And, at just $15 per month, Stridebox subscriptions make a great gift that can be enjoyed for many months to come! Code RunAttitude10 will save 10% off 3- and 6- month subscriptions (expires 12/24/17).

Knuckle Lights – These were on my personal wish list last year and lucky for me Santa was listening! I love the on-hand design and that these lights are rechargeable. They’re lightweight and slide easily over gloves in winter months.  Perfect for running or walking the dog!

Use code RUNNINGWITHATTITUDE and save 10% (expires 1/31/18).

Trigger Wheel – The RPI Trigger Wheel (affiliate link!) has been a lifesaver for me since I picked one up at last year’s R’n’R Vegas expo. It is perfect for those small muscles that you can’t quite get to easily with a foam roller.

SPIbelt – SPIbelt has been with me since my earliest days of running. I love that it’s lightweight, doesn’t bounce, and holds my phone and other essentials.

And with toggles for clipping on your bib, it’s a must-have when racing! (The Hydration Belt in this pic sees a lot of use during the summer months).


Use code michelle2017 to save 15% (expires 12/31/17)

Momentum Wraps – This is one on my wish list! I have a couple and just love the motivating messages they offer. They make a great stocking stuffer!

Yeah ok.. so that was 6 items instead of 5 😉

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What’s on your wish list this year?


November Coffee

Time for a little catch up over coffee!

I’m joining Coco and Deborah for the Ultimate Coffee Date link-up.  Grab a mug, get comfortable and let’s chat!

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you that Mother Nature is seriously crushing my fall buzz with this latest crazy warm-up! I know you might think I’m crazy for wishing away 77 degree days, but I really like having 4 seasons and Fall is my favorite. Every time I think we finally get a taste of fall, Mother N yells “psyche!”

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you that I may be more excited to see the new Thor movie that just opened than my boys are! I think the Marvel movies are so much fun…and let’s be honest Chris Hemsworth isn’t too tough to take 😉

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you that I’ve become mildly obsessed with Stitch Fix! I got my first fix back in July and was pleasantly surprised that the stylist hit it out of the park. Since then I’ve only had one Fix that was a “What were they thinking?!” moment. I have some holiday parties on the horizon so I’m really looking forward to seeing what this month’s Fix will hold. If you’re interested in checking it out and helping my shopping habit, please use my referral code http://stitchfix.com/referral/13408665

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you that I’m really looking forward to the holidays. I got the annual mailer announcing Nutcracker tickets (one of my fave family traditions) and my boys have already started dropping gift hints 🙂 I’m hoping to get started with my Christmas shopping in the next week or so  – I want to be organized nice and early so I can really kick back and enjoy the season!

So what would you tell me over coffee? Are you looking forward to the holidays?


Last Coffee Date of 2015

The Ultimate Coffee Date

Hello December!

I know I start these posts often with the same declaration, but I have to say that I cannot believe it is December already. These days…this year, really, has flown by! Makes me wish time would slow down just a little…

So today marks the last Ultimate Coffee Date of the year. A huge shout out to our hosts Coco, Lynda and Deborah! So let’s settle in and catch up a little, shall we?

If we were having coffee together, I’d tell you that I joined a group of local moms last night for our town’s Holiday Stroll. We toured some beautifully decorated homes and then enjoyed a great gab-fest over wine and pizza afterwards. Such a fun way to kick off the holiday season!


One of the great ideas I want to copy for my own decorating if I can find our old skis!

If we were having coffee together, I’d tell you that I’m feeling slightly panicked that almost the first full week of December is over and our decorations are still buried in the attic. My boys have been nagging gently prodding us to get started…at a minimum I’m determined to get the lights up today. The tree goes up next weekend.

If we were having coffee together, I’d tell you that thanks to online shopping, I have at least gotten started on my gift list, and already have a few things delivered and awaiting wrapping.

If we were having coffee together, I’d tell you on the running front, things are progressing slowly, but progress is progress, right? I’m feeling hopeful enough to throw my hat in for the Cherry Blossom lottery again. Fingers crossed I get in and can manage the distance comfortably by then.

If we were having coffee together, I’d tell you how proud I am of my oldest son for deciding to try out for his school’s winter play. He’s talked about it doing it before, but nerves have won out. But, this time, he threw himself into it…and got a part! Great to see him step out of his comfort zone!

If we were having coffee together, I’d tell you I have to get ready to brave the crowds this morning in search of toys. My son’s community service project is a huge toy drive with one of the local Headstart programs….now if I can just remember what 2- and 3-year olds like to play with 🙂

So what would you tell me over coffee?  Have you started getting ready for the holidays?


Merry Christmas!

Christmas 2014

The cookies are made… Gifts are wrapped (almost)… Food prep has begun…and now it’s time to kick back and enjoy.

Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas!


Notes to Self

A couple of notes to myself after this morning’s run…..

…too much holiday cheer (in the form of a party and many glasses of a very good Prosecco) the night before a long run is ill-advised

…your kids will always wake up early the following morning, so sleeping off said holiday cheer is never an option

…running with perpetual cotton-mouth is also ill-advised and should be avoided in the future

…getting the run done, despite the holiday cheer and rain — oh yeah did I mention it started raining about half way through the run?! — is very satisfying 🙂