Wrapping up Black Cat Week 1

The first week of the new year is in the books so it’s a good time to get back to weekly updates. I’m linking up with Holly and new host Wendy for the Weekly Wrap – this a great link up to find support and motivation, so be sure to stop by and check out how everyone spent their first week of 2018.

For me, this week marked the start of my training for the Black Cat 10 miler. While I was all fired up to hit the pavement, Mother Nature had something to say about it.

Monday – New Year’s Day & a rest day

Tuesday – Strength training. While I usually run on Tuesdays, a quick glance at the weather and the snowstorm coming on Thursday had me juggling my schedule so I could keep an every-other-day run schedule.

Wednesday – Bitter temps settled in and with hill repeats on my plan I ran my first miles of the year on the mill.

Thursday – Cross training by way of shoveling 12 inches of snow thanks to the “bomb cyclone”.

Friday – Sub-zero temps and ridiculous winds meant I was heading back to the gym for another run. The highlight was having my son join me!

Saturday – I was feeling very beat up after Friday’s run (happens often to me after mill runs) so I was happy to have a rest day.

Sunday – Yeah it was 1 degree so back to the gym I went. 6 more miles on the mill.

So while I would have preferred to have run outdoors, I’m happy with 13 miles to kick off this training cycle. The forecast shows a warm-up into the 30s this week so I’ll look forward to hitting the road.

So how was your first week of the year? Are you training for anything?



  1. So cool that your son is working out with you, but you can keep that cold weather and most of that snow!

  2. Every time I read or type bomb cyclone I just have to laugh because it was so ridiculous. Have you ever heard winds like that during a snowstorm? Craziness!

    Great job on getting in your runs. I agree that I would rather be outside but treadmills are always good for those super cold days!
    Kim G recently posted…Yuengling Shamrock Marathon Training Recap – Week 2My Profile

  3. This past week was painfully cold! Even I chose to stay inside, but since I have nothing coming up, I can play that off-season card and not have to do too many miles on the ‘mill LOL
    Kimberly Hatting recently posted…#Brrrrrr!My Profile

  4. Looks like a great first week of training despite the weather! I just started marathon training for the Colorado marathon. I was so happy this week when the temps got above zero!

  5. I love that your son went to workout with you. That had to make those miles extra sweet!
    Wendy recently posted…Running Over ChallengesMy Profile

  6. Nice job! You guys had it worse than we did so I really can’t complain about the cold and snow! I was fortunate to be able to do most of my runs outside, but believe me, I can’t wait for the warmup!
    Janelle @ Run With No Regrets recently posted…New Jersey Marathon Training Weeks 1 & 2 RecapMy Profile

  7. Lately, I’ve noticed that treadmill runs leave me feeling rather beat up as well…. it’s odd because they used to never do that. Guess that’s old age for ya!! Great mileage for your first week and I do love that pic of you and your son! Hope the weather is more cooperative this week so you can get outside some!
    Teresa recently posted…Marathon Training Week 18: On HoldMy Profile

    • Yeah, I definitely think it’s age thing cause it never use to bother me either – ah well what can you do? Guess this means it’s time to schedule a massage 😉

  8. Good for you! I’m currently not training for anything but getting my hip sorted out then the training will start!
    Anna @ Piper’s Run recently posted…Recap of 2017 GoalsMy Profile

  9. Crazy winter weather does make running outside challenging. I am training for a 5 mile run at the beginning of February and I am hoping for slightly warmer temps. Keep it up!

  10. I hope Mother Nature has a change of heart soon. But, at least you were able to enjoy some gym time with your son. TM miles aggravate an old Achilles injury for me so I can definitely relate to the beat up feeling. Thanks for linking!

  11. Outside or not, that’s a solid running week! I’m supposed to be training for Gasparilla in February but I’m sort of not. We’ll see what kind of magic I can pull off with the time I have left.
    Marcia recently posted…Florida Good Bad UglyMy Profile

  12. That’s great that you got your son to the gym with you! Looking forward to warmer temps for all of us this week
    Deborah Brooks recently posted…Cajun White Bean, Vegan Sausage and Kale Soup Meatless MondayMy Profile

  13. Love that your son joined you at the gym! So fun!

    The first week of the year was a rest week for me. We went on vacation and I didn’t bring my running shoes. We did some skiing, and some cold weather activities, but that was it. I’m back at it with a vengeance.

    Sounds like 2018 is off to a great start for you! Keep it up!
    Jenn recently posted…weekly wrap: 12.24.17 – 1.6.17My Profile

  14. So fun that your son worked out with you!

    I had a great first week! I started a squat challenge!
    Nicole @ fitnessfatale.com recently posted…Nerissa’s 21 Day Fix TransformationMy Profile

  15. Shoveling snow is a great workout, I definitely don;t miss it though. Looks like a pretty awesome week! Mine has been mostly resting a sore leg.
    Toni recently posted…My Pre-Workout Fuel & Energy Must HavesMy Profile

  16. Still love that picture of you and your son. It’s too sweet!
    Jessica recently posted…Activewear on Amazon to Start the New Year RightMy Profile

  17. I need to find a new competition to train for. I feel like I had a false start to the New Year, so I’m treating this week as week one.
    Andrea recently posted…Strong Mom: Angela Karr | How lifting made me wholeMy Profile

  18. A run is a run whether its outdoors or on the treadmill! Nice job getting it done despite the weather!

  19. This weather has just been brutal. Kudos on the cross training that you did – 12 inches of snow is no joke but shoveling it definitely counts as a workout.
    Kathryn @ Dancing to Running recently posted…Princess Half Marathon Training Log – Week 3My Profile

  20. well done for getting it done regardless of the weather! I hate when mother nature has other ideas!!!

    I’m not training for anything yet so I’m just cross-training and running 1x a week.
    Renée recently posted…Week 1-18 A Fresh StartMy Profile

  21. The weather has been something else this past week. We had the bitter cold in Chicago, but not the ‘bomb cyclone’ like you had. Aye, aye, aye! Hopefully you are seeing warmer weather this week!
    The Accidental Marathoner recently posted…Running Through the Frozen TundraMy Profile

  22. Great job getting your workouts in even though you had to take it indoors. Can’t wait to follow along as you train for the 10 miler. My fav distance! I’m ready for the spring weather to roll in!
    Sara recently posted…How to Stick to Your Resolutions This YearMy Profile

  23. Great enjoy your workout with your son. Happy to hear that he is going with you for workout.

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