Irritable ITB, Step-back wk and Vacation runs – WWYD?

I was really looking forward to my 11 miler this morning…but my ITB clearly was not!

I was feeling pretty sore and tight yesterday and no amount of foam rolling or icing seemed to make too much of a difference. I kept hoping if I just took it slow that I could get the long run done. Well, when I got up this morning nothing along my outer left leg felt okay…and so the internal bargaining began. OK so maybe I can’t get 11, but surely I can at least get 8, right? Hmm…yeah…not so much.

It was a struggle almost from the beginning  – I stopped just before 2 to stretch and to decide whether or not to keep going. I kept going, but as I reached the 4 mile point and turned to head back I started to think that there was a very good chance that I would either have to walk to whole way or call J to come pick me up. Luckily, J and the boys did come by – they decided to check on me cause they knew the leg wasn’t feeling great – and without hesitation I hopped in the car and called it a day. I was really bummed to not finish the run, but pressing on just seemed like a really bad idea!

So Week 7 starts tomorrow and it’s a step back week. It also happens to be the week were heading to Disney. Originally, I had planned on running on Tuesday and then a couple of times while we’re away – the resort has a great mile and a quarter loop around the lagoon that sounded perfect for some short runs. But now given my cranky ITB I’m wondering if I should run at all or just rest it (aside from all the walking we’ll be doing) and take the 5 days off.

And when I get back I’ll have a week before the Tufts 10kso what would you do?

Would you rest or would you run?



  1. If I wasn’t suffering myself right now I of course would say oh just try to run once or twice. As someone who is now suffering a pretty big injury I am going to tell you to rest. Bring your stuff so that maybe you can do the eliptical or swim or something, but don’t run. You will not lose any fitness.
    Have fun at Disney!!

  2. I like Rene’s idea about cross training for the week. You are going to be walking so much in the parks anyway. I think your body will enjoy the break–plus you can always do some running in the pool if your legs need to run.

  3. Having been down a nasty ITB road myself, I would say rest. I always regretted not doing that when I hurt.

    Enjoy your trip, either way!

  4. rest rest rest! I took last week off, and in just 7 days, my IT was much looser, thus my knee was better. Have fun!

  5. since i am battling knee tendinitous and borderline ITB syndrome, with only 3 weeks to my marathon…I would say rest 🙂 enjoy your vaca, and family time. At Disney, you will walk enough miles to get some exercise in, but without irritating it too much. Lots of stretching and rest!!!

  6. I’m currently in rest mode ~30ish days before Cape Cod marathon. Shin splints, achilles strain, calf pain…..

    At the risk of sounding like I’m out-injuring you (hee), I am doing the rest thing. Passed on a 20 mile training run yesterday to try to salvage the rest of my training and get to the starting line.

    I hope whatever you decide works for you and we both make it to our starting lines 🙂

  7. Err on the side of rest (says she who’s running on an unhappy achilles…)

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