My Virtual 4 Miler

Actually the miles were real  — it was the race that was virtual!

A couple of weeks ago MCM Mama announced her “Mama Goes Masters” virtual race in honor of her 40th birthday. Options were to run 4.0 miles, 8.25 miles (her birthday) or….for the truly insane…er… hardcore, a 40K. Needless to say I selected the 4 mile option!

I’ve been trying to get this run in all week but Mother Nature had not been cooperating – read non-stop rain! Seriously, I thought it was time to start pairing up animals two-by-two….but finally this morning she finally took pity on us! My training plan called for a tempo run and my hubby announced that he was taking the car to the shop this morning so I needed to get out and back quickly…. sounds like the planets were aligning for my virtual race! So with clear skies, training in mind and a pacing husband, I set off.

My route was a simple one – a straight out and back – and at this early hour I figured it was unlikely I’d encounter much traffic – so no games of Frogger with cars…always a plus! In my new effort to focus on what is working, I kept my goals simple — to run in the mid to low 10s and try to keep a consistent pace. 

Mile #1 felt really good, sun was just starting to brighten up the sky and the streets were quiet. Hit the first invisible mile marker at 10:19 – so far so good! Most of Mile#2 was a steady climb up and about mid-hill I could feel a twinge in my left knee – I refused to go negative here so I gave myself 30 seconds to walk it off and kept moving. Finally the end of Mile#2 was in sight. I hit the corner at 11:02 and turned around to head back. Now the good thing about going up hill is that at some point you get to go back down hill! Hello Mile#3! The slow climb I had cursed just minutes earlier was now my new BFF and I crossed the mile marker in 10:08. The final mile was pretty uneventful though I did do a lot of positive mental chatter through the last half mile to help drown out the returning knee pain. I crossed the finish line (my driveway) – final mile was 10:45. Overall I did the 4 miles in 42:15, averaging 10:33 and felt good when I finished…always a plus!

So my first virtual race is done! Thanks again to MCM Mama for hosting and providing a little extra motivation to this morning’s run! Happy Birthday and welcome to the Masters division!



  1. I just signed up for an ultra so I know and appreciate your ‘keep it positive’ mantra. I’m just a few years older than you and I’m not ready to slow down (activity wise, not speed).

    I’m much slower today that I was a decade ago – but I don’t have the desire to push my body like I once did (have to baby the knee aches and pains).

    Long comment… happy belated birthday!

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