July Rewind

Good things for the month:
  • 88 miles – haven’t had this kind of mileage since March!
  • Started working with running coach Bennett Cohen
  • “Yoga for Runners” class
  • Eased in some miles with my new Merrell Pace Gloves

Things I could do without:
    • Heat…Humidity….I promised at the beginning of the summer that I wouldn’t complain, so moving on….

    What’s up for August:

    • Unfortunately, my 12-week yoga class is ending this week. But, I am hooked on the benefits so I’ve promised myself to keep up a consistent practice going forward (probably not the 2hr marathon sessions the class was, but I will do what I can to keep my hammies happy!)
    • I’ll be getting phase 2 of my training plan from Coach Bennett
    • Hill work!
    • Finish Ripped in 30 (review to come!) 
    • Turning 46!

     How did July treat you? Any goals for August?


      1. Great work building your miles back up! And on the Ripped in 30 program, too. My July highlight was completing my first tri!

      2. You had a GREAT month!!! July I was off my game since I was away the whole month but I was surprised to see how much mileage I did considering! August is all about being consistent with my mileage and eating….like step away from the ice cream!

      3. Happy Birthday month! Wishing you the best with your upcoming goals. This month I’m focused on clean eating.

      4. Sounds like a great month to me!!
        You are absolutely allowed to complain about the heat and humidity!

      5. The heat and humidity combination can certainly be a draining one. Congratulations on the great month, and I hope your birthday month is all you hope it to be !

      6. Nice month! Sounds like it is working really well for you.

        And welcome to the 46 club! I knew we saw things alike…

      7. Yeah for some high mileage and hopefully the heat and humidity will start to go away. Hopefully.

      8. Looks like July was great for you. Good job on the mileage. And yes, hopefully the heat and humidity will subside soon.

      9. Awesome July! Here’s to a great August!

      10. How cool you’re going to be working with a coach, I know you’ll love it. Great job on July – I hope August is just as awesome :). I need to do hills BADLY, too. We’ll do then together virtually! 🙂

      11. Great month!! July was a good month, I feel stronger running in the heat this year than last year. It’s motivating to see progress!

      12. Hope you have a wonderful birthday month! I can’t even imagine a 2 hr yoga class. That’s intense!

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