Brooks PureConnects product review

I was so excited when these shoes arrived. I loved their look and so wanted to love them on the run.

Source: Brooks website

The minute I put them on the first thing I was struck by was the feel of the high arch support. I’m not really sure why Brooks thought that design element was necessary. While it didn’t hurt, I didn’t like that it was so noticeable just putting the shoes on and walking around my kitchen.

The Connects are definitely a narrow shoe. I didn’t find them tight, but they are a much closer fit after wearing both the Saucony Mirage and Kinvara 2s. The sole is narrow so I felt like my foot was spilling over a bit. I did like the snug heel fit and the fact that they are feather light!

I tried the Connects on the road, track and treadmill – but the only time I really enjoyed running in them was when I was on the track.Why the track? Perhaps the surface…I’m not really sure. I was on the fence about them after each run, but then on my final try I started to feel serious foot discomfort. Back in the box they went and off I went to the Brooks website for a chat with one of their reps. The recommendation this time? The PureFlows. Since I had originally ordered these shoes from Road Runner Sports, my next call was to them…again the recommendation was the Flows. So the Connects are on their way back and the Flows should be here tomorrow.

I plan to wait until after Saturday’s half before I try the Flows out – the Kinvaras will be my “go to” shoe once again. I’ll be curious to see if the PureFlows are a better match for me.

Do you try new shoes? Or are you loyal to one brand/model?

*(I purchased the Brooks PureConnects and all opinions expressed here are solely my own.



  1. i have the flow and the connect. I run in the flow and wear the connect around at work. They are narrow. I think that you will like the Flow. The toe box is definitely wider. I would say that it is closer to the Kinvara’s. Good luck.

  2. I am loyal to Nike when it comes to running shoes. Other than that, I’m game for “whatever.” I love to buy different brands of trail shoes, just to wear around. I like the neutral colors, and the stability of trail shoes. Inov-8 trail shoes are by far my favorite.

  3. I love the purple…. I have the Flows and am in love… Good luck on your half!

  4. I’m so sorry those didn’t work for you cuz they sure are purdy! Bummer. I have explored new shoes but not since I tried Lady Isaacs and ended up down for 6 weeks with achilles strain pre-Boston. Not worth the risk. Hope you like the FLows better!

  5. I tried the Flow on at the store but wasn’t thrilled with the way they felt so I didn’t get them. Hope they work for you!

  6. Been loyal to Asics (Gel Nimbus) for many years, but I’m starting to look into mixing in some Brooks. Got some Ghost 4’s recently for everyday wear just to test the water a bit. Very interested to see what your experience is like with the Flows.

  7. I like my Adrenalines. Before Adrenalines, I had Asics. I don’t know if I LOVE my Adrenalines but they get the job done without injuries (other than those where I trained to much too soon) so I am probably going to stick with it for a while. šŸ™‚

  8. I am a Brooks Adrenaline girl. I keep thinking about switching, but I keep chickening out. Why fix it if it’s working?

    Good luck at your half and with your Flows!

  9. So funny–you and I are quite opposite. I am in love with the Connects. The Flows–too much shoe for me. The Kinvaras–pure awful for me!

    I’ll be wearing my Connects when I see you Thursday!

  10. I was loyal to Asics for YEARS then I became a wear tester for Brooks and now have three Brooks shoes, including the Pure Flows which I LOVE!

  11. I just got a pair of Pure Flows. I have ran 2x with them. only short runs. my other shoes are the Ravenna2 and I do love those. So far I am not sold on the Pure Flow. I am slower with them that is for sure.

  12. Just found your site through Marcia’s – love cool running sites! I have worn Mizunos throughout my whole running career, mostly because I am too lazy to spend the time to find another shoe šŸ™‚ I so switch around more with my trail shoes, but just because they keep coming out with cool looking ones (great reason to pick a shoe, huh? šŸ™‚

    • Hi Carilyn

      Thanks for stopping by. Gotta say I don’t see anything wrong with taking the “cool” factor into account when picking shoes…girl’s gotta look good, right šŸ™‚

  13. I love my Adrenalines but I’ve been thinking about the Pure Flow or Connect. I need quite a bit of support so I’m not sure they would work for me. Great to hear different reviews. Everyone’s feet are different so you never know what’s going to work!

  14. Funny how people are different. I adore the connects. Of course, my arches are so high, I’ve never even noticed the arch support LOL.

    Hope the flows work for you!

  15. I’ve never been a brand-loyalist but now that I have my Pure Flows I might become a Brooks runner. I absolutely love them and since you feel everything under your feet pretty well, I feel like they transition well from road to trail (so long as it’s not wet or muddy- they are mesh). Since I was young I always gravitated toward lighter shoes with less of a heel and I’m glad manufacturers have realized that less drop is better!

  16. Oh I’m such a cranky shoe person! From time to time I get the itch to try something new but I always end up returning them to get my old faithfuls!

  17. Interesting I feel the same way about them. I tried them in the store and liked the narrow fit, but noticed the high arch. Once I started running my left hurts after 1 mile. I tried it several times but it just didn’t feel right. I decided to keep them as regular shoes around the house and go shopping and for that, they are perfect!

    At the same time I tried the vibrams and even though they are less shoe, I never had any problems and was able to run 5 miles without any pain. So I kept those , plus my regular running shoes and switch around.

  18. I wear several different brands but the ones I’ve been using for my recent half marathons are the Mizuno Wave Riders.

  19. I’m a bit nuts about only wearing one kind of shoe…Mizuno Wave Nirvanas. It’s always fun to hear about other shoes though!

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