March Rewind

Good things for the month:
  • Logged 69 miles and for the most part my left leg cooperated.
  • Started my training plan for my first half marathon!
  • Participated in Detroit Runner’s “I Just Felt Like Running” virtual 5k
  • ChiRunning one-on-one workshop — so many good things, (if you missed it, you can check out my post about it here)
  • Continued to add more yoga to my plan.
  • 81 of you now follow this little journey of mine — welcome to the new followers — and to all, thanks for the support!
Things I could do without:
  • Quite simply…this weather! Seriously…where is Spring? Snow is falling as I type this. If I ever track down that groundhog, he should be very afraid!
On the decks for April:
  • Continue to build on my ChiRunning practice
  • Start rotating a minimalist shoe into my runs — starting with my shorter runs and then build from there.
  • More strength training and core work.
  • My first double-digit runs!

What have you got planned for April?



  1. That looks like an awesome month! Great job!!

  2. Great March! I hope your April is even better.

  3. Yay, for you! Sounds like an AWESOME month.

    Winks & Smiles,

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