Coffee Date – Labor Day Edition

Happy Labor Day Weekend!

Given how fast this summer has flown by I should not be at all surprised that we have already reached Labor Day weekend and the “unofficial end of summer.” Before I dive into this long weekend, I’m joining Coco and Deborah for the Ultimate Coffee Date link-up.  Grab a mug (or an iced coffee) and join me!

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you that I’m loving how much my family is embracing running. We went to my favorite running store this week and both my boys and husband walked out with new running shoes – and surprisingly I left with nothing more than salted watermelon GU! What?! Truth be told, my husband bought me the new Saucony Zealots as one of my birthday gifts just a couple of weeks ago.

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you that while I recently runfessed that I was way off my game getting organized for my boys to return to school, I now have all of their books and I’m blown away by how much we had to spend! Can someone please explain to me how my middle-schooler’s books cost almost as much as my high-schooler’s?!

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you that my precious puppy is now pushing 70 pounds and he’s not 7 months old yet! While lovable, he’s also a handful and stubborn, so before he gets any bigger we’ve decided to turn him over to our trainer for a 2-week board and train. We drop him off tomorrow – hopefully, he’ll come home more in control.

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you that we’ve been trying to squeeze as much as possible into these last few days of summer, including trips to the beach, hikes, and hitting some of our favorite summer spots.

In fact, we’re heading to Maine today, and I need to finish this coffee and get the car packed up.

What would you tell me over coffee? If you have a long weekend, do you have any plans?



  1. I’m very impressed! It takes a lot of self control to go into a running store and come out with a GU. 🙂 It’s great your family has caught the running bug! I hope you enjoy your long weekend in Maine! We are going to hang around here — football, lake, backyard BBQ. Lot’s of adults, kids, grandkids. and dogs. It’ll be the usual chaotic weekend.

  2. I hope you have a a good weekend in Maine! We’re dodging the remnants of Harvey here. As for textbooks, just wait until your kids take math/science in college ….
    Coco recently posted…Sayonara Summer Ultimate Coffee Date Link UpMy Profile

  3. I love that you have pulled your family into your running adventures too. Do you all have to pay for your school books? Wait until you see the college books! Thanks for joining us for the coffee date always great to have you!
    Deborah @ Confessions of a mother runner recently posted…September Ultimate Coffee DateMy Profile

  4. That’s great that your family is on board with running! My hubby runs some of the time, but does not have the passion for it that I do (and that’s alright, I don’t share in his new passion for converting our household to gluten-free/non-dairy everything LOL)…so we’re kind of in balance, right? 😉 We don’t have to buy books here (for any grade level), but do get assessed a pretty steep “registration fee.”
    Kimberly Hatting recently posted…Can we talk? Over coffee?My Profile

    • The family running is fun – my oldest is running XCountry and my husband is into trail racing now. I think my youngest son likes the medals more than the running 😉

  5. I’m right there with you regarding the school costs! My 11th grader had a ‘technology’ fee of $450 and we still had to purchase him an Apple laptop!

    70lbs at 7 months is quite a large pup! Sounds like some training would be a good idea!

    Enjoy your weekend Michelle!
    Teresa recently posted…Ultimate Coffee Date: September EditionMy Profile

  6. No plans for me this weekend – other than the coffee date. 😉 Just going to spend the weekend blogging and doing things around the house. Any maybe a 10-mile run on Monday. It’s been a very long time since I’ve run that far, so we’ll see how that goes. Have a great weekend in Maine!
    Clarinda recently posted…Ultimate Coffee Date – September 2017My Profile

  7. I love Saucony! <3

    I hope your puppy learns a lot with the training! They can definitely be a handful!

    Hope you have a great weekend up in Maine!

  8. Hope you have a great weekend in Maine. I had 3 weeks of perfect weather there in July & August. Enjoy !
    karen – Fit in France recently posted…Last virtual coffee date !My Profile

  9. Did somebody say Board and Train?? We SO need that for Ozzy pup! He’s outta control too. How great your whole fam is into running! Don’t get me started on book fees. I paid $550 for my high schooler and she doesn’t even get books! All on iPad!
    Marcia recently posted…2nd Wind, 3rd Wind…Do I Hear a Fourth?My Profile

    • I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the Board & Train pays off! And yes the whole online books fees has me baffled – my high schooler has most of his books on his Mac Book and we still spent a fortune!

  10. I hope you have a great time with the family in Maine! Argh, I can’t imagine how much kids’ school books cost…I just remember in college we were always getting ripped off!

    And it’s awesome that your family is all getting into running too! I hope that I’ll have the same one day 🙂
    Janelle @ Run With No Regrets recently posted…Ultimate Coffee Date – September 2017My Profile

  11. I need to take a lesson from you about leaving a running store with only a GU!!!! I will say though that since getting a treadmill my husband has started toying with running. I guess I will have to take him to get new running shoes!
    Missy – Getting Fit to Find Myself recently posted…Ultimate Coffee Date – September EditionMy Profile

  12. yayy for family runs in the future…im so looking forward for the Fall more than anything.

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