Runfessions – Thanksgiving Edition

November blew by in a flash and here we are once again on the last Friday of the month, which means it’s time to share some runfessions so we can roll into the holiday season with a clear conscious. So let’s get to it, shall we?

I runfess that I’m not a fan of Black Friday. I love a good deal as much of the next girl, but dealing with the crazed crowds, or even worse camping out and waiting for stores to open? Yeah no…I’m all set with that.

I runfess that back when I registered for the Harborside Half, which was supposed to be my goal race of the fall, that for the first time I added the option of registration insurance. I hoped I wouldn’t need it, but clearly, there was a part of me that knew my nagging injuries could be an issue. Fast forward to last week and I was one happy camper to receive confirmation that my registration fee had been refunded!

I runfess that my #RunNovemberChallenge streak hit a speed bump. When I woke Wednesday morning I was greeted with a driving rain, so I pushed my required 1 mile to later rationalizing that there would be time after we arrived at our Thanksgiving destination to squeeze it in later. Well, our normally 6-hour drive morphed into 8 and by the time we dragged our road-weary selves into our hotel, there was barely enough time to become presentable before we had to meet family members at a restaurant. You can see where this is going…the mile never happened and the streak is no more.

I runfess that while I have been enjoying this slow and easy approach to my “runner rebuild” there is a part of me that’s feeling like it’s time to kick into gear soon. In the absence of a training plan or long distance target, I can see how easy it would be to get into a short run rut. Time to mix things up!

That being said, I runfess that I almost skipped this month’s runfessions because I wasn’t sure I’d come up with much. November’s been a good month and brought with it the joy of running again. I’m grateful to be running pain-free and to be back in the mental space where I look forward to getting out for a run vs. dreading it.

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Any runfessions to share? Do you do Black Friday?


Runner Rebuild Week 2

So I’m now two weeks into the “rebuilding” phase, and things are cranking along nicely. I’m joining Holly & Tricia for the Weekly Wrap – this is a great link up for support and motivation so if you post a weekly training recap, be sure to stop by and join in!

The week was a mix of runs and walks to keep my #RunNovemberChallenge streak going. The runs continue to be short with my longest run today of just 4 miles. While there was just a touch of soreness today, I think that was more due to being on my feet at a party last night than the run itself. Overall, the runs have been pretty much pain-free and that puts a big smile on my face. Even the quick drop to frigid temps can’t dampen my mood – I’m too happy to be running again to complain.

I also hit the gym twice with my friend E for a mix of kettlebells and weights. And, yes there was 5 mins of planks a day!

I also got some time in with my massage therapist for some active release work- always helps!

The upcoming week will be more of the same but hopefully with more miles. I’ve got my sights set on a couple of February races so if all continues to go well over these next couple of weeks, I may go ahead and hit the register button!

How was your week? Have you registered for any 2018 races yet?


Runner Rebuild – Week 1

After almost 2 weeks off from running, I started the slow road back to re-building this runner.

Monday – My usual rest day

Tuesday – 3-mile run. I left the watch at home and took this one at an easy-peasy pace. No pain!

Wednesday – A brisk 3-mile walk with my friend E and 5 minutes of planking to kick off my November goals.

Thursday – PT exercises, more planking, and a 1-mile walk with my pup for the #RunNovemberChallenge (so nice to have the option to run or walk for this challenge).

Friday – 3-mile run. While I was not happy to see the temps back into the upper 70s, I was thrilled that all the body parts played nice. (And, yes the planking continued).

Saturday – Apple-picking with the family. We don’t usually go this late in the season, but schedules just didn’t cooperate until now. Happily, there was no shortage of apples! (And I did get a mile in covering the orchard to keep my streak going)

Sunday – Another 3-miler to round out the week. I paid no attention to my Garmin while running so it was a nice surprise to finish and see progressive splits.

All-in-all a pretty good first week! The plan this week is for more short and easy running and some time in the gym with the kettlebells. I’m joining I’m joining Holly & Tricia for the Weekly Wrap – this is a great link up for support and motivation!

Huge congrats to everyone who ran the NYC Marathon today! And, what can you say about Shalane Flannagan?! Pure awesomeness!

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How was your week? Did you watch the marathon?


November Goals

It’s a new month and with race training temporarily on hold, it’s time for some new goals!

Move every day! — 30 days of movement – be it a run, a walk, time in the gym or on the yoga mat. I will move every day!

#RunNovemberChallenge – When I saw Jessy’s post, I knew I wanted to do this. It fits perfectly with my daily movement goal, and I like that I can mix running and walking.

Strength Train 3x’s/week — Strength work must be a priority. Period.

150 minutes of planking —  Last time I did 5 minutes a day was back in April. And, while I’m a big fan of planks, I’ve been inconsistent in my planking lately so I thought it would be fun to challenge myself with a time goal.

I’m already eyeing some early 2018 races, so I’m hoping these goals will help to set me on the right track.

Do you set monthly goals? What do you have planned for November?