The mental vs the physical

This morning was a mental run – you know the kind where you can’t get out of your own head….where the suck monkey is in full voice, strong and clear…where you are bargaining with yourself almost from the first step (just run to the mailbox, telephone pole, next song, etc.)

Yeah – it was that kind of run this morning.


In truth, more than a few of my runs have been like this lately. The runs have had very little to do with my physical side – the legs have been more than willing to go. Just can’t seem to get out of my own way at the moment. I know the heat and humidity of the past two weeks has certainly not helped…but it’s not all about the weather.

I am really looking forward to my fall race schedule but it is becoming increasingly clear to me to have the outcomes I want in the fall, I’ve got to spend more time training the one muscle I need above all else – my brain.

How do you mentally get yourself on the right track?





  1. for me it is ALL ABOUT THE MANTRA.
    mine is simple (you got this!!! over and over) but it SIMPLYHELPS ME TOO.

  2. I think focusing on those fall goals can be a big motivator in and of themselves…picture that desired finishing time and know that you have to get out the door to get there.

  3. I hit that yesterday during my race. the mental wall. the negative mental talk. then i had some gatorade and a little larabar. did the trick cuz i then told myself, “I got this”. so refueling may have been my answer this time.

  4. Oh the suck monkey!!! I try to look at what else is happening in my life to make that little sucker come back so often. What is in my life now that is making this such a job? You can do it Michelle!!

  5. Think back to past successes (even non-running ones). You’ve done it before, you’ll do it again and more!
    Positive self talk even if its a lie. I crack myself up I exaggerate in my head so much sometimes. But if you start believing even a tiny shred of it you move in a positive direction.
    Hang in there girl!

  6. Do you run with music? Sometimes a fresh playlist helps me get over a funk.

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