January rewind

Good things this month:
  • Logged 56 relatively pain-free miles – ice and foam roller helped to keep the ITB in check.
  • Did not miss one scheduled run despite weekly snow storms of biblical proportion (ok slight exaggeration… or not if you listen to our local weatherman!)
  • Added TRX to my weekly routine and I’m loving it! It kicks my arse in a good way.
  • Finally took on hill work, and on the treadmill no less!
  • Added yoga to my training….ok on the last day of the month, but technically I did add it
  • Completed the first week of the Chopra Center’s 21-day Meditation Challenge. I’m not zen yet, but I’m working on it.
  • 63 of you now following my madness…er…journey — I appreciate the support!
Things I could do without:
  • Treadmill as my new BFF….I need to start keeping better company. I miss the road. I will take the bitter cold temps if Mother Nature will just give the snow show a rest!
  • Shoveling as a form of cross-training…ok I’m done whining.
  • hmmm…that’s it…short list!
On the decks for February:
  • More…more TRX, more yoga and more miles…more ice.
  • Want to do a better job paying attention to what I’m eating – I don’t eat a lot of junk, but I could fuel and hydrate better, especially as I hope to increase my miles.
  • Hyannis 10k



    1. Hang in there with your BFF, I’ve been spending way too much time with mine too. : )

    2. overall sounds like a good month, I hope in February there is less snow shoveling cross training 🙂

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